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  1. Like the Newsroom logo change. Now if there was an anchor of the show in the morning that I could watch. Costello is unwatchable.

  2. Dickerson, who is hosting two primary debates, may see a little Tump ire coming his way. I think he’s doing a good job on Face the Nation by the way. Bob S. had got a little too full of himself the last couple years.

  3. So top rival news executives didn’t give Megyn a D+? Well, money talks. Trolls walk. Swim if they need to.

  4. NYT
    “In vowing to do her job “without fear or favor,” Ms. Kelly used a phrase that was popularized by Adolph S. Ochs, in a declaration of principles for The New York Times after he bought it in 1896.”
    So true today of her. So false today of them.

  5. If I were on the FOX debate team I would have asked Trump for a report on findings of his detectives in Honolulu, but I ask softballs.

  6. Spud, one bad potato can spoil the whole sack… don’t ya know?
    therealroyalking Says:
    August 11, 2015 at 5:01 am
    Very well, done, MSNBC. First, the Emmy nomination, now this.

    The era of praise by the liberal media for FNC’s debate performance is over.
    The shelf life of praise for FOX News’ debate moderators has expired.
    CNN back to basics: Did FOX News cave?

  8. What is Kass talking about? Death blow? lol

    Even after that blood comment Trump is still polling on top!

    Trump will eventually fall cause his ceiling is probably 25% of voters so if Republicans are smart they will rally behind Cruz with the other 75% vote

    • I agree that Trump may have reached his ceiling.

      But in fairness, Kass did say, “If it hasn’t happened already, it will happen soon.”

      While this may be wishful thinking on his part, at least he acknowledged the apparent reality that new polling this week may not reflect his opinions.

      • Trump will probably fall cause his ceiling in the Republican Primary is around 25%

        If the other 75% were smart & got around 1 candidate it will be over for Trump & everyone else in the 1st 5 States =)

        I like Trump but he is too unpredictable! Plus looking at his polling, his negatives are high, just like Hillary’s!

        That’s why I’m switching to Cruz! I like Walker but his position on no abortion even for Mom’s with health reasons or due to rape is troubling! That could sink him with Women voters!!

        • I don’t think Cruz would have a better chance in the general election than Trump. But what do I know: I pushed for Mitt last time because I saw him a winner.

          • If Trump’s negatives weren’t that high he would be my guy but we need someone that can defeat Hillary!

          • I find it interesting that when Steve Doocy interviewed DT this morning FNC put the PPP poll results on the screen showing Trump now leading in Iowa rather than the much less favorable and perhaps semi-embarrassing Rasmussen results — a pollster FNC usually works closely with.

            Good move IMO as they try to mend fences w/o fanning the flames further — but nevertheless interesting to me.

            It’s also possible FNC didn’t have the Rasmussen results yet at that early hour.

  9. O/T
    The Oath Keepers have shown up in Ferguson.

    According to a Reuters news report, Scott Malone wrote,””Four civilians carrying automatic rifles and sidearms patrolled a riot-torn street in Ferguson, Missouri, early Tuesday, saying they were there to protect a media organization but drawing swift criticism from police and protesters alike.”

    Full auto?

    The story has now been changed “FERGUSON, Mo. (Reuters) – Four civilians carrying military-style rifles and sidearms patrolled a riot-torn street in Ferguson, Missouri, early Tuesday, saying they were there to protect a media organization but drawing swift criticism from police and protesters alike.

    I don’t understand how these reporters function on a day to day basis.

    • Full auto is legal in Mo and many states. while the media often says auto when they mean semi auto, it is possible and legal.

      not a handy cut and paste. first yes no, long guns, 2nd hand guns. you know, the best hand held wireless device.
      Gun laws in Missouri

      Long Guns
      Relevant Statutes

      Permit to purchase required?

      Firearm registration?

      Owner license required?

      Carry permits issued?

      Missouri is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry.

      Open carry permitted?

      Open carry is permitted as of October 11, 2014 with a valid CCW state wide. Overrides local laws against Open Carry .

      State preemption of local restrictions?

      No local governments may regulate open carry if the carrier has a
      valid CCW, but can regulate the discharge of firearms ( except in self
      defense ).

      Assault weapon law?

      Magazine Capacity Restriction?

      NFA weapons restricted?

      Peaceable journey law?

      • The hypocrisy of the story was what caught my attention.
        The reporter changing his text from earlier in the day to what he is currently stating.
        The media gets away with this type of nonsense on a daily basis.

        I’m sure he was attempting to invoke fear, to get Oath Keepers run out of town or harassed by the police.

        • media that think gun magazines can’t be reloaded are my favorites, or that the 2nd amendment is about hunting

          • Or this fairy dust sniffer.

            DeGette (D). Colorado) “If you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

            Or the morons that think if guns were confiscated, the criminals wouldn’t possess them either.

          • The magazine from my 1908 Colt .32 seems to be holding up quite well, and I can swear it isn’t hosting its origional bullets.

          • Nice!

            Not point in having a weapon just to store ammo in it….Right?

            I don’t have a problem with my magazines either.

            Desert Eagle, .44 Magnum or the .357

      • I didn’t realize until I read the ‘about us’ section above that this site is limited to the subject of Cable News.

        “Content: This site is about cable news. Try to maintain a least a tenuous connection to the subject matter at hand.”

        After reading the site owners comment I apologize. I should have read the format rules prior to commenting. It has been a pleasure talking to you Larry Kelly.

        Johnny dollar
        A nicely diplomatic way to remind people not to go too far off on tangents, like shootin’ irons and such.

        • Johnny doesn’t mind too much if we wander a little bit, God only knows I am guilty of that. You’ll do fine. I have enjoyed your posts today.

    • Got them all. I didn’t even have to guess on any. You can’t stump me when it comes to nukes.

  10. Watching a clip from upcoming Hanitty interview with Trump saying emphatically, “I’m not asking anyone for money.”

    I got an email from Trump about two hours ago asking me for money. He did say in it he would match dollar for dollar anything I contributed.

  11. How long will it take for CNN to report that at least two of Hillary’s emails are classified Top Sevret?

      • While FNC was breaking the news that at least two of Hillary’s emails are classified Top Secret, CNN was breaking news that Clinton had directed her staff to turn her private email servers over to federal investigators.
        Like she has a choice?

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