Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Fox moves runner-up forum to 5:00 pm, ahead of main event.
  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Shannon Bream-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Kirell: Today’s Keith Olbermann returns to MSNBC specularama.
  • HLN spot with Olby’s ex-girlfriend’s father spurs assault accusation.
  • Video: Trump   Q&A: Erin Burnett: family vs career.
  • Video Q&A: weary of ‘ratings-driven’ CNN; more.
  • Impartial MSNBC journalist scores a network ‘first’.  Neck and neck.
  • Raby: Cable news pundits think their viewers are technological idiots.
  • Fox & Friends video: with stunt aviator Lt Col John Klatt.

36 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “though it’s not yet a permanent position.” Let’s all hope it never becomes permanent. To have Lester Holt during the week who does a relatively good job to keep the news as balanced as NBC News can be and turn the weekend over to Thomas Roberts would be a disaster, IMHO.

    • When I saw him last night I was taken aback. Not because of the gay orientation but that he is one of the MSNBC lefties. Not as bad as Maddow delivering the Nightly News but close.

      I did stare at him a bit thinking he’d seemingly been in every J.C. Penny’s ad I’d ever seen.

  2. Virtually every headline of MEDIAITE this morning is either about Trump or something bad about someone in the GOP because of Trump. I think the thing Trump has going for him is the transparency of media motives plus the bulk of people that hate the media more than they hate Trump.

  3. A little twitter spat between The Cable Gamer and a leader of The Hate Squad has broken out. It’s sort of like one of our ex-commenters decided to see if name-calling could substitute for telling the truth (nothing new there), but The Cable Gamer is having fun with it.

    • Yes, Beetlejuice definitely qualifies for the HHOF; along with his girlfriend, the Bride of Chucky.

      • The third member of The Gang of Three had a classic yesterday that says a lot about why they hate Fox News. I don’t have the exact wording but this is pretty close: That segment about Trump was good…nobody defended him.

    • It’s ironic isn’t it. For seven years we’ve lived in a time where every issue involving race sets off a reflexive harking back to the antebellum era and the post era of a segregated South.

      Liberals have no hesitation in suggesting that much of the opposition to Pres. Obama is based upon a racial animus of over 200 years.

      Whether it be the police or a “white Hispanic” man, investigations of deadly force against black males transform current day America into Selma, Alsbama circa the 60’s. Transform to the point where the failure of mixed race juries to do what is deemed as their due diligence by charging or convicting the assailants is proof enough that little has changed in our society from decades ago.

      As regards issues about faith, it wasn’t too long ago that even New Yorkers, with long memories and hard feelings, were harked back to Christian Knights battling Muslim marauders for opposition to a Mosque near Ground Zero.

      Would O’Reilly better serve his argument by using examples of govt suppression in arguing that secularists of the West now harbor an anti-Christian impulse, rather than issuing an alarm by using the persecution and martyaring of Christians we see in the Islamic world? Yeah.

      Is he being pilloried for this by people who wear such hyperbole like a fanny pack every freaking day of their lives. Hell yeah.

      • All you need to know about Demcrats and race you can learn from Presidential candidate O’Malley having to apologize for saying “All lives matter” in response to hecklers shouting “Black lives matter”. Gosh, you’d think he said, “Unborn lives matter.”

        • After O’Malley made that statement, Twitter was full of the talking point that the essence of O’Malley’s response was as though he told a grieving widow that “all people die”.

          Aside for the fact the tweeters are comparing a positive and potentially proactive affirmation to an utterly resigned and dismissive one, if you watch the video you see O’Malley did nothing remotely like this. O’Malley mentioned a specific policy he would implement to address police violence (autonomous citizen review boards that would be fully funded to hire their own staff and independent investigators) and then responded that violence mattered to him. That the lives of all American citizens matter to him.

          In the context of having the Net Roots symposium interrupted by these activists whose spokeperson said “you are not human” if you do not see America as being in a “state of emergency” over the slaughter of blacks at the hands of the police, any suggestion that an elected official naturally views violence in terms of all his constituents in general (specific populations in particular) is anathema.

