Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Debate on Trump immigration plan
  • Friday’s numbers: O’Bolling Factor-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Beck rips Trump, Hannity responds, both will argue it out tonight.
  • Hallock: NBC execs allowing a looser standard of truth at MSNBC.
  • Cannon: At the  debate Trump faced ‘Nolan Ryan in a cocktail dress‘.
  • Beer: Vice and CNN battle for the future of the news (via TV Newser).
  • Video: Are the media about Hillary’s emails?
  • Dana Bash: chief political correspondent.  CNN ad deal still suspended.

41 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • One of my faves as well.

      She’s on my list that includes CNN’s Jake Tapper and the NYT’s Maggie Haberman as some of the most difficult people I have found to discern a political bias — a weird hobby of mine.

      • Maggie Haberman’s twitter feed shows she’s not as down the middle as you think. Twitter is a great way to see reporter’s real world view.

        • Yep, I agree about a Twitter feed possibly being more revealing.

          Presumably, you are referring to retweets, which constitute most of Maggie’s Twitter activity.

          I see her retweeting Drudge as well as ABC, NYT, the National Journal, center-right Jon Karl and a recent retweet of an article from Political critical of Hillary’s email problems.

          I concluded it was as balanced as her TV appearances.

          Perhaps I need to take a closer look.

          Since these views are somewhat subjective, it’s interesting to read other people’s take.

  1. MSNBC went with a looser standard of truth the day it started leaning. Willams basically was telling “big fish” stories. I think lumping him in with Steven Glass and Jason Blair is a bit much.

    • Excellent Mike.

      Those were some really strange diverse questions.

      I feel like buying dinner for anyone who can get both #7 and #9 correct. I just closed my eyes and clicked. 😊

        • It’s overrated. I’ve had better steak at the old Bonanza chain. BTW, I didn’t pay for the meal at Ruth’s Chris. I’m crazy, not stupid.

          • Ah, the good old chain steakhouses. I was at a Ponderosa once and the steak was so tender, you could cut it with a fork. Actually, whatever tenderizing chemicals they had used turned it into mush.

          • They may’ve just injected it with papain, and let nature (and the enzymes) take its course. Being able to cut it with a fork is not a good sign.

          • restaurant basics: unless you are hungry and have to eat out never eat anything in a restaurant you can make better yourself. i cannot imagine getting a better steak anywhere than at home, so what is the point?
            BTW i have never heard of this Ruth’s Chris place. i assume it is a chain.

          • maybe you missed it but those deductions have been greatly reduced since Jimmy the peanut was prez. i know. the last time i worked for anyone and got a w4, i think that is what they were, was in the late 70’s. i don’t need no stinking boss …. other than the IRS, State, consumer DA workers comp, unemployment, and several thousand county permit jerks.

          • I know they were reduced, but there are ways around it.
            And, I “didn’t miss it.” Nice insult, though.

          • i know of no ways to get around the limitation, but then i had one run in with the IRS in the 80’s and i have been squeaky clean ever since. they scare me to death. do not need the trouble. insult? my masters? our betters? nevuh sir.

          • I’ve been busy shedding unnecessary earthly belongings (per my very focused overlord) and getting so righteous and strong that I levitate across water now (rather than walk on it).

            I’m going to do up your dish sometime next week and tweet you the results.

            Until then get that ridiculous chip off your shoulder.

          • not liking govt is an American tradition. i have hated all governments all my life. it is healthy. enjoy. put spinach on pizza this week, was very good.

          • shedding? i have a few pieces of antique art glass for sale. mount wash, tiffany, durand, hobbs. makes nice xmas gift from daddy.

          • Hannity does radio commercials for them, but I wouldn’t say he’s overrated. But what I might think, that’s different. I got to a place called DIAMOND GRILL in Akron. They have aged filets and the same decore and menu as the 1950’s when they were a fave of the top mobsters. Still packed every night with businessmen in suits. Won’t take credit cards. Don’t have the cash, give them a business card, they will mail you an invoice. Like going into a time machine. I usually cook at home, but for a great steak out, this is the place.

          • That sounds similar to a place we have in the neighborhood.

            I swear the proprietors are witches. At lunch time it is a rather sleepy purveyor of well-rendered diner favorites in a comforting late 1940s decor of Hollywood does colonial.

            At night, the candles are lit, the spell falls, and the place transforms into an old-style hideaway. The booths become deeper and more discrete, the waitstaff’s daytime languor turns subtler and more sophisticated.

            It’s impossible not to linger at dinner there. Impossible not to order and order and sip and savor. Impossible not to slip into an air of assignation and whispered conversation.

            I don’t know how they do it. It isn’t so much that the owners never changed the place with time, or never changed an older service ethos, as much as they have never stop being themselves. The place is entirely their well established family. Their continuity and their presence.

            I think this is how legacy and legend is defined. It’s certainly how they feel.

        • It’s worth a try. Our Costco has gift cards that are $80 for$100 of value. Then join their VIP Club (free) and get 15% off your bill Mon-Thurs. plus other benefits on your birthday.
          That’s how you enjoy a meal at Ruth’s Chris!
          (We hardly ever eat out unless we have a coupon!)

  2. The description of Megyn as “Nolan Ryan in a cocktail dress” is pricelessly…wonderfully male and very apt.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 argue it out tonight
    4 Dana Bash
    3 still suspended
    2 Nolan Ryan in a cocktail dress
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 NBC execs allowing a looser standard of truth at MSNBC.

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