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  1. Look at the praise for FOX NEWS above! Sad sack of a troll arrived here last night with a prepared script that just did not match what was happening on TV. Silly troll, your tricks are for kids. Trust you went home and told them what a big man their daddy was.

    • Well I’m shocked, “Shocked!,” I say that we would see such praise for FOX at this site. I liked the Huffington Post analysis, particularly: “Fox’s moderators dictated the tone and themes of the debate, solidifying the network’s position as a Republican agenda-setter.”

      I guess where I differ with heaps of praise here is I don’t think a media organization setting a political party’s agenda is journalism.

      Well, journalism has hit hard times in America. Maybe I ought to be as flexible as you and just accept it.

      • While you’re struggling with accepting the condition of journalism as described in partisan strategic analysis by a liberal website that is vehemently critical of FNC…accept that Fox garnered high praise uniformly from their debate organization to the performance of their moderators.

        Accept it, then choke on it.

        • O, give it a rest. You’ve tossed that word salad enough, and the lettuce is getting bruised. The HuffPo writer actually intended that as a compliment. In my list of shoddy journalistic outlets, HuffPo and FOX are close pairings. I also posted from Bloomberg a criticism. Hardly a liberal website.

          • In fairness, you’ve pretty much posted all the fan club fluff and puff pieces, so it is necessary (not to mention fair and balanced) to complete the picture. But, that is a task for others as noted in my reply to one of Larry’s manifold attempts at insults. So, TTFN.

          • Well, thank you for your noble concern for balance as evidenced in your posting a critique from an outlet you then call “shoddy”.

            Come back when you’ve gotten the talking points from people more coherent than you.

            On second thought…don’t.

          • Sorry, I’d like to stick around to be the target of your unchecked and ineffective attempts at personal insults, but the company is having its annual “Lazy, Hazy Days” picnic this afternoon and evening out at Lake Travis. Kegs to pick up and ice.

          • Yeah, they meant it as a compliment to say that the GOP marches to Fox. You, however, are too deep not to understand the journalistic ramifications of their “compliment”…sigh…

  2. I found this the most interesting review so far:

    The key point assumes that FOX went into the evening with a specific agenda to bring down Trump. Some may disagree, but they have a very hard argument to make it seems. The follow-on is that FOX didn’t succeed. Now, it may be too early to know that. With a normal candidate and a normal political party, he should topple. However, neither are normal, and there is, in fact, some evidence, largely anecdotal at this point, that the converse may be true. FOX is pretty much being skewered on local conservative talk radio, and social media is being pretty brutal.

    • It’s amazing how just the other day, the left was certain that FOX was pushing Trump. Alleged phonecalls and memos by anonymous sources proved it!

      But today, the left is certain FOX was trying to take Trump down!

      Funny how certain they are about these things.

    • As a brief footnote, I did notice that the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg tweeted that he thought Bret’s show of hands question about a possible 3rd party candidacy was inappropriate and got agreement from some.

      But AFAIK that was hardly a popular viewpoint.

  3. Re: Fox News debate sets an all-time ratings record.

    Fifteen days ago I speculated that Fox News ‘might’ break their all-time ratings record of 11.5 million viewers for the third U.S. presidential debate between Obama and Romney. And this was before I knew just how fascinating the 120 minutes would become.

    However, it looks like they come up just shy if the CNN Money report is accurate that a 16.0 metered market household rating translates to “upward of 10 million viewers.”

    Regardless, the numbers were quite impressive and well deserved with the moderators getting almost universal praise for their questions.

      A whopping 24 million watched the debate from 9 p.m. ET to just past 11 p.m. ET. FNC drew 7.9 million in the A25-54 demo.

      This is poised to be the highest non-sports cable program of all time. It’s already the highest-rated cable news program of all time and Fox News’s most-watched program ever.

      • Mike, Trump is fairly transparently useless in politics, but so is HRC, Sanders and most of the republicans. if you are looking to reverse the USA’s declining opportunity, geo political worth, and liberty unfortunately there is very little hope . the land of the free has become the govt regulates almost every activity, product and service all at a very high price. but hey, you can still scream obscenities on any street corner, or act like a chicken as some prefer.

    • Or, that he skipped Fox & Friends and appeared on Morning Joe instead where Joe Scarborough basically pandered unapologetically to poor, poor Donald who was “mistreated by the Fox News moderators.”

      Don Lemon has done some pandering over Trump as well. But nobody does it more openly (some might say egregiously) than Joe S.

      • I was up until 2:00 am watching all my DVR recordings, which is probably why I am a little slow on the draw today.

        I finally get it — i.e., Trump will be on CNN opposite FNC’s The Kelly File.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Joe Concha picks winners and losers in the Fox News debate.

  5. Why didn’t I hear that Chris Wallace was going to be hosting the O’Reilly Factir tonight? I was in the other room when I heard his voice and thought Holy Smokes! I’m happy to hear the recap just not so sure this was the place. Gotta say, in true honesty, I am not pleased with this decision at all.

  6. Charles K.: “FOX 24 million people. Stewart’s final show, 3 1/2. This round goes to Roger Ailes.”

  7. I got Into an awesome traffic black spot that was apparently almost as large as most of the city. Dead stop for 30 minutes. Well on its way to 103/F. Radiators blowing out steam. A typical August day in Texas …. Listened to Limbaugh for a bit. Really down on FOX, as expected. But an interesting fact blew out: Megyn talked more than any of the candidates. I guess I’m not too surprised. Everything seems to be all about her anway. I did notice that she was engaging in long, tedious monologues and essentially asking, Am I right? as they mercifully ended. For once, I agreed with Limbaugh.

    Great company party. Good food and drink, lots of games, all manner of boating, skiing, jet skiing and tubing.

        • yes, but it is known so well here, that we just buzz through it. Not like it is even irritating anyone. maybe it’s just like my dog turning around three times before it goes to sleep.

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