Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Gardner: Leftfield Pictures sues over aborted Fox Biz reality show.
  • Red Eye videos: ‘Donald Trump’
  • Lean Forward: MSNBC host circulates false Scott Walker report.
  • CNN signs Tal Kopan.  Hillary advisor Patti Solis Doyle joins CNN.
  • Videos: Kate Steinle’s parents speak Kate’s
  • Miller: How MSNBCNN are helping Donald Trump.  Weekend numbers.
  • Darcy: Julie Banderas returns fire at woman who tells her ‘speak English’.
  • WaPo‘s Wemple wonders if Rupert Murdoch tells Fox pundits what to say.
  • MSNBC signature series comes to Savannah.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Fox haters report:

    Megyn is now being smeared as a racist because she called out the Obama administration for not so much as even talking to anyone from the Steinle family. It’s racist because she points out how they sent people to funerals of Trayvon Martin etc and When her examples for that are three African Americans vs one Caucasian that speaks for its self.

    Aside from the odious claim that Megyn is racist (which is what I would expect from a newshounds writer–they’ve done it before) there’s the inescapable fact that Megyn didn’t pick those examples. Obama did. He decided who he would call, who’d he’d make a speech about, and who he’d send people to the funerals of. He picked three African Americans to recognize and one Caucasian to ignore. Now the haters are calling Megyn a racist based on Obama’s actions!

    Megyn has never brought up race in any of this SF coverage, but that doesn’t matter to the haters. They’ll just make it up! If Fox was as bad as the haters claim, why do they have to lie about it?

    • It’s not like he’s everyone’s president or anything.

      The Steinle family weren’t sure to be his constituency. Why make the same effort?

        • Well, she’s figured he’s supposed to care about everyone, rather than the just the folks with which he supposedly can identify with.

          It’s an occupational hazard of the presidency. You start voicing your opinion on particular incidents and unreasonable people expect you to do so when it isn’t someone of your race, ironclad constituency, or victim of those other guys.

    • Could be, the little minds have the N word tattooed to their backsides for all we know. Their only concern about race relations is stirring up trouble to convince blacks only liberals are their friends and can help them. Friends who have created a govenment dependence ghetto of financial ties.

    • With the exceptions of Sean Hannity and Todd Starnes, Fox is a pretty establishment Republican network in terms of commentary. Have never understood the hysteria and anger at either Newshounds or Media Matters. I may have posted this before but they have NBC News & MSNBC, PBS and NPR, CNN (especially Chris Cuomo), George Stephanopoulos on ABC, and a host of others that present the news from a leftist point of view. If Fox bothers them so much, why not just turn it off and watch any of the networks I mentioned? Ridiculous.

      • The Left’s idea of freedom of speech is that only speech that they agree with is allowed.

      • It because they are crazy stooges…..one of the twitter stooges said that Megan has become the “most partisan host on that channel, if not on all of television.”

        More partisan than Rev Al???? Chris Matthews?????? tens of others…..lets be honest……people that “think” like that should turn of the TV and back slowly away from firearms.

        They hate Fox News……..they hate what Fox does….what it doesn’t do…what it might do…what they think it did……what they heard it did……what they want it to do. If MSNBC and CNN do something…….its not a problem unless FOX does it and then they pretend that CNN and MSNBC doesn’t exist.

        They pretend they don’t hate Fox News…..they will tell you you are crazy for thinking so…..but after they get banned from sites they usually come out and admit yes they do hate Fox.

        • When you’re left with newshounds as the only cable news site that you haven’t been banned from…well, that says it all. A site that welcomes people comparing Megyn “Kelley” (sic) to “Ava” (sic) Braun.

        • Let’s face it. These people need a psychiatric evaluation. There is a term for people with their condition in the DSM, it’s called FN or Freaking Nuts.

        • It was my pleasure to have fought with all of them and made them so mad two got banned from their blog home of five years. Yeah, I got banned too, but mission accomplished. You can’t make a potato pancake without peeling some spuds.

        • But….they pretend to watch so we don’t have to!

          I’m just glad that Comcast doesn’t carry the Fox News the stooges see in their heads.

  2. Re: “Red Eye videos: ‘Donald Trump’ exclusive interview, Halftime report”: Per Tom Shillue’s thank yous at the end of the show, the Trump impersonator is John Di Domenico.

  3. I watched but two shows today to get an initial feel for the Iranian deal. First was Andrea Mitchell who I knew would have the best administration’s sources. Second was Shepard who I knew would be well prepared with an analysis.
    Good move, Larry.
    Thanks, I’m so proud of myself.

      • What I came away with is that we should blow the whole country, oil wells and all, off of the face of the earth.

      • A gamble, but status quo could not be maintained and war not on the table no matter what anyone says. Had a Marine down at my cabin over the 4th in between tours in Afghanistan. Like it if he can come back home and stay next time.

        • It’s a fool’s gamble. I only wonder if Kerry will wave a paper upon arriving back home claiming, “Peace for Our Time.” In their own way, the Mullahs are even worse than dealing with Hitler. They want to bring about the return of the 12th (or whatever) Imam. They think that they are agents of Allah.

          • expect the same result as the NK nuke deal, the MIA/POW Nam deal, protection of Ukraine and ABM in eastern Europe.

          • it does not have to be that bad to be really bad. then there is the repeated rolls of international dice that are twenty or forty 1,000 to one planet killers odds and one day odds say you will come up snake eyes.

          • Obama and Kerry are far too arrogant to recall these words to Chamberlain by Churchill, “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”

          • In other words, nothing. Lil’ Kim is still making bombsthe Vietnamese never accounted for the missing, Russian troops still in the Ukraine and Obama backed down on the ABM system in eastern Europe.

          • i fully support the jimmy carter doctrine. protection of “critical interests” is the primary goal of American geopolitics.

        • agree, but keeping them as outcasts did not take Marines. they should be trade and banking banned.

          • Problem was we weren’t running the entire show on that. Russia, China, and Europe ready to end sanctions on terms worse than we got.

          • Russia China si’, Europe was willing to persist until we started to cave. they followed us in that regard. france, germany and the uk do not like it much but are persuaded in the particular Euro fashion …. hey we can export weapons to them.

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