Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • TCG: Are ‘impartial journalists’ getting a green light to attack Trump?
  • WaPo‘s Wemple finds immigration official who doesn’t like Kate’s Law.
  • Atlanta honors CNN founder.  Tonya Reiman resurfaces.  Fox tops cable.
  • New CNN/CVS sponsored Facebook posts ‘not exactly straightforward‘.
  • Weekend numbers.  Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable Sources.
  • Gutfeld: I chose Shillue to host Red Eye.  Tour: Hannity’s Manhattan office.
  • More filings in the momentous Fox News/Lindsay Lohan legal donnybrook.
  • Kelly File video: MS survivor Media Matters hate speech.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: Hannity’s Manhattan office

    Green wall-to-wall carpet (appropo to the putting setup…). Straight from the Fox warehouse: a twenty-five piece matching office rig… A plethora of neckties brimming from a shelf.

    The American male in his natural habitat.

    Someone hire him a professional.

  2. Glad I never LIKED CNN. Facebook isn’t a place I go for hard news anyway, and certainly not a place I go for commercials.

  3. I suppose the stupid Lohan suit is just a gamble she gets a judge who is a FOX-hater. It could happen. The legal system is sometimes more political than legal.

    • Every time that I see or hear about Lindsay Lohan, I have the dirty version of “The Freckle Song” run thru my head. I call her katakiikinciiti (Frecklebutt). I may be mental.

  4. The Cable Gamer piece is on the money.

    While chastising the media that ALL of what Trump said about McCain matters and should be reported, Joe Scarborough gave nod to our media protectors as trying to cut off Trump’s head for good reasons.

    They are our wonderous guardians, indeed…

  5. Re: “Tonya Reiman resurfaces”: I saw her post in my news feed this morning. I commented that “there are some conservative Factor viewers that don’t like [Sen. John] McCain for ideological reasons.” A handful of comments (not replies to me) followed that proved my point.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 More filings
    4 getting a green light
    3 Manhattan office
    2 Janice Dean slams
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Gutfeld: I chose Shillue to host Red Eye.

  7. On ‘Special Report’ today, Bret Baier introduced a video clip with “from a network with five letters”. Later, Steve Hayes referred to it as “that network”. There seemed to be a concerted effort to not name MSNBC. Is this something new? I’ve never noticed it before. (The video plainly showed the MSNBC logo.)

  8. On the two mainstream news programs I watched tonight, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS & PBS NEWSHOUR, both told the Trump Graham phone number story in a way designed to make Trump look the most villainous. If you watched the PBS piece you never learned Graham first called Trump a “jacka$$” nor that Trump had the number from several years ago because Graham hit him up for a campaign contribution. Gwen Ifill can be as calculating biased as any of the bunch.

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