Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos:
  • Reliable Sources videos: Rating the moderators, Jorge Ramos, Omarosa.
  • TCG: This is CNN, where half a quote is better than one.
  • Allen: Trump to appear on Fox News Monday prime time.
  • Concha: Trump’s war on Fox is good news for MSNBCNN.
  • Guardian: Forget Donald Trump…Megyn Kelly won the debate.
  • Journalism organizations should demand Trump apologize to Kelly.
  • Wemple: Did we just watch Megyn Kelly get too big for Fox News?
  • Video: Megyn reveals just before the debate.
  • Greg Gutfeld erupts on twitter defending Kelly.  Megyn will respond.
  • Bizarre: CNN hosts Trump tirade of personal attacks on Megyn Kelly!
  • Politico: FNC won the debate.  CNN signs Jeffrey Lord.  Sunday talkers.
  • Howard Kurtz videos: MSNBC Trump

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    • It’s not an uncommon feeling I am sure. There is a meanness and a rudeness that permeates American society today. You only need look at this blog to know that to be true. And, oddly, some find it enjoyable, either by directly throwing mud or by implication by doing nothing to call it out. Certainly, Megyn Kelly throws mud with the “best” of the lot. It tears at my soul to be sure. My Southern aunts would be aghast that anyone, male or female, would invite some into his or her home and hurl insults at them. It’s a classic misbehavior and boorishness that even made up several scenes in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. But, I would be denying reality if I didn’t acknowledge that many participate in and more applaud this misbehavior and boorishness. More’s the pity. Even more pitiful: Gentility is not the only loser. Misbehavior and boorishness comes in and substance exits.

    • Jaw-dropping interview last night with The Donald on CNN. Yoohoo, Mr. Lemon, care to challenge Trump on his latest imbecilic comment?

      • I was aghast to see Trump retweet someone calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo”.

        After being confronted about being a Neanderthal…

          • I’ve read several twits on Twitter talking about how criticism of Trump’s rhetoric toward women and his treatment of Megyn Kelly is co-opting the War on Women bullshite meme.

            That’s nonsense. The War on Women is a tactic that declares that anyone who is against certain policies is de facto anti-woman. In a way, it criminalizes the ideological principles of conservatism. And it turns speech that may be based upon ignorance or bad phrasing into thought crime.

            That meme shuts down all conservation. There’s no where to go from that point. There’s no territory for compromise. It’s strictly a partisan political tactic to demonize and win votes.

            That’s quite different from asking an individual why …in public remarks…he uses sexist rhetoric in disputes with critics who happen to be female. I doubt there’s anyone who thinks that this is an indication of a statesman. You’re not condemning an entire political party, ideology, or white males, etc…in order to pander for votes. You’re asking a candidate a question about his own behavior.

          • Donald Trump has the emotional make-up of a child. The name calling and being so aggrieved at every deserved criticism. He is a pathetic excuse for a man.

          • I wouldn’t go as far to say that, but he is a loose canon.

            Last night he effectively said that Megyn Kelly came after him because she was ‘on the rag’ [my paraphrase].

          • He is childish- he acts and speaks like a child. What grown adult man running for the presidency talks like that? He’s crude and completely tone-deaf. He is an embarrassment to the process and to his family.
            Riding the crimson wave? On the rag? Sorry in advance for the bluntness.

          • “In a way, it criminalizes the ideological principles of conservatism.”

            Hyperbole, thy name is Cecelia.

          • What is ironic(don’t know if that’s the correct word)is that comment sections are now blowing up with negative comments about MK where as before Thursday’s debate you’d very rarely see such vitriol written about her. Same for any conservative blogger who dares to criticize The Donald. Oxen have been gored.

          • I am in the odd position of agreeing with you. I, of course think while Megyn Kelly would be a wonderful choice for some Hollywood shock program, she is a very poor journalist. No surprise there. The conservative reaction has surprised me. But, it has, to some extent, been manufactured. The Limbaugh program yesterday was virtually dedicated to just that.

          • “She is a very poor journalist” is an opinion. His opinion.
            Like everything else it is spoken as gospel.

