Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Somerby nails Rachel Maddow for lying about Fox News debate.
  • Wednesday numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • An appreciation of Jon Stewart, from…Bill O’Reilly?!? (v/Mediaite)
  • Outnumbered video: ‘interesting interactions’.
  • Parker: Behind the scenes as Fox News moderators prep for debate.
  • Martha MacCallum on how she will moderate the ‘undercard’ debate.
  • Factor video: offers advice for debate questioners.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier previews the big debate.  Geraldo in a twitter spat.
  • Concha: Sherman’s latest Ailes tale is another ‘fantastic fabrication‘.
  • Dems’ Presidential debate schedule ducks Fox News, puts CNN first.
  • Rothstein: CNN’s relationship with black journos isn’t getting better.
  • Dem candidate Mrs Chris Matthews buys time on FNCMSNBCNN.
  • ICN: Campaign to save cancelled MSNBC shows misses the mark.
  • Fired CNNer Karl Penhaul resurfaces…on twitter.  Fareed’s big get.
  • Soccer ace Christiano Ronaldo storms out of CNN Espagnol interview.

152 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’m thinking the campaign to save the canceled MSNBC shows has as much of a chance as of a drive for a season 3 of Helix.

    • The idealists, both left and right, don’t realize the reason people run cable TV channels is to make money. With low viewership you don’t make enough money to pay the bills.

      • Which is why PBS or an equivalent is so important. Profit, Objectivity and Quality Entertainment are uncomfortable even for a ménage à trois, it would seem.

        • BUNK: Public TV knows where their money comes from. Govenment. Liberal Foundations. Liberals like you. Our weekly public statewide OHIO STATE CAPITAL political report is funded by a law firm and the Ohio teachers union. As biased as Maddow. That being said, public television is a good source as low long as you don’t take them as gospel.
          Wait a minute, what are you doing here?

          • I see. It’s a conspiracy.

            My formula:

            KVUE (local ABC)
            American Statesman (local paper)
            25% of CNN


            Good grasp of the news.

          • No, it’s no conspiracy. It’s as plain as the crown on your head. Don’t bite the hands that feed you.
            My TV formula: CBS MORNNG NEWS. SHEP at 3:00 PM, bit of Tapper at 4:00, Wolf at 5:00, SPECIAL REPORT at 6:00, and PBS NEWS HOUR at 7:00. Entertainment until local news at 11:00 PM. I’ll give Chuck Todd a view when he returns to MSNBC.

            Wait a minute, what are you doing here?

          • He’s preparing to regale us with his opinion on the debates tonight with whatever partisan fodder generated in the media, outright slurs greased with left-handed compliments, and any poison pea he can fashion out of what he surmises might most bother you….or Mike…etc… He’ll do the same at Mediaite, but it will be an irresistible treat here.

            You asked about his job, well this is it. All day, every day, this is his job, his gleeful calling, and here tonight his particular joy.

          • Ah ha, I see. Well, maybe as such a proven commodity, an evening on Exile Island wouldn’t be out of the question? Just the evening. TV privilege still allowed.

          • If it happens, so be it. I understand that there some rendered discomforted by differing opinions. I’d also say after that dialogue in which you engaged on Sunday, it is not so easy to get to that particular realm as once it was. Perhaps visa requirements?

          • I am, indeed, discomforted by a horsefly’s desire to bite me, no matter he might articulate his opinion on the matter, if he could.

          • My partisan-fodder based opinion is different only to the extent my party is different. That’s what bothers you most. That, and the fact that I don’t worship at the FOX altar.

            My career is off topic. It is not cable news.

          • Your foremost impulse is to piss in someone’s Cheerios and that is germane as it’s the internet that provides you with the most freewheeling medium to satisfy this urge.

            You made that irrevocably clear with your last foray here. You can expect fair treatment from Johnny, but not any pretense of what you want to do here from me.

          • No problem. Since Internet trolls who simultaneously denounce the influence of cable news even as they spend night and day complaining about Fox, are a part of that venue, I won’t be impeded when discussing that at all.

