Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Keilar media
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trumpalooza, billionaire Trump, Reddit.
  • Today’s (not entirely serious) firing demand.  Q&A: Randi Kaye.
  • Your Buzz videos: gay
  • Q&A: Ali Velshi.  Paris presses forward.  Sunday talkers: preview.

59 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. I do wonder how much longer Donald Trump can continue to focus primarily on this one issue before the media loses interest and finds a new shiny object.

    I give it until sometime next week. But I’ve been wrong before. ☺

    • if my analogy that he is this cycles Newt is correct then it would follow that trump will continue to draw media attention until he withdraws. the media as a whole delight picturing republican crowds when they are the dumbest and most radical crowds. if they did the same to dems you would get vid/photo/copy on the make up of dem crowds. pot smoker %. gay %. public employee&. public school teacher %. etc. i never see the ugly dems in clips i watch. the only mention i recall is if a crowd is purchased. i,e, paid to attend.

      • Since he’s already attacked most major countries the U.S. has issues with and virtually every politician (except Ted Cruz) running for president, one has to wonder who else can he find to target to continue to attract so much media attention.

        I have learned one thing however. Never underestimate his ability to find new and creative ways to garner attention.

        • he is creative in that regard. you would assume he has to be book smart but he sure does not act it. so who is he really? to me he is another in a long line of American populists like Huey Long. repeat the myths people want to hear.

          • As I posted on Twitter earlier today.

            Donald Trump thought he could punch down at illegals b/c they have no power. How shocked he must be at the nat’l movement against him.

            Of course his surge in the polls is not to be denied.

          • Having grown up in Phoenix before I moved away in 1974 I am well aware of what a natural fit Maricopa County is for Mr. Trump.

            The surrounding cities of Peoria, Mesa and Gilbert are on many lists of the ’25 Most Conservative Cities’.

          • I took my Undergraduate Pilot Training at Williams AFB from mid ’74 to mid ’75. The area was a bit interesting, to say the least.

          • Whiteman is the home of the B-2. When I first started, it was only Minuteman II missiles. Williams closed in ’94.

          • 509th. yes. also has a fighter wing i believe. that part i knew as well as it’s beginning as a missile base. i just confused the 2, and confused the authors…lol

          • The fighters are Air Force Reserve A-10’s. The Army National Guard also has Apaches there, along with an associate Air National Guard unit flying the B-2 in a mixed crew arrangement. Before the missiles, there was the B-47. The place has a long history.

            And the 509th was the unit that dropped the atom bomb on Japan.

          • you think he underestimated media response? i do not think that. coldly calculated maybe. surprised? nawww.. not sure i could buy that. some of the sponsor reactions seem targeted by him to steer the wacko birds to his crusade. having univision and the nets hate you is a plus to many.

  2. Still not a mention that the moron that was head of government HR dept responsible for losing 21 million computer records was Obama 2012 campaign manager. Nor a comment demanded by the Press for Obama to appologize that his agency mistakingly gave the gun facilitating the slaughter of the nine black worshippers. He looked so mad when he demanded more gun laws. They can find him on the golf course today to see if he is still mad.

  3. Today’s Fox haters report:

    Megyn did a segment on an upcoming MTV program about white privilege, based on the question how would your life be different if you weren’t white. Even the haters couldn’t find a nit to pick with the discussion itself, but at the end Megyn tried to end on a lighter note with a comment on how she wouldn’t need as much sunscreen. Aha!

    Skin cancer is a problem for African Americans. She should though won’t apologize for that comment.

    Hard to believe but no I am not (a href=”https://twitter.com/IceManNYR/status/619322333161984000″>making that up.

      • Hahahaaaa! That’s record time. I know the Hate Squad reads this site but man, do they move fast to bury their embarrassments?! What’s more, the stat counter readings will tell me exactly who was on line over the time and where they are from, so I will be able to pinpoint the person trolling our comments and rushing to cover up his own words.

        I guess this means the newshounds post all about it has been put on hold. LOL.

        EtA: They can delete their stuff all they like but for crying’ out loud, do that not know what screen grabs are?