          • Perhaps he dislikes her nose. In any case, it’s certainly a minority viewpoint when a spectrum from National Review to The Guardian gives her raves. Her future is bright.

          • She needs to quell all the Trump vs Kelly attention. It’s enough. She should tell folks to move on. She should not become a cause.

          • And Ingraham is not a journalist. Journalists shouldn’t become the story and they shouldn’t need protectors.

          • There was no reason at all for Mr. Ed to use that language in reference or Ingraham. or anyone else.

          • She’s likely outraged by your suggestion, Cecelia. Much as she’s likely outraged that the mayo on her tuna sandwich was on the top piece of bread. Her entire shtick is outrage. And, you suggest she change?

          • She’s in good liberal company. They’re demanding that every Republican… candidate or otherwise…denounce Trump upon the name of Gaia.

          • I think you meant conservative company. Some of my best friends are liberals, and they’ve all gone gritty over him. Hoping he opens up more.

          • No, I mean liberals, but I’ll remember your assurance that conservatives are doing what you consider to be the right thing.

          • You mean the crooked one? Or the bloody one?
            I was reading your tweet section and am astounded by the rankness of some of the comments. Come on. I was reading comments at other sites and it’s the same there. I’m not talking Mediaite, Kos, Huffpo, MMFA,Taklkng Points, and the like, either.

          • Give us a discourse on what Rush Limbaugh, the Republican king-maker had to say, Johnny. Inform us all.

          • And it goes in the face of all the praise she’s been getting, even last night on the PBS NEWSHOUR. Thought that would have made a dent in the Royal armor, but I guess not.

          • I know. let’s talk about Rush Limbaugh. Or, we can keep up the selective editing, Larry.

          • We seldom dine befor 20:30 Hours on the weekend. Tonight is Hatch Pepper glazed shrimp on arugula with Roquefort crumbles and grilled asparagus with a Grenache rosé.

          • What I’m thinking would get me a reprimand and if I really said what I was thinking, a trip to Exile Island.

          • I had the presence of mind to edit and not hit post. It was very nasty. The troll really makes it tempting.

          • Ooooo… You were made for the peerage….but even though you don’t have a title, be assured that both Rush and his chef would give you the big thumbs up.

          • A ranch, and now a gated community. Mabye there’s some software available to help him keep his lies straight.

          • Troll trying his tried and true “libruls” “worship at the alter” troll material. Running low after a couple days of inability to incite anyone. He’s much better off trying to ambush an unsuspecting soul at MEDIAITE to get his jollies.

          • He’s undone by his narcissism. I’d have to think on it, but that may be a born-troll liability too.

          • They’ve stirred up an entitled segment of thuggery that they can’t control when it turns on even sainted liberals. Where’s Trump when you need him?

          • Being disinvited from the opportunity to further distinguish himself to our fellow conservatives on account of his dissing Megyn Kelly.

            Evidently this helps us, unlike affording yet another opportunity for our Trump-loving brethren to see him in the light of day.

            We’re a year away from the election, but we must cut off all the Trump loving black sheep pronto and without prejudice lest we be seen as not being cool by Ron Fournier and others.

            Could we have media allies more pessimistic and doubtful and disdaining of us?

          • oh, so tv tray hungry man frozen din din like again. well when one dines alone with the tv it is all one has.

          • Well not that way. It’s actually more of an overly-priced mediocre champagne targeted to Philistines.

          • That the acclaim for Ms. Kelly’s performance was hardly as universal as Johnnie and Larry are trying to push. That’s all. They can worship at that altar as long as they want. Let’s just have a dose of reality.

          • You’d be the wrong guy for that. It’s not in a troll’s job description.
            (I’m saying a little prayer at the altar. “Thanks for the blessing of fair and balanced news. Roger, hear our prayer”. There, feel better already)

          • A blog. Hence, an opinion. Are we supposed to always say, “in my opinion”. That’d be a real schnoozefest. I’m sure the vast majority of the American people understand the relationship between a blog and opinion.

