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  1. RE: MSNBC potpourri they can have a new slogan , MSNBC : The Place for News , politics, Leaning Forward and Prisons

  2. My company built a plant in Puerto Rico. Even worse than our Juarez decision. While our plants in China and Brasil worked out well making our technical products, the legacy of Puerto Rico was lawsuits in the millions. My one memory was stoping at a KFC there and failing at ordering a bucket of chicken until I did an imitation of a chicken.

    • apparently you think American English is special. sad delusion. Puerto Rico may have problems, Spanish is not one of them. KFC is a problem, gross.

      • It’s special because it’s the thing I speak and I was hungry for some familiar greasy chicken. Nothing wrong with Spanish, but I don’t speak it. If I had any inkling of the direction things were going, I never would have taken the three years of high school German which has served me poorly.
        I like KFC. I like McDonald’s fries. I like a ribeye on the grill. I like Ohio in the winter. I like the ribs and greens from the black section of Akron. I like sautéed shrimp heavy on the garlic. I like Cheez-its. I like the Hungry Man Salsbury Steak TV dinner.

    • Puerto Rico: vacationing there after returning from dinner we could not get to our rental unit because horses were blocking the street. Found out later that men ride their horses to the bar because they get pretty drunk and once they hop on their horses, the horses know the way home. We saw horses going down the interstate late, late at night. When you’re not ready to see a horse in your lane, it makes for some interesting lane changes quickly.

      Meeting locals in the bar they were pissed off that they had given up whatever military base had been there because the jobs paid well, the military frequented local food and drinking establishments and it was good for the local economy. Basically, the grass wasn’t greener after the base closed. So now, they are billions in debt hoping we will bail them out!

      • The thing that gets me, is that the politicians who borrowed all the money to keep their voters happy are now likely out of office.

  3. Chuck Todd reported this morning that he has heard that Rick Perry may make the 9pm debate after all.

    He said (paraphrasing) his sources claim Fox News is reluctant to eliminate a candidate who is polling within the MOE of the10th place candidate.

    I guess we’ll know in the next few hours.

  4. Well, in MSNBC’s effort to raise the afternoon IQ at play, Russert & Capehart are a zero sum game.

      • Right now, Capehart +1 and Russert -1 nets a goose-egg.
        The main problem dear old Spud pointed is that Capehart is an opinion guy and a poor choice as a news anchor. That being said, I saw him do Way To Early a couple of times and he did well. Likable chap.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC, your programming potpourri.

  6. Brets interview of Cleveland voters on SP was VERY good. gives you hope and puts the lie to the electorate being stupid.


    As of 07:21 Hours, US C(D)ST: 45 of 75 comments are unrelated to cable news. That’s 60% for those of you in Mobile.

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