Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: major Mike
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump, more Trump, Islamophobia, Bill O’Reilly.
  • F&F video: to flap over McCain comments.
  • Barney Frank dumped by MSNBC, blames it on ‘cost cutting’.
  • Politinerds audio Q&A: Greg Gutfeld.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: the that

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  1. NBC Nightly News did a piece finally tonight on the Planned Parenthood secret taping story but left out the most damning part of the video. Must of had the Travon Martin editors at work.

    • Administration desperate enough to push the Iran deal to send him to FOX NEWS SUNDAY. Chris Wallace has complained they have kept their people off his show.

  2. Were the biases of Frank Luntz showing when on at least two occasions he tried to embarrass Donald Trump at Saturday’s “Family Leadership Summit” on C-SPAN?

    Case 1
    He tried to corner Trump by suggesting that because McCain was a POW and a “war hero” it was disrespectful for Trump to call him names. (Trump’s expanded answer went too far and he is being widely criticized on Twitter. But this doesn’t mean the question by Luntz was appropriate,)

    Case 2
    He took a shot at Trump my mocking his multiple marriages — albeit probably intended a a joke.

    As to the biases, many of you know that Mr. Luntz is very close to Sheldon Adelson who is a supporter of Marco Rubio.

    There may be no connection — and perhaps my dislike for Luntz is showing — but I did find his line of questioning suspicion compared to his ‘friendlier’ interviews with Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee before interviewing Trump.

    It could also mean he simply thinks Mr. Trump is bad for the party as do many others.

    • I never cared for Luntz, McCain or Trump. All for different reasons – being jerks aside.

      • Co-sign.

        About the only time I like McCain is when he posts positive tweets about my hometown (until 1974) Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals. ☺

        • One additional thing, this isn’t the first time that Trump has made snide remarks about those in the military or veterans.

        • He was a horrible Presidential candidate whose ego had been pumped up by a liberal press who pulled out the rug as soon as he served their “maverick” purpose.

          • McCain is a senate level politician. above that he is peter principled. if he was a “good” candidate and won he would have become a bad president …. as seen in Obama. the left is quite proud of all the obama accomplishment … will they remain that proud when the things he accomplished have dire consequences? …. aka budget, geopolitical instability. Big Bill is seen as a great politician precisely because the single accomplishment … a tax increase … was reversed. nothing else he advocated passed that i can recall. great president!! great because he survived?

          • Welfare to work reform.
            Crime bill with tough drug mandatory penalties and tons of money for prisons.

            Liberals hate these and don’t look for Hillary to be bragging.

          • correct me if i am wrong, i believe those bother were republican legislation welfare reform vetoed twice or three times first. the only dem legislation i know of was in the 1st 2 years, a tax increase.

          • Clinton took credit for them. Would not have happened without his backing. And most significant.

          • triangulation requires that the legislation be what the opposition wants to force them to concur with their opposition. i believe the legislation for welfare reform was all repub … the 100,000 cops on the street was laughed at by the left. welfare reform and crime legislation entirely undone and no longer exists. that is what i recall. i believe morris would concur.

          • Clinton funded the huge increase in prisons the left is trying to demolish now. Welfare to work is still strong in Ohio and chips in it are minimal compared to what it used to be before Clinton. I could give a rat’s posterior if Republicans did the legislation, It was a Clinton victory as much as fair trade passing is Obama’s even though Democrats did none of the lifting. Like to see you admit you were wrong about something. Hopefully some day about how wonderful it is to dump this country and then trash it.

          • “Hopefully some day about how wonderful it is to dump this country and then trash it.”

            i do that?

            fyi:i am still an American citizen paying taxes and voting.

          • Guess where Clinton got the welfare to work idea from? Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson. You know, try new ideas in states first, then try them on the fed level. It worked for a while until Feds got squishy.

    • it is important to remember trump will not be driven out by poll driven fundraising drops. his mouth may cause a drop in support, but he can stay in and suck media air out for as long as he wants.

    • He’s bad for politics in general, unless he’s running for Congress. Polemicists like him are easily elected again and again in heavily ideological districts.

      • What a curious strategy Mike.

        Obama & Hillary, as well as Romney & Santorum, had some harsh disagreements when seeking their party’s nomination — but no, or rare, personal attacks.

        What the end game is for someone alienating so many supporters of other GOP candidates along with supporters of Republicans in Congress is quite puzzling. He must know he’ll need these people in the General election.

        Perhaps his ‘secret’ goal all along has been to run as an independent 3rd party candidate. Who knows. He’s hard to figure out.

  3. Well, Barney is now available for shouting with Mr. Bill, but that he’ll have to do for free.

    • I personally thought Trump was just making a joke and ment no real disrespect. Excuse me if I am just sick of outrage crap.

      • well, we need to stick to real outrage vs media stoked outrage. we need a little room for the truly outrageous as it does exist.

      • If Trump was joking, he needs better joke writers.
        Same as Al Franken when he said McCain sat out the war. One doesn’t have to like McCain’s politics and can think he is the biggest jerk on the planet, but his POW experience cannot be denigrated. I’d like to know how many POW”s Trump knows personally and what a big slap in the face he gave to them(“I like people who weren’t captured”).

        • McCain was a hero not because he was shot down and held captive but because of how he responded to his long capture and torture. It’s not what happens to you that defines character but your character that defines how you react. Trump would be wise to acknowledge that and learn something from it.

      • I think Trump is still safe, McCain called all Trump supporters crazies! So I think they’ll still stick with Trump

    • Reading Sharyl’s article reminded me of my days being totally absorbed in watching criminal trials on Court TV.

      The prosecution’s opening remarks would have me convinced of the defendant’s guilt — or likely guilt.

      But then the defense attorney (similar to Sharyl) would present their rebuttal and introduce some facts I hadn’t considered. Things that made me go hmmm.

      But after the defense was done I still went back to thinking the defendant — or Donald Trump in the current case — was still guilty as charged. [wry smile]

        • correct. i have to agree upon further review. which is why i would support an NCAA format type to political debating. a tournament of a series of timed debates 1 on 1 drawn by lot. more than just being a media event it would put wood to issues.

        • And it’s the media’s and Democrats’ job to cast aspersions on McCain.

          It was their job in 2008 to suggest that McCain came back from Nam with PTSD rage issues that cause him to call his intimidate his wife and call her the c-word, make his senate colleagues tremble in fear, and otherwise be a loose war hawk canon without the necessary self control to lead the country away from war.

          They said he also cheated on his wife and opportunistically made up a new story about writing “Jesus” in the dirt of his prison cell.

          How dare Trump intrude on their turf.

          • These memes were enthusiastically offered up everywhere on the Internet and were “insight” stories into the psyche of McCain in the broader media and accorded the gravitas of serious discussion on news shows.

            No vapors about sullying a war hero then (or now depending upon who is doing it).

          • Nicolle Wallace said that she and others on McCain’s staff warned him that the media would turn on him during his presidential run. He didn’t believe them.

          • For years they had fawned over him for busting Republicans and dissing Christian conservatives.

            As long as he was doing that he was their “maverick”.

            The real shell shock came when the media abruptly stopped.

          • KO, Trump, and the media in general wouldn’t know the meaning of hero, courage in the face of the enemy, or survival if it bit them in the butt. James Rosen said it all on Media Buzz when he said the greatest enemy Donald Trump ever faced was Rosie O’Donnell.

          • He also told McCain to “grow up” in one Special Comment, and said in a separate Special Comment that McCain would be exhibiting “phony, crocodile, opportunistic tears” on 9/11.

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