Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Jon Huck’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Hillary vs NYT, Carl Bernstein, Trumparama.
  • Concha: MSNBC needs a dose of…Cenk?!?  Video
  • Somerby: ‘Corporate-owned hustler‘ Maddow is dishonest too.
  • Concha: Wagner’s classless sign-off shows what nepotism can buy.
  • Best wishes to Anna Kooiman, now Mrs Tim Stuckey; F&F
  • ‘ISIS flag’ lady resurfaces.  Ted Turner’s regret.  Sunday talkers.
  • Greta exasperated over child slavery.  Lynne Russell re-resurfaces.
  • MSNBC flops sign off:
  • TCG: What will Brian Williams make of MSNBC’s concept of ‘hard news’?
  • Your Buzz videos: Jon vs Meghan

55 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Ted Turner’s road to regret started the day he opened one of the AOL CD-ROM packets that arrived in his mailbox.

          • allow me to make your evening.

            close to my favorite food in Mexico, after al pastor, frappes, asada,
            caldos, raspados, y mujercitas is CREPES! in Jalisco they sell them
            wrapped in wax paper with chocolate, or caramel, or butter and cinnamon,
            mmmmm. but they are also wonderful for breakfast or even a dinner.

            a mexican crepe is made with flour integral (whole wheat).
            you can steam spinach and strain and keep in the fridge for many days.
            so this is like sooooo easy. tomaza is making herself one right now and those that know her know she cooks campo only.
            Wisconsin makes great pepper jack cheeses i buy in Price smart.
            you eat them with salsa and crema acida, real sour cream. a few Jalapeños.

            so make a crepe batter.
            use a big fry pan.
            one side flip. layer in spinach and cheese. shrooms eggs, a ton of
            other stuff but i am telling you spinach and cheese is simply wow.
            fold over as seen, cook both sides, nothing black!! eat. i promise you will make this more than once.

            1.5 cups or 220 g sifted all purpose flour
            1 cup or 250 ml whole milk
            1 cup or 250 ml water
            2 large eggs
            1 tsp sugar
            unsalted butter for pan

            i use no salt. no one misses it anymore because i cook with other strong flavors. right kids?

            let me know how they turn out.
            where should i send you fotos?

          • I love crepes and make them frequently, both sweet and savory.

            I like them delicate, with delicate fillings.

          • i too like them with fruits, coco ice cream on the side, reduced syrups etc. but the Mexican style breakfast crepes are heavier and filling. use a good pepper cheese and spinach with cream and good salsa and let me know if i am crazy,.

          • i would post a pic. side view with spinach, melted cheese crema y salsa ….. you would head for the kitchen. for some reason they really are good. i have two kids that hate anything green that like them. go figure.

            when i make breakfast burritos they invite kids in from the street …seriously …lol

          • who are you on twits? i have an acct i never use but i can try. or send to me and i can try to reply. is attaching obvious? bluesgc

          • curious about this twit stuff. let me know if u have it.


            9s9 seconds ago

            crepe for cc

          • I am one of the few people around with low blood sodium. I’ve craved salt since I was a kid.

          • mostly by not adding it to anything i find i do not like it and i use more of every other spice. i sent a tweet out as bluesgc with the foto. interested in anyone has seen it. i am a tweet twit.

          • if you make it both ways you can choose for the future. basically it is a slightly thicker texture.

          • I’ve had Wookie. Tastes like chicken, but sweeter. Sometimes they don’t pluck the fur all that well though.

  2. “Trust me…you don’t just suddenly forget you’re broadcasting to millions (Or in Wagner’s case, thousands).” …. or in your case 10 including relatives …. shameless, i know.

  3. Mr Concha’s Mediaite article has been given the usual hundreds of Mediaite comments, and this comment devolved into lunacy more quickly than most. That’s because a familiar face showed up to explain to Mr Concha how TV really works and why Joe has it all wrong, based on this commenter’s years of experience as…a contributor to blog comment threads! (Not these any more, or the ones at ICN, as he has been banned–at his own request, according to him.) Mr Concha teaches a master class in how to flick away obnoxious know-it-alls speaking out of their rears so read and enjoy.

  4. Re: “Concha: MSNBC needs a dose of…Cenk”

    Remember when Shep Smith lost his 7 p.m. show on Fox News and was given the managing editor of “breaking news” job to soften the blow as a consolation prize.

    I’m sure others see the parallels to Brian Williams being given the “breaking news” role reporting for MSNBC for much the same reason — i.e., to soften the blow of losing the anchor chair.

    But here’s the kicker IMO. As it turned out (and some of us predicted) Shep Smith is used somewhat sparingly in this capacity. After all, how many truly “breaking news” stories are there, despite CNN’s constant display of this mantra in their chyron (lower third).

    My prediction is that initially BriWi may be used somewhat frequently — perhaps several times per week. But as time goes by his appearances will decrease as Shep’s seemingly have and finally he will fade off into the sunset just like Ann Curry has.

  5. I hope they do bring back that sand monkey from The Yung Turds”. Put him in the 8:00 or 9:00 PM slot. Lets see how many of his internet followers he can drag over.

  6. This weekends most popular links:
    5 F&F video
    4 Mrs Tim Stuckey
    3 Corporate-owned hustler
    2 Anna Kooiman
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Wagner’s classless sign-off shows what nepotism can buy.

    • The fact that Cenk is a denier of the Armenian genocide means his truth to power BS depends on which power his loyalty shields.

      • I guess to him the Armenians. and other victims of the original Young Turks, were simply Untermenschen. If die Türkei had only been more advanced, just think of how their version of the Final Solution would’ve ended

        • Their gambit of pushing everyone out in the desert to die was quit effective. The first modern genocide. Obama campaigned to the Armenian community that if he were elected President, he would call it as such. To avoid offending Turkey, he broke his promise. The new Pope, who calls ‘me as he see ’em, stepped up to the plate and used the ‘G word’ in the 100 year commemoration last year.

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