Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Throwback Thursday video: does the weather.
  • Meghan McCain newest FNC contributor.  CNBC skeds debate.
  • Police shut down CNN White House correspondent’s wild party.
  • Wemple to Dana Bash: Stop nitpicking Major Garrett’s question.
  • Concha: Major Garrett’s challenging question becomes the story.
  • Pravda reviews news coverage on American cable news channels.
  • Q&A: Gretchen Carlson gets Real.  Video Q&A:

34 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. It was striking that CBS THIS MORNING did an extensive story on the Planned Parenthood hidden video story and was not pandering to the knee-jerk liberal dismissal of the abortion body parts sale revelations. The producers of the show as well as those on Lester Holt’s news program seem often willIng to diverge from mainstream safety.

      • Liberals all out of joint at a question to their touchy, prissy President, but won’t bat any eye at such ghoulish actions by a pet group.

        • “I’d say a lot of people want liver” says the PP doctor in said video.
          Along with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

        • The reaction to Garrett is hilarious. There’s not much to do but laugh at such a compromised media.

          The Planned Parenthood thing is just utterly dismaying.

  2. CNN reports ” Ed Reinhold, FBI special agent in charge, told reporters. “We are looking at every possible avenue, whether it was terrorism — whether it was domestic, international — or whether it was a simple, criminal act.”
    Okiedokie, the killer’s first name was Mohamed, so let’s help the FBI:
    a) terrorism — domestic
    b) terrorism — international
    c) simple, criminal act
    Do your civic duty and vote. PC idiots and employees of CNN not allowed.

    • I’d rule out “c” for sure. The FBI kinda has to talk that way this early in the game.

      It’s hideous.

    • I’m glad I don’t have cable so I don’t feel I have to listen to the yabbering.

      Peace reigns in our crib.

    • I personally wish she would go away and have no media outlet hire her. But that is as an old person (in some people’s mind) talking and not as a millennial. I am guessing that’s why they hire her.

      • “I am guessing that’s why they hire her.”
        since news is entirely a popularity contest and the hirings are done by old people one would think they would cya with data from focus groups …. maybe not …. the old hire guys hired Chelsea.

    • Love Fox and they do have a great record with choosing talent. But, don’t understand this one. In theory, either she’s there to analyze the millennial vote in the upcoming election or to be a libertarian type analyst. More practically, may be to get into it with other Republicans and generate more media/internet buzz. We shall see.

    • Are these people on drugs? Meghan McCain is just another airhead politician’s kid.

    • Fox hired someone who has been unsuccessful at nearly everything except being able to get jobs. She is disliked by most Fox viewers who know of her and has taken cheap shots at multiple Fox talents (Gutfeld, Ingraham, Rove). She also is not respected as a commentator, writer or host. I can’t see any justification for this hire.

      Hiring her to try to get younger viewers would be a poor reason. All news networks (including Fox) have not had any success trying to get viewers under 35. There is no reason to keep chasing after them.

      She doesn’t even get the attention that she used to. Everyone just started ignoring her.

      She also is pretty boring. She loves to bring up how she is not welcomed by the right, but other than the gay marriage issue (and maybe one or two other things), she is pretty much a fairly straight forward Republican. There are people on Fox that are beloved by conservatives who are far more liberal on some issues than she.

      I can’t see a reasonable upside. Fox looks like they made a big unforced error.

      • i agree with all except i do not see it as a big unforced error unless you are discussing her weight. i do not see how she damages either the audience or brand so how big could it be?.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Petra Nemcova
    4 Meghan McCain
    3 becomes the story
    2 wild party
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wemple to Dana Bash: Stop nitpicking Major Garrett’s question.

    • He did host it several times. Had some practice substituting on FOX NEWS SUNDAY in years gone by.

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