Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Debate over politics, immigration
  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Video: Blinded veteran Scotty Smiley triathlon.
  • TCG: What did CNN’s not-a-media-critic mean by that?  False alarm.
  • Impartial CNN anchor says there’s no such thing as ‘sanctuary cities’.
  • Flood: O’Reilly to air exclusive interview with Kathryn Steinle’s parents.
  • Ariens: Jamie Colby, Eric Shawn re-up with FNC.  ‘Lean Forward’ lives on.

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  1. Well, if you can’t celebrate yourself, then the President and Supreme Court are worth a cheer.

  2. Tell me that there is no such thing of at which I’m staring, and I’ll call you a biased liberal, panty wearing, pinko degenerate, commie sympathizer… or maybe just silly.

  3. Yay nice to see Jamie Colby and Eric Shawn not going anywhere would be nice if they were teamed up again anchoring.

  4. Whose idea is it to have Jesse Waters fill in for Greg on the Five? Can’t put my finger on why he annoys me but he does. If Tom Shillue or Brian Kilmeade are not available, Andy Levy should be considered to sit in for Greg.

    • Whose idea was it to have Geraldo on the Five? Threatening to punch out somebody’s lights. So adult.

          • He has very strong feelings regarding illegals and calls them his constituents. But his reactions are so over the top at anyone who has an opposing thought. He beclowns himself.

          • Shouting down, threatening, bullying on social media…that’s what we do now. From trolls to Andrew Cuomo.

          • i am open for borders. anyone with no police record should have a right to work anywhere. that is liberty. liberty is not just for US citizens. we should offer that to any country that offers the same to Americans. where is the discussion about reciprocity??? i have yet to see Geraldo or anyone else just flat out say that. i have yet to ever see a news report on foreign residency requirements. i find the whole American discussion, both sides, nothing more than trolling for stupid people. last i read Mexico has about 6 million gringo resident aliens. difference? go online and look at Mexican residency requirements. quick. easy. includes applying for working in Mexico. Mexico does not want refugees so it is tough on the southern border …. they are suave con gringos. Chapala is gringo golf course central. the world is smaller, wall building defines losers. there i said it.

          • Mexico has rules for entering and staying there,correct? Crossing the border without applying for residency status gets you thrown in jail in Mexico.

          • correct except for the jail part. they will not lock you up, most countries have a daily fine for overstay. Mexico allows any American with a passport in. no residency required, auto tourist visa. no visa needed for driving across, just proof of insurance and you leave before it expires. likely you have never been in American embassy or seen the rules for applying for a visa, or watched how people are treated. you would be embarrassed. the USA has illegals because legal is insulting and close to impossible without an in.

          • Never been in an American embassy. Never had a reason to go to one.
            I like it here with all it’s faults and failures. Never would want to live anywhere else permanently.

          • how nice. however if everyone were like you America would not exist. light reading, no sides.

            Shaping Our Nation: How Surges of Migration Transformed America and Its Politics
            Michel Barone
            “It is often said that America has become culturally diverse only in the past quarter century. But from the country’s beginning, cultural variety and conflict have been a centrifugal force in American politics and a crucial reason for our rise to power.”

          • I don’t know what you mean to be truthful. I’ve never experienced anything that would make me want to leave to find a better life. I’m not trying to be rah rah USA but those who came here as immigrants have come for pretty compelling reasons.

          • i do not see the word “truthful” in the post you responded to.

            compelling reasons. yeah, to be with a spouse, to buy a vacation home, to shop, to open a business. whatever you “feel” does not mean others should behave as you do. i am not saying leave, i am saying be rational about the issue. wall building is irrational. it does not work. it limits growth and GDP. it is how a country dies. if you like the USA. open it up.

            hint: the number one entry is tourist visa, the number one reason is to shop, not over stay.

          • Didn’t say others should behave as I do. Leave if you want. For whatever reason. Come here if it’s what good for you and family. Just do it lawfully. Maybe that’s to pollyanna-ish for you. Don’t care.

          • which is why i brought up the embassy issue. it is impossible for 99% of the world to enter the USA. it is possible for 100% of Americans with a passport to enter most sane countries by just showing up. i know. you don’t care. if you think not caring enhances your life, respectfully, you are incorrect.

          • Last word for me on this issue. By don’t care I mean I don’t care what you think about what I think. Let in all the immigrants this country can handle. Lawfully.

          • i have applied for entry visas to the USA for multiple people, i can respond without opinion on factual matters. what do you want to know?

          • I still can’t for the life of me figure out why, of all the places to go, you picked Nicaragua.

          • i was sick of running a business in eugene oregon and seeing half my income go people i hated. my kids grew up, left the nest. sod everything. i moved to costa rica bought a couple acres on the beach. drove through nicaragua to get there, visited Nica often, bought a colonial home and some other junk in Rivas. saw the writing on the wall in costa rica, property up for sale for 2 years. liked nica. the people. when i visit the USA i get heebi jeebies from all the traffic, lights, cops, 7 11s “all that” people and can’t wait to leave. not for everyone. but that is my story other than marrying a pueblarina and taking on a boatload of kids. the job that likely saved my life.

