Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-O’Bolling-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Battaglio: Megyn Kelly will be at the next Fox News GOP debate.
  • Why Chris Wallace won’t let Trump phone it in on Fox News Sunday.
  • ICN: ‘Of the two stories, I find Stelter’s the far more likely outcome.’
  • Joyella: Ailes put Megyn’s dignity and safety above a ploy for ratings.
  • Stelter: Roger Ailes told  Trump, ‘Resolve this now…or we go to war’.
  • Throwback Thursday video: Democrats Fox News debate.
  • Kelly File video: on evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

24 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Fox leaked this info to Stelter in such detail that you wonder if he doesn’t feel like their stenographer.

      • I don’t think Ailes should have gotten involved on behalf of Kelly, anyway.

        He’s not her father.

        I know you have heard people arguing that by making peace with Trump and not trying to destroy him, Fox didn’t back their own reporter… who are NOW saying that Ailes was out of place in defending Kelly by threatening Trump that they’d destroy him…

        I haven’t argued like that, Johnny. I’ve said that Fox did well to play down Trump’s post-debate pique. Kelly should have given a one sentence press release. And Fox is not in the business of helping or destroying candidates.

        Throughout this thing I’ve said that whether it’s been from Fox supporters or Fox critics, people have acted as though Fox is SUPPOSED to be an arm of the Republican Party by either destroying him as an unelectable candidate or supporting him as an eminently electable one.

        Fox’s stake in Trump should solely be that they want to cover the hell out of him. Just like every other media entity, they want to explore the nerve his candidacy has touched in folks.

        That is Ailes’ desire and it is a proper one. I wish that he’d left off with making war or peace with Trump over a journalist who can more than handle herself.

        • Well Joyella’s source sez “It’s not up to Fox to wage a political campaign against Trump” so that’s one of the areas of contradiction with the others who claim there was going to be “war” between them.

          As for the self-contradictory arguments made by Fox haters…well, haters gonna hate.

          • It’s the same bullshite with anti-Fox/anti-Trump folks at Mediaite too. Contradict themselves all ways to Sunday because they want Fox to do battle against a candidate they don’t like (and no doubt call FNC “biased” for Jeb or Cruz…etc…after the election)

          • It is not Ailes’ job to threaten Trump with war. The difference between saying that and being a Fox-Trump hater is that they wanted a Fox-Trump war.

            It’s okay for all the other networks to cover trump and let him bad-mouth a fellow journalist, it’s wrong for Ailes’ to go to Trump and then have TRUMP back off.

            They wanted a Fox-Trump War. So FNC could do the necessary dirty work of destroying Trump and getting dusted up in the process. An insult to Megyn is just a pretext for them.

  2. ‘You Don’t Put a Superstar in the Middle of a Food Fight’

    Indeed. No journalist should be in a food fight.

      • Good lesson there on how candidates shouldn’t get in a food fight with the media. You arouse the crazier followers of your candidacy, which taints your more influencial and sane…champions.

        The G,W. Bush vs Dan Rather fracas was the opposite of that.

  3. My analysis of the call, FWIW, is that it started out with the fair/unfair dispute (unresolved), and moved into what it would take for Trump to bury the hatchet and move on. Trump probably reiterated Kelly owed him an apology and Ailes, who probably had already told Trump no way-no how, took it up a notch and read him the riot act with the “resolve now or war” ultimatum..That’s probably when Trump, author of “The Art of the Deal,” said something along the lines of, “All I ever wanted was to be treated fairly.” Ailes closed the deal with a pledge that FNC would “continue to” treat him with “fairness and balance.”
    War averted, peace prevailed…..for now.

  4. Since so many are talking about HRC, emails, legality etc I will recommend a twitter person to follow who will be on Fox Buiness this afternoon.


    His timeline is really educational.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 won’t let Trump
    4 will be at the next
    3 dignity and safety
    2 resolve this now
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Of the two stories, I find Stelter’s the far more likely outcome.

  6. Just a note, from the get go, the Clintons have used computer firms at a distance. The first computer system installed in their White House was done by INACOM of Wooster, Ohio. That very engineer who supervised the installation also did work for me as INACOM provide all my company’s PC and server consulting and equipment. I remember thinking he would have been excited about it, but as an evangelical Christian, he was not.

  7. The reason Chris Wallace won’t allow Trump to phone it in on FOX News Sunday is because Wallace doesn’t allow anyone to phone it in on FOX News Sunday.

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