          • I’m not so sure that disdain for Ms. Kelly, however disgustingly presented, translates to general FOX hating. I am sure there are people drawn to FOX who are not drawn to Kelly. That was pretty clear yesterday on Limbaugh. And, I am not so sure why what you call FOX hating is all that monumental. People are entitled to their opinions and ,out often to their choices. A small number of Americnans are FOX fans, a smaller number are FOX “haters”. Obviously, the vast, vast majority of Americans don’t give FOX a tinker’s toot one way or the other.

          • It’s not a sin to hate Fox. Why they’re so reluctant to admit it suggests that they’re afraid it discounts their criticism of Fox because that’s what said to them by opponents.

            To me it would make more sense to admit that I hated Fox and then say “For good reason. Here’s why…”.

          • Well, the point is that they have to pretend they are above hate. The left and their trolls are in fact the most hate-filled creatures on the Internet. Cross them at your own peril. Chuck Schumer’s opposition to the Obama-Iran deal shows what happens as his leadership role in his party under instant attack. Bloggers at the liberal website Daily Kos called Schumer a “warmonger” who would “be a disaster” as the top Senate Democrat.

          • Well, the president started that by likening those who disagree with his policy to Islamic fascists.

            It must be lovely for Jewish opponents to find themselves in that category.

          • At least he doesn’t claim falsely to be a veteran or have “a job of great national importance.” Meaning a paper route for the Podunk Daily Growl.

          • That’s not true at all. I dropped that site years ago. Pure trash. Stop lying, please.

          • Due to not being able to tell the difference between a lie and the truth in his make-believe world, he thinks that anything that contradicts him must obviously be a lie.

  1. It is interesting that someone who has lied constantly, including promising to leave and never bother us again, is now telling someone to stop lying.

    • If your looking for consistency or honor or truthfulness from a troll, you’ve come to the wrong fairytale.

  2. Interesting to see what’s said to and from Trump as a guest on Jake Tapper’s 9:00 AM Sunday show.

    • I’m really rich.
      They’ve been mean to me.
      I’m doing really well in the polls.
      —– is stupid.
      I can beat the Chinese.
      Build a wall with a door in it.
      I give people lots of money and they do what I tell them to.

    • That’s how we are now with any flawed messenger. The baby goes out with the bath water.

      The media won’t make adult commonsensical distinctions between not being for thousands of illegal immigrants crossing over monthly or being against amnesty (which I’m not with certain limitations) and having all of Trump’s flaws.

      That sort of infantile thinking makes it so much easier for the political advocates in their ranks.

      • I was backing GWB, McCain and the businessmen that were pushing for some kind of amnesty plan around 2004, but they got no help from those that only wanted a block of voters and were terrified some might vote Republican. Which is a damn shame. The legal immigrants in my community have integrated so well. The strong religious and family values they have brought to the table along with work ethic have won friends quickly..

        • I got you. In the meantime we’re seeing a presidential candidate disinvited to a seminar over his treatment toward a female journalist.

          Why would you do that? It would seem that you had a golden opportunity to ask Trump a million questions and you disinvite him.

          Why would you want to act like a bunch of college campus liberals?

        • I don’t think there has ever been much fear that some immigrants might vote Republican when they’re finally qualified to vote.

          I otherwise agree with your post.

          • By your description the Democratic Party is composed of an upper and upper middle-class that is the most highly educated and sophisticated of the population contrasted by the poorest and most challenged in our society who see the Party as a means of obtaining a voice and progress in their lives.

            Shouldnt you be concerned by your picture of an elite catering to the interests of a struggling underclass it has little identity with other than as objects of largess, with a sparse middle and lower middle class as mediating force?

            I’m assuming the accuracy of your oft repeated descriptions and it’s a troubling dynamic.

          • Latino’s are into abortions as an excuse for harvesting baby body parts? Don’t think they see that as “women’s health” like the ghoulish left seems to.

  3. Willie Geist anchored the NBC Weekend News tonight again. Does a good job. Not an opinion guy so I welcome him.

  4. “@MockingbirdPub: @ThisWeekABC @matthewjdowd @donnabrazile @sarafagen2 @MarkHalperin @jheil Totally agree. Not just Kelly. It’s about respect for all people.”