          • It’s a nice story. Kids a magic ingredient. You just have to be lucky enough to appreciate magic.

          • you don’t bother them, they don’t bother you. unlike the TSA, IRS, FBI the country permit idiot, etc etc etc.

          • Their mere existence would bother me. I have zero use for Marxists, real or pretend.

          • my error. if you live in the USA, you have many more Marxists living near you and working for the govt.

          • he is a figure head drunk for actual bad people. he and his wife are illiterate fronts. careful what you wish for. he goes we get someone worse like maduro.

          • Ah, Maduro. The high school dropout and former bus driver. Remember the good old days of military coups in Latin America handling problems like him?

          • gwb engineered a chavez coup and the dems forced him to not recognize the new government and support his return. never mentioned.

          • Any Marxist benefits to be had there? Just wondering what the billion dollars sent into the country from expatriot Nicas is going toward.

          • there are social programs, education and health care not equal to the money collected in taxes as is true anywhere. free is very expensive. the party benefits as only Sandinistas are public employees just like the USA. the remittances i believe are private, i have never heard that figure. if you watch some of the vids not posted but on my channel you can see beautiful people and culture revolving around family and history. in that way they are richer than the USA as the the modern world forsakes a lot of that.

          • I don’t have to track down statistics here. This is supposed to be a friendly forum, not a crackpot debating society.

          • Crackpot could easily apply to either of us. But, don’t judge the whole country by Oregon and D.C.

          • So it’s liberalism in Spanish subsidized by the people crossing those porous borders you love.


          • 1. outside of the USA Liberals are right wing. it is the Liberales out of power here.
            2. i have not once, ever read of illegal Nicaraguans in the USA. during the wars Nicas were admitted legally, i know many who have returned. when Nicas leave the country the first choice is Costa Rica i believe.

          • Don’t you think you owe a small gesture of gratitude to the Nicas in DC and Oregon and their pay checks?

          • You can have beautiful people and culture, but without the freedom to say publically what you think, you really have nothing.

          • Nicas say what they wish, speech is only one freedom. there are many other crushing limitations that are very sad. there was head bashing in Managua at a demonstration last Wednesday at the tribunal electoral. the canal has had many protests. truth is a majority support the Sandinistas currently. many of the older party members have turned against Ortega but the youth and poor support them. just like many countries. other countries are much more complex than a BOR segment. why i recommend people travel a lot. people make the same error judging the USA. there is a lot more to a country than a quip.

          • I have travelled quite a bit in my lifetime. And I feel no urge to visit a third-world worker’s paradise.

          • I took advantage of that crossing over to Nogales and bought a genuine Rolex watch from a guy on the street for $25.

          • now see if you crossed from Tuscon and continued south into the great Sonara you could have eaten the best carne asada in the world. people can come to the USA and slum too. visit Grand Central. i know Nogales… si’. mexico is a great driving vacation.

          • My company had a plant in Juarez. One time the armored car bringing the payroll got held up right inside the factory. We shut the place down. Too technical a product lead to quality problems.
            First HD TV I owned was a CRT Phillips model costing $3500 made in their Mexico plant. When Time Warner got me an HD set top box (6 month wait) the TV would not work in HD. Took many repair visits, but turned out the Mexican facility was putting in a resistor where none should have been. One year after purchase, a visit by technician with a soldering iron, and I saw my first HD picture (2002).
            Also, I don’t care if Samalia will let me open a bar there. without paperwork. I don’t want them here without a whif by a Customs bomb sniffing dog.

          • Somalia.

            TVs are all from China now.
            for each point you make i can make devastating points in response.
            lets start with wages rising and middle class expanding.

          • i am not telling anyone to move. but the ethnocentric America rap is not functional and tedious. you have a choice. resist and change anyway. or accept change so that you can enhance the pool of people making the changes. now illegals are people willing to enter illegally. the demand for them is built in because the USA refuses to allow in people legally in numbers and quality that meet demand. lots of countries try to pull that baloney off. protect our workers, use another countries benefits. well it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that has a negative return. RECIPROCITY! if you want an excellent example of how ethnocentric progressive politics works in combination visit Costa Rica. what a Zoo. it is actually legal to have prices for nationals and foreigners be different and publish the differences.

      • watched the clip with geraldo. funny. geraldo claiming he does not sensationalize. lololol. give him a shovel and ask him to search for hidden crime boss treasure. punk.

      • Don’t think Geraldo or Jesse work on The Five. What makes the show work, IMHO, is the friends hanging out at the bar after work vibe it has. Geraldo and Jesse don’t seem to fit that tone and the show just isn’t as good when they are on. Juan and Julie should be the rotating liberal on the show.

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  6. Cant believe how fast the Kate gofund went up. Good for BO viewers……..first time I’ve watched in a while.

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