          • Re: Your last foray here…
            You mean the speech akin to Washington’s Farewell address?
            Or in other words everyone here is a doody-head and none of you appreciate my wealth of knowledge and you are mean to me and call me a liar. That last foray? It was memorable.
            You may need to google the last line.

          • What? You doubt the motives and sincerity of a guy who refers to three of his contrarians here as being “angry old men” and speaks derogatively of JDP over at Mediaite?

            You somehow suspect that a guy who tells GC to get off Mediaite and back to the Koldys Phox Phan Klub where the denizens are dumb enough to read him, might be here for reasons pertaining to being the horsefly in the ointment rather than discussion?

            Don’t you understand that the first rule of trolls is that you should not only tolerate their disdain and their long knives, but politely pretend not to see them.

          • i know i missed that one. wish i had seen it. however, i never insult anyone here no matter what they say about me … except for the jobless single fat jerk from texas.

          • He’s probably never even been to Texas. He’s probably in Massachusetts or the SF Bay Area.

          • Been a little busy with real life issues lately so I haven’t been able to keep up with the long string of insults. I have seen dumkoff, imbecile, nincompoop,and inbred used frequently. Inbred seems to be a favorite. I did see that particular comment to gc. I try to avoid that particular site as it requires showering after reading. But we are all weak sometimes. I don’t doubt the sincerity and marvel at the hypocricy. And by the way, I do believe the real blog father is far too tolerant of those who spit in his eye. Don’t like him or his commenters? Don’t frequent this site.

          • actually watching live tonight. No interest in the B- debate, but maybe sorry as I hear Carly doing well.

          • I usually my news formula is CBS This Morning or Robin Meade, Shep , Tapper,PBS News hour , late local news

          • I don’t get this GC. A guy doesn’t speak Spanish, goes to a restaurant and does the usual signing in order to convey what he wants.

            Why is that so insulting?

          • acting like a chicken? seriously? come on cece. i saw a guy do that at Luperon in Playas del Coco. gringo talks to the checker in english, she responds lo sient no habla ingles, he repeats slowly and loudly in english while pantomiming and she turns red and say lo siento, i drag the stupid puke out of the store and the guard had to protect the idiot. i have seen all of that condescending crap i care to tolerate.

          • I think you’re being unreasonable. It’s not a moral failure not to speak a language, whether it’s Spanish or English.

            If I were a waitress and a non-English speaker made the motions of a fish in order to convey he wanted the fish I wouldn’t think twice about it.

          • as you laughed and spoke english louder ….cece. sorry. you can try to sterilize it, but i know that is not what happened. he thought it was funny. humor always comes at the expense of someone or something according to Aristotle. guess who in Mr. Kelly’s case. that is why i almost always try to self depreciate. a joke on me when a joke on someone else you do not know is a slight.

          • Squawking like a chicken or acting like a fish is funny.

            That was the point. Those sorts of situations caused by language barriers come at our own expense and can even be enjoyable.

          • He has this memory and the he has me acting just like the person in the memory because he really really wants to act like hes the outraged champion of the down trodden. Joe Remi does that all the time, but he’s better at it.

          • Worked twelve hours on a server upgrade. STARVED. Saw a KFC and drove up to the window and asked “how much for a bucket of chicken”? He didn’t understand me even after I said again slowly. I made my arms into a bucket, then made my tucked in arms go up and down, and finally pointed into my imaginary bucket. His eyes lit up and he smiled. I got my chicken. Now someone looking to be offended could add imaginary touches, but that would be his problem.

          • A KFC joint and he wasn’t familiar with “bucket”?

            Must have been pulled off the food line in a pinch.

          • No, it’s no conspiracy. It’s as plain as the crown on your head. Don’t bite the hands that feed you.
            My TV formula: CBS MORNNG NEWS. SHEP at 3:00 PM, bit of Tapper at 4:00, Wolf at 5:00, SPECIAL REPORT at 6:00, and PBS NEWS HOUR at 7:00. NBC NIGHTLY NEWSCAST on D
            VR. Entertainment until local news at 11:00 PM. I’ll give Chuck Todd a view when he returns to MSNBC.

            Wait a minute, what are you doing here?

          • Not a bad mix. Not bad at all. How you can stand Wolf for even a few moments surprises me, but à chacun son goût.