  5. But Betsy stands behind her nan:
    “@betsyscribeindc: @chucktodd to Trump: “You seem to have an allergy to apologizing.” Thank God for that. He doesn’t have to apologize for people’s stupidity.”

  6. Well, Mr. Concha, Trump’s war seems good for CNN. I bet if he called Zucker and asked for the entire network the rest of the day so he could demonstrate how to make fart noises with his armpits, Zucker would toss him the keys.

    • Just read(Politico/Mike Allen) that DT will go on a Fox prime time show tomorrow night. Which show is yet to be determined. Probably Hannity where Sean will firmly place his lips on Trump’s butt.

  7. I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to add my 2¢ to the debate about FNC’s performance at the non-debate.
    First and foremost, it was a performance.
    Secondly, most of the praise of FOX News coming from the liberal media included veiled barbs and left-handed compliments.
    Lastly, my take: I believe FNC and the moderators had an agenda. Knowing the audience was going to be HUGE, they wanted to use this opportunity to show people who don’t watch FNC that they are a real news channel and not the “communication arm of the Republican Party.” They also wanted to stifle criticism and garner praise from the MSM.
    I thought the set ups of many of the questions were too long. I think there was a strategy to make Trump the focal point of the show.
    Granted, with 9+1 on stage, they faced a tough task maintaining control and equilibrium. In my opinion, too much emphasis was placed on the moderators and asking pointedly tough questions isn’t a substitute for moderating what for all practical purposes was a discussion forum, not a debate.

    • The three moderators stated today, they didn’t want a debate that was a recitation of stump speech taking points and aimed to begin by giving each a chance to address his perceived weaknesses. One can certainly claim that wasn’t the way to go, but it sure made for some riveting TV and gave a chance to shine, which some of the candidates did.

    • It’s fairly standard for the frontrunner to be the recipient of challenging questions, even long knives, with special focus on what is commonly considered to be that candidate’s weaknesses.

      All media outlets go into such forums hoping to maintain the initial audience throughout the show, and to create buzz in the aftermath. That’s the agenda I see here and a common one. I’m not sure why Fox would suddenly be so concerned about the view of the larger media, that they try to prove something to them now.

      Again, I think their desire was to have an organized, well-controlled forum, with tough as nails journalists.

      They succeed here by generally all accounts. Had Trump not been Trump, especially in the debate aftermath where he has given credibility to Kelly’s every implication, this would not have had nearly the impact that it has had.

      As with Palin, conservatives don’t need to blame the media for a tough vetting of a candidate. It’s too bad Pres. Obama didn’t receive that same treatment.

      If Trump wants to assign blame, he should look in the mirror.

      • I concur with almost everything in the above.
        1. I dont believe FNC was trying to prove anything to the MSM.My words speak for themselves.
        2. None of my criticism was ideological or political My only criticisms were too much emphasis on the moderators and the set ups of some of the questions were too long.
        3. If my perception of their agenda is accurate, then they were tremendously, hugely, fantastically successful. Trump that!-)

      • That’s ridiculous. The 2007/08 primary was months and months of vetting. The toughest sort. 2011/12 required no vetting. That was accomplished in the election. Your side just picked terrible candidates who ran terrible campaigns. How could you not have lost? The media had very little to do with that.

        • No, it didn’t. It consisted of the media declaring his candidacy historic and labeling criticism of Obama as being inspired by overt or micro racism. Up to and including his competition Hillary Clinton.

          • Oh, maybe the endless talk of his soaring rhetoric, his ability to bring everyone together, his tireless work as a community organizer, his being a law professor and the crease in his pants.

    • You are completely on target about the question set ups being too long. Far too long.

      And, you’re right the mode was entertainment and not news.

      • I said some were too long, which by inference, means some were not. And in TV time, too long is 10-15 seconds. Far too long is 30 seconds or more, Maddowesque.
        As far as “entertainment and not news,” I never said that. For some, I’m sure it was entertaining. For all viewers, it was clearly news worthy, unless you believe 100% of the reportage was a lie.