          We don’t have a media willing to supply some common sense here. They’re afraid and the truth is such militancy works to push candidates left and that’s a goal most of them share.

          That said, O’Reilly’s take that Christianity is under siege by secularists in the West, leftists in communist regimes, and Islamic fascists everywhere else, must make reasonable distinctions in order to be cogent.

          Charles Blow has no problem discerning that when it comes to the Fox News organization and no problem jumping straight to the conclusion that O’Reilly has not or won’t.

          He and others are not so good at looking all around them and most certainly not when it comes to looking at themselves.

          • Blow blocked me on Twitter when I offered some introspection hints.

            I can’t barely think of an example of the black lives stories where the killed were not criminals. Except for the thug in Ferguson, the results were regrettable, and some times criminal of the cops, but one solution is simple: don’t break the law. The black culture of agresive pushback to what ever is perceived as “disrespect” is playing with fire when you are confronting a man with a gun who has his own fears.

          • Well, as with all national discussions nowadays, common sense must be couched in terms that are less likely to be offensive to certain sentiments and agendas.

            Therefore we hear black mothers saying that they abjure their sons to cooperate with the police in the way that white parents tell their kids not to resist an armed man demanding their wallets, or to not offend some possibly psychotic street person demanding five dollars.

            In all fairness, it is hard to discuss many issues involving grievance without sounding either hyperbolic or clueless.

            That’s why we need a less politicized media and it’s why we need leaders who aren’t merely partisan politicians.

            It’s why we need religious leaders who practice what they preach and an elite who aren’t so corrupt in their own definitions of freedom that they’re only too overjoyed to throw out the moral message with an imperfect messenger.

          • I don’t see your Tweets to Blow on your Twitter feed.

            Do tweets to folks get disappeared when those folks block you?

          • I got Blown away several years ago, and somewhere my tweets to him still exist and will continue to do so until global warming burns up all the servers.

  4. They should bring back Keith Olbermann to MSNBC but with a twist , talk about sports might get more viewers than whatever show he replaces. this might be a crazy idea but then again it’s MSNBC

    • That column from Mediaite reads a little too much like changes certain people wish would happen rather than what a realistic look indicates.

      Return of Keith Olbermann
      I see this as silly navel gazing considering K.O. is considered damaged goods by far too many of those who do the hiring at MSNBC — or CNN for that matter. Moreover, many of K.O.’s former fans have abandoned him and/or lost interest for a variety of reasons.

      Cancellation of All In with Chris Hayes
      A popular rumor to be sure. But let’s look at the total viewer ratings where he beats AC360 more often than he loses. He also frequently draws more viewers than Chris Matthews. Granted, his key demo ratings are terrible. But that is the case for just about everyone else on MSNBC.

      BTW, I don’t mean to suggest that replacing (or swapping) Hayes with Steve Kornacki doesn’t make sense.

      • Yeah, I really don’t see how Olbermann comes back unless Lack really wants him or Griffin has become very very desperate. And yes, Chris Hayes is hanging on … but I’ve not seen any big change in MSNBC since they added Roberts at 1-3p and removed R&R ,and maybe whatever they do with BW.

    • Unnamed inside MSNBC sources are spreading rumors that rumors about KO returning to MSNBC are spreading among MSNBC insiders, according to rumors from sources inside MSNBC.

      (Mission Accomplished)

  5. I do like Campbell Brown , used to watch her CNN show .. but she left way before the Zucker came in and does what Zucker does, so good timing.

  6. I thought Chuck Todd made an interesting point this morning about Donald Trump and any chance of a third-party bid, which I had overlooked.

    He basically said (paraphrasing), “It takes a lot of hard work to get on all those state ballots and that is typically not Donald Trump’s style — he prefers the less difficult pathways — ‘shortcuts’ if you will.”

    Even when you allow for the fact it would mostly be his minions doing the hard work, I thought it was an interesting observation.

    Okay, I’ve reached my quota for the week and it’s only Monday. I try to say something positive about Mr. Todd once a week — even though I am not a fan. ☺

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  8. Don’t criticize Eric Bolling for defending or apologizing Trump on twitter. I did with a few tweets and he blocked me. @roadmn

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