Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Shannon Bream-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Shepard Smith on Katrina, the Fox News Deck, and BriWi.
  • The Donald on a Loop: MSNBC has been ‘all Trump since Sunday‘.
  • Trump vs Fox’s (and CBS’s) Luntz: feud heats up.  Weekend numbers.
  • CNN, MSNBC try to out-Trump each other.  Chris Cuomo’s a lifesaver.
  • Kirell: Sarah Palin to return to cable news on a nearly-invisible channel?
  • Not-so-humble brag: Hewitt says his debate will top FNC’s (via CNNC).
  • Zucker play: CNN to air ‘exuberant chronicle of hip hop/urban fashion’.
  • Late Night videos: Shep with Seth Meyers
  • New TBS/Burnett reality series will be cross-pollinated on CNN and HLN.
  • Zurawik: There’s a ‘smell of fear’ about the timid coverage given to Trump.

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Shep looks good these days. Very comfortable on LATE NIGHT. Gave the best answers on the Megyn-Trump flare up one could imagine.

    • Shep did great on that show. He was very relaxed and comfortable. He was funny and witty. I love to see his real personality show. His take on the Megyn Kelly event was perfect ,and the effect of it told with humour .
      Thank you Johnny for posting the Videos. Can the whole segment be done in one video ,so I could save it ? Or does that pose problems ?

  2. I saw Trump on WWE once. You’d better be afraid Z!

    By the way, Jon Stewart’s first gig after his Daily Show retirement is hosting the WWE “Summer Slam” event this weekend. Their big mid-year production.

    • I’m waiting for Trump to bang his shoe on the table. I’m really showing my age with that one.

      • i remember that…. it was in black and white too, if you can remember your first color tv, we can relate. remember the Gillette Friday night fights with the mouth on the mic. the real beginnings of WWE

        • I remember it as well. Oh so long ago.

          Even ‘little’ Mr. Bill was only 11 at the time — no doubt terrorizing the Catholic school nuns in sixth grade.

          • I remember it too, which is funny because not only was it not televised, at least one famous photo of K with the shoe in his hand has been proven to be fake. In fact, there’s even a debate as to whether it happened at all.

            I seem to remember many years ago that contrary to many recollections the event was not aired on tv and there are no films of the incident. It’s a peculiar thing that we remember the image so well when in all likelihood we never saw it. Even more peculiar are the thousands who insisted they saw Kennedy shot live on tv. There was no live coverage. It was a routine motorcade like hundreds of others; there was no reason for live news coverage.

          • I was born in 1952. I am 63. My odds of making it for 30 more years are slim and none. And none has left the building. Being a widower twice is enough for me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t date.

          • Duck and cover. In grade school we did have nuclear war drills much as we had tornado drills. Local department stores had basement areas equipped as fallout shelters and marked as such. A scary time for little boys and girls. When Mr. K. made his trip to the USA and wanted to visit Disneyland, I remember that making him less frightening to me.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Shep part two
    4 all Trump since Sunday
    3 part one
    2 the timid coverage
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Trump vs Fox’s (and CBS’s) Luntz: feud heats up.

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