  8. Jorge Ramos is a moron. He told Brian Stelter today that he was surprised at the tough questions asked by Megyn, Baier, and Wallace because they’re usually “protective of Republicans.”

    Yeah, they never ask Republicans tough questions.

    Jorge Ramos is a moron.

    • Isn’t that the very same insinuation by Stelter (and other media types) when he said on Twitter that Fox had decided to “go after Trump”.

      Would Stelter have termed tough questioning from the other networks as going after a candidate. No. The only agenda then would be that they were doing what is, afterall, their job.

      • This whole Fox debate discussion has many in the MSM simply blathering out of both sides of their mouths.

        • And you can bet your bottom dollar that the tale of Kelly as heroine will morph into something not as complimentary.

        • My own sense of that is while the industry is competitive, it is also protective. Sort of like NFL players. What you laughably call the MSM, of course includes FOX. Very much so. Pure establishment. So, what we have here is something between embarrassment to revulsion of the debate, but the perceived need to protect the talent. I don’t think that so hard to understand.

        • The many vocal Trump supporters have been merciless in their criticism of Fox News on Twitter — especially Megyn Kelly. In fact, I would submit that over 90 percent of debate criticism comes from this group including some red blogs and some radio hosts.

          Kind of reminds me of the loud and passionate supporters of congressman Ron Paul at CPAC when he was running for president back in 2011.

          • Correct. And where did all that exuberance get Rand Paul? I’m flummoxed at the reaction MK’s question to DT has had. The b set him up, to coin a phrase. Of course there’s Rush and Levin and Hannity slobbering all over Trump. I’ve never liked the guy so I’m coming at this with a closed mind. His supporters have lost their collective minds. But as I said, I’m not objective.

          • I think it’s indicative of an utter utter lack of leadership in the Republican Party.

            In the whole country, really, but no void as big as in the GOP.

            Trump sounds strong and decisive, he sounds like he’s going to try to bring some sort of control to our southern border, and people are immediately star-struck.

            I agree with what Joe Concha wrote at Mediaite that Trump’s presence drove the two fold increase in ratings that had set records last time.

            That extra 10 million wasn’t composed of just Republicans and curious Democrats, but oeople who aren’t politically aligned, but are excited by the faint sound of leadership.

            It’s the irony of God that this echo of the real thing comes from a modern day P.T. Barnum.

            The next irony is that this larger than life throw back to the age of the Playboy ethos may be undone by the modern concept of sexism from a network held to be a rightwing bastion by a left of center media.

          • People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Getting things shoved down their throats with no push back and no say. I get that. DT has tapped into the exasperation. But he has no realistic chance of getting the nomination. There has to be a cogent plan for what a candidate plans to do if elected. Being rude and crude gets him notoriety but not the nomination.

      • I still think that Stelter looks like a chicken egg that hasn’t had all the pewp washed off of it.

    • I assume you really some of your more selective readers will discount that because you’re well known MSNBC hater and CNN hater, much as some, I am told, repeatedly, are FOX haters. So much hate in our nation. I’m pleased our Lord spared me that.

      • If casting an aspersion on someone’s intelligence means that you hate them, then you’re the Niagara Falls of hatred and Mediaite is the national park of it.

        • I have a number of good friends whose company I enjoy that are of modest intellect but strong character and good humor. My beloved brother-in-law, included.

          • Is it you that determined he is of modest intellect?
            Did Our Lord bless you with the ability to decide the extent of a person’s intellect?

          • The first time I heard Sarah Palin speak I said she was of modest intellect, and I was certainly correct about that. My first test is can a person conjugate regular verbs in his or her native language. If so, I assume some intellect. That I let the relationship develop.

          • Then you aren’t bright enough to glean that you’ve been short-changing many a person of color, ethnicity, or economic, or regional influence.

          • Ridiculous. I allow for dialects in any language. I even accept the fact that in the German North a street is a Straße whilst in the South it is most often a Gasse.