          • And since you’re on MEDIAITE all day long, you still claiming you have a job, important or otherwise? Are you able to go outside?

          • Well, we can’t insult the guy history has shown, and he’s too dastardly a villain to care about his promises, so we are probably stuck with him. Maybe I’ll go over to MEDIATE and mud wrestle with him. What to do. What to do?

  2. I expect a really hard hitting, tough interview from Fareed… NOT! The only thing I suspect really is that his nose will need to be sanitized for his protection.

  3. Who doesn’t love Joe Concha? When the first thing you read in the morning brings a smile to your face you know it’s gonna be a good day! Thanks Joe!

    • The first thing I read every morning is a honey – do list from the wife. Let’s just say it doesn’t exactly bring a smile to my face every morning…

  4. Those progressives who want their shows back , should have watched more or had more friends to watch then they wouldn’t have been canceled. And there is no way MSNBC cans Lock up , a program that many times beats a show on CNN or FNC for a cheaper price than live shows. And , Apparently their history of MSNBC starts in 2009 that would be like saying CNN started as the where’s the plane? network

  5. So far the general consensus from some diverse sources is that Carly Fiorina won the “Happy Hour Debate.”

    For example, even from some liberals like Jonathan Alter and from moderates like Meghan McCain and from WSJ journos like Neil King.

    Your thoughts?

  6. Have successfully skipped all DAILY SHOW tributes. Now leaving NBC NIGHLY NEWS to return to THE DAILY WRAP

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 twitter spat
    4 Behind the scenes
    3 relationship with black journey
    2 misses the mark
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sherman’s latest Ailes tale is another ‘fantastic fabrication‘.

  8. Last week, O’Reilly repeatedly declared that Ted Cruz had to go after Trump in the debate. Earlier this week he said the same about Rand Paul.
    Will he declare a new Sir Galahad tonight?

  9. Another Baier raise your hand question. He doesn’t seem to realize that silent debates don’t serve much purpose.

  10. Chris did well in his segment. B+.

    Cruz seems off game. I think Wallace may have discomforted him.

  11. Megyn really got tongue-tied questioning Rubio, and he then stuttered through a rehearsed answer.

  12. Megyn asked Trump a very good question about his “Republicaness”. He then answered a question he made up. Not a bit of follow-up. It’s a chronic failing.

  13. Well, Megyn gave us the cheap question of the night. I expected she might. Has God spoken to you? Really?

    • The evening is about over, you’re running out of your Megyn material, and nobody is upset. Just laughing at you. Very bad troll job,

  14. It’s surprising and hard to say, but I think Christie was by far the best of the lot. Kasich, second. Carson, third. The mushy middle, and Huckabee at the bottom.

  15. Grading the FOX personalities is more difficult, if only because Baier seemed to drop off or drift away. A bit colorless, and I frankly tired of trying to find him. So, the best I can do after midterm is:

    Wallace: A-
    Baier: Incomplete
    Kelly: D+

    • There you have it, folks: his rollicking, unpredictable, and ever fresh analysis.

      He always leaves you wanting more, huh?

      Goodnight! Drive safely!

      • You were correct in your analysis that the miraculous reappearance was to come here and incite the yokels. He really believes in his superiority. Head case,

  16. I only bothered to check three online polls given how unscientific they are by the website’s own admission.

    Trump 31%
    Carson 17%
    Kasich 16%
    Rubio 11%
    Everyone else in single digits.

    Trump 33%
    Carson 14%
    Kasich 14%
    Rubio 13%
    Everyone else in single digits.

    Trump 39%
    Carson 17%
    Cruz 14%
    Everyone else in single digits.

    • Krauthammer & Baier seemed to disagree — both suggesting that Rubio and Huckabee had good nights and that Trump did not.

      • I have a very hard time understanding the Huckabee analysis, Michael. I thought he really stunk up the place last night. Crude and amateurish.

        Rubio? I can give them that. Rubio was better than I have ever seen him before. But, he seemed over-rehearsed. Over-rehearsed comes across as insincere. So, I wouldn’t rate quite so high. But, Baier tends to lack spontaneity, so I doubt he’d see this as a problem. Krauthammer? He and D. Morris ….

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