Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Jon live
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trumpnado, GOP debate, Hillary, MSNBC.
  • Fox Report video: recognize National Dance Day.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Joanne Nosuchinsky.
  • Your Buzz videos:
  • Vause, Sesay to co-anchor CNNi simulcast.  Bob Beckel resurfaces.
  • Hecht: At HLN, tv is the sideline.  Q&A: Chris Hayes.  Sunday talkers.

32 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. The piece on JoNo is nice. But, neither she nor Andy included in the Fox News Insider people profiles with the other hosts, reporters & contributors. Not sure why.

    • It was very good. I also enjoyed the others, especially Janice Dean. My cousin worked as a bylaw enforcement officer in Canada. She has a ton of stories.

  2. Wish Beckel the best. Fox should have kept him. He is one of the last 1960’s Democrats, that I remembered, and enjoyed going down memory lane with him. Those were the days when nobody had a thin skin. Hardly ever agreed with him, but enjoyed the looks on the Five when he said something politically incorrect.

    • In one way or another, the health issues just caught up with him. In most companies these days, a prolonged absense is turned over to an insurance “disability” group. Not like the old days where management discretion was generally much more lenient and less structured, which apparently FOX still was with Bob. I went from a “take all the time you need” attitude in the old days to an “insurance weenie” monitoring my return to work progress a week after my heart surgery. It sounds like FOX bent over backwards for Beckel, but he just had too many problems. I’m sure his associates miss the lovable curmudgeon.

  3. Fox Report video:

    Julie and Janice
    recognize National Dance Day: mmmmm aka kids saying i did not do it dance.

  4. My Q&A with Chris Hayes:
    Larry, “Are you depressed?”
    Hayes, “Yes”
    Larry, “Wanna talk about it?”
    Hayes, “No”
    Larry, “That’s okay”

  5. Loved the Z takedown of Jon Stewart on today’s MEDIABUZZ. I hereby shamefully withdraw my wiseacre “Cryptkeeper” comment and promise to never use it again.

    • Sorry, Z, but the media is filled with pretentious “fools” preening around and tickling the ears of each other.

      i agree that Stewart is not an honest broker and would add that he’s also utterly crass.

      • I can think of another word to describe Jon Stewart, but it is not “blog friendly.”

  6. Somestimes forget that Bernie Goldberg is still a reporter. The work he does on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO is good stuff.

  7. I have heard on the national news that the Louisiana theater killer would never have made his gun purchases if his Georgia involuntary mental hospitalization had made its way to the federal background check database as it should have. Taking into account the screwed up failure allowing the South Carolina nut case to pass his background check and you have two out of two of the last mass murderers obtaining guns because of federal failure. That dual connection, I have yet to hear mentioned, and it’s key in its importance. Obama and Congress need to get the background check system properly staffed and funded… not push for stupid new laws. News people, do your damn job!

  8. The weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Sunday talkers
    4 Major Garrett
    3 Julie and Janice
    2 you didn’t know
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Bob Beckel resurfaces.

  9. The media gets more asinine daily. Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro asks transgender Zoe Tur (aka Bob Tur) “What are your genetics, Sir?” A dress clad Tur, towering over Shapiro, grabs him by the neck and threatens to send him to the hospital. In an editorial, the LA Times responds, “You go girl !”

    Talk about cognitive dissonance! How likely is it that any “girl” …woman….would have grabbed Shapiro by his neck and threatened violence? What are your genetics, Sir?…

    Later Tur defends him….herself…by arguing that Shapiro expected a subservient flower/female like himself….to be passive in the face of such insult… That’s right. We women have a new fellow sufferer..and she has the hands and testosterone of a football player, and the LA Times buys it all.

    We live in some brain-dead times, folks, with some utterly brain-dead overlords.

  10. Is that Geraldo doing the voice of the “liberal panel” tonight? Also, the young marine on with Greg tonight is very impressive.

    • Didn’t sound like him to me. I didn’t recognize the voice whoever it was. You’d think GG could give him an acknowledgment at the end when he thanks everyone else.

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