Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: winning
  • Reliable Sources: Trump vs Fox, the right vs Fox, how to question Trump.
  • Sorry trip truthers, Megyn Kelly’s vacation went just as scheduled.
  • Is this the stupidest Megyn Kelly hit-piece ever?   TCG: Who said it?
  • Sharon Stone Post cover too hot for morning tv?  Q&A: Kate Bolduan.
  • A little too much synergy in Red Eye, Kennedy, Gutfeld Show bookings? 
  • MSNBC graphics revamp: Q&A: JJ Ramberg.
  • Zurawik: Victor Blackwell’s coverage of Baltimore does CNN proud.
  • Greta apologizes to Chris Christie over ‘hug’.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • F&F video: wonders if Google could ‘steal’ an election.

30 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Looks like Donald Trump is disputing a recent column by Brian Stelter — aggregated by Breitbart, TPM, The Wrap, Daily Kos, Mediaite, Yahoo, Hot Air and Mark Joyella of TVNewser.

    Mr. Stelter claimed his source said, “Ailes’ office called Trump’s office and said, ‘We can resolve this now…or we can go to war’.”

    Now on Friday afternoon Mr. Trump tells Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg the whole story about Roger Ailes telling Trump, “We resolve this now…or we go to war” is a “total fabrication…Roger couldn’t have been nicer.”

    In defense of Brian Stelter (and all those sites who aggregated his column) how many people are going to question Trump’s version given his well documented tendency to lie, misrepresent and exaggerate with impunity at times?

    Of course, that doesn’t mean Mr. Trump was not telling the truth in this instance. How weird would it be that at least a part of Gabriel Sherman’s article was more accurate than Stelter’s when he wrote, “Roger Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network.” 😊

      • As I’ve said before there are probably elements of truth in most of the stories that have been published. But to look at this logically, there is no love lost between Ailes and Stelter, and no love lost between Ailes and Sherman. And neither has had any sort of connection with Trump. So how in the world does either get first-hand sources to a private phone call between Ailes and Trump? I think it’s highly suspect that Ailes, Trump, or their highest confidants would leak to Stelter, and what connections could Sherman possibly have to any source who would have reliable knowledge of these calls? That’s why Joyella’s TV Newser strikes me as most likely to have been well-sourced, though from a perspective and therefore not to be taken as entirely gospel.

        • the only thing you can really believe is that each actor will act in their own self perceived interest.truth? HA!

      • That’s an interesting piece suggesting there were two calls.

        There should have been no calls. Ailes could have given one of his patented pricelessly worded statements about the legitimacy of the questions. Kelly could have issued a brief statement.

        That’s it.

        Trump’s remarks about Kelly and bleeding were handled correctly by Fox.

        Fox is not in the business of making peace with candidates nor going to war with them.

        Kelly doesn’t become the story.

        It’s interesting that the DOJ classifying Fox reporter James Rosen as a possible terrorist risk and bugging his work, home, and parent’s phones caused less consternation among the chattering class and media outlets than this crap.

        Eric Holder admitted this was the biggest misstep of his career and Rosen answered tersely and with aplomb.

        It barely caused a stir.

        Of course in that case, you didn’t have a plethora of people, both right and left, demanding that Fox be their own particular organ for the GOP depending upon their feelings about Donald Trump’s candidacy.

      • Maybe it’s time for Trump to shut his yap and move on. Seems to me he’s the one dredging up the whole thing all over again.

    • Or their concern that he would damage Megyn Kelly.

      Or can defense and concern for her only be legitimately expressed by warring with Trump and his followers?

  2. When you can no longer prop up lean-forward, the cheapest thing to do is change the graphics. I’d personally suggest: MSNBC — THE PLACE FOR WE DONT KNOW YET.

  3. Chris Coumo pined about the rash of stories on ISIS using justified rape of “infidels” as a recruiting tool as troublesome since it makes Islam look bad. Well, I hope to kiss a duck, Chris.

  4. I have thought from the beginning that Greg’s weekend show should try and get bigger name guests. This weekend they have Penn Jillette and Mark Cuban so maybe they are working on it. Still seems like the show is a work in progress and the article linked here is correct that the competition is going to be tougher this fall. Love Kennedy’s FBN show and hope the Saturday FNC airings help.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
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