          • But you not smart enough to look at other factors and to glean native intelligence.

            Frankly, you’re not smart enough to appreciate anything that doesn’t reflect you.

            That’s not liberals …that’s you. You’re a bore.

          • WRONG. A Straße (Strasse) is a street for cars, usually two-way traffic. A Gasse is an alley or pathway, seldom wide enough for a car. It is usually restricted to pedestrians, or occasionally bicycles.

          • Well, you share that first trait with them anyway.

            Evidently, they aren’t disagreeing with you on Mediaite. Otherwise, it’d be a epic feud.

        • He is boiling with hatred. So, his last line was a lie, and he has absolutely problem with using the Lord’s name to do it.

        • You mean other than Stelter crucifixion parties. Let’s not go there. It’s too hot for that kind of slap fight.

          • I recall you telling Homemaker to organize a crucifixion party in a reply to a comment she posted. Don’t be a hypocrite.

          • Remember, he told you to “Speak of what you know, woman.” And you certainly did.

          • Another one of your juvenile constructs to rid yourself of anyone who has the temerity to have an opinion different than your own or who has the bad judgment to look at FOX in a fair and balanced way. To bad you have a record of petty, snide remarks about Chris Cuomo and Brian Stetler easily accessible in your own archives and on you Twitter account. Too bad you coined “Zuckered”.

            You’re just boring me, Son. Isn’t it time for mid-afternoon prayers at the Altar of Ste. Megyn?

          • That’s right, I’ve tried to rid myself of you so much that you’ve left of your own accord twice, and came back both times!

            If you have examples of hating CNN to cite include them in your next comment.

          • Stop playing your stupid, petty games, Johnnie. I just gave you three clear-cut examples. If you want to dispute them, please go ahead. The burden passed to you long ago. Meet it or retract. or just change topics. Demonstrably, you’ve lost this one.

          • I have no burden. this is my site. You didn’t cite three examples. You didn’t produce a single one. The closest you could come up with was a one-word wisecrack. You haven’t proved a damn thing but you’re too full of it to take back your smear because it would require to admit you were wrong. And we can’t have that.

            Perhaps after you’ve cooled off in the wafting island breezes you’ll think more carefully about personally attacking the owner of the website.

          • The troll had pretty much run out of gas anyway. Gave up his pretentions and just had insults. He won’t starve. Still has MEDIAITE and Hot pockets.

          • JRemi was sent there, then paroled to Twitter. Hopefully, The Royal Fool will find himself stuck with Mediaite. Unless he is banned from all Disqus sies, that is.

          • I love the consummate left-handed “compliment” to his beloved brother-in-law whose sterling character he enjoys despite said relative’s average IQ.

            That’s suppose to be a nice comment, but it’s really arch as it can be.

          • Nice man , but dull. Wonder if his holiness gives the dullard a pat on the head at family gatherings. Geez.

          • His Brothet-in-law and his dog. Both noble creatures dispite inadequacy. One does have to make allowances.

          • Accusations are not opinion. Opinions can be fact-based or fact-free. Big whoop.
            Accusations, by their nature, require substantiation. Failing that, honesty requires they be rescinded. Unless, of course, you follow the North Korean model.

      • He was a really great broadcaster/analyst too, well before the showbiz theatrics. One of my favorites.

        • I had forgotten how long he was on Monday Night Football. Fourteen years is quite an accomplishment.

          The Cosell-Meredith-Gifford dynamic helped make MNF the tremendous success it ultimately became IMO. Now they’ve all left us.

          • He replaced Keith Jackson after the first year or so. I think Keith had his hands full with college football. I remember earlier years when he did the CBS pregame show which I never missed. An outstanding athlete, movie-star good looks, amazing talent as a broadcaster. When God smiled on him, it was a big smile.

  9. The weekend’s most popular links:
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    3 what happened to her
    2 Greg Gutfeld erupts
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Did we just watch Megyn Kelly get too big for Fox News?

  10. Two nights in a row, Willie hosts the NBC evening newscast. Ronan Farrow did a field report. First I’ve seen him do. He turned in a professional job.

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