  4. MSNBC, which can go hours on end without a single Republican appearing on their airwaves–even on the purported “news” programs–today cancels lucrative weekend sex/prisoners programming to carry a stump speech from Donald Trump, end to end, without interruption, plus commentary and probably the follow-up press conference. Why do you suppose that is?

    Two words: Cui bono?

    • got the story on Vice. who knows? if he listens to BOR and the donald he knows, if he watches univision he has not a clue.

    • Apparently there was a 1,600-yard tunnel dug from a nearby residence to a location under his shower.

      Pretty amazing.

      • Yeah, considering it had lights, ventilation, and a little running rail car. Pretty much a country out of control, but still pretending it is.

        • seems like it worked just find. corruption is a sign of things getting done. if i could have paid off local regulators i might still been in business instead hating the *&^&%%(^$s

  5. The division at Fox News among both hosts and guests about Donald Trump (aka Trumpalooza) is interesting to follow. Which belies the myth that they all march in lockstep to directives from Roger Ailes.

    Pro Trump
    (While not everyone has offered a full-throated endorsement, they have defended his message and/or criticized his detractors.)

    Neil Cavuto
    Bill O’Reilly
    Sean Hannity
    The hosts of “Fox & Friends”
    Eric Bolling
    Gretchen Carlson
    Ann Coulter
    Monica Crowley
    Todd Starnes
    Rich Lowry
    Rudy Giuliani
    Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz (joint appearance)
    Gavin McInnes

    Anti Trump (At least his message and/or his tone.)

    Brit Hume
    Charles Krauthammer
    George Will
    Karl Rove
    Linda Chavez
    Eliana Johnson
    Jonah Goldberg
    Dana Perino
    Chris Stirewalt
    Chris Wallace

    • Looks like I may have to add Mr. Murdock to my Anti Trump list.

      Did you see his Tweet from 2 hours ago?

      Rupert Murdoch

      “Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rates than native born. Eg El Paso safest city in U.S. Trump wrong.”

      • Subdivide that into legal and illegal immigrants, then I’ll pay attention.
        The basic problem is Democrats are increasing their voting ranks by flooding the country with favorable voters by means legal and otherwise. Goal is to tilt the country liberal and the bulk of the media is happy to look the other way. Trump taps into folks that see what’s going on and aren’t happy about being steamrolled.

        • I didn’t mean to take a position one way or the other Larry.

          I was just listing how divided the people appearing on Fox News are about Mr. Trump.

          However, I will say this about Mr. Murdock’s position.

          Geraldo Rivera tried to use a similar argument with Ann Coulter and she offered a very persuasive rebuttal.

          • i am an open borders guy. not like gringos work. where i lived in Oregon only a fool would hire a gringo over a Mexican. not a popular view but it is a reality employers face. particularly self employed people that need help. have a buddy that has contracts with plywood mills cleaning their equipment. they need to shut down to be cleaned periodically. nasty dirty night shift work. could not maintain a crew. i took him into the hood last october in eugene. walked into a restaurant told them the problem in Spanish. left his phone number. he had a full crew. extras that wanted to work. he used an iphone to put google traductor on and communicated. learned some Spanish. probably got a few good meals out of it too. things change. need to get over it.

          • Our local electric coop hires Mexicans for yearly right of way clean up. They work. Hire the local hillbillies and if you can find one who will take the job, he won’t show up the new day..

          • If they are like our local trash, they are probably too busy tending to their meth labs.

        • last i checked only citizens can vote. since the 80s i know of no instance where illegal immigrants have been granted citizenship. so any votes they are responsible for are illegal. while i know dems make that easy i do not think the impact of illegals voting illegally exceeds citizens voting illegally of which we have many proven instances. so while they certainly support more dependents voting they would need a new immigration policy to enable that.

          • agreed it is their dream, i even hear mentions of non-citizen legal voting. you think that will happen before we are long gone?

          • I wouldn’t put it past the politicians to let non-citizens vote. Or let prison inmates vote. Makes you sick.

          • politicians would need assistance. that is even sicker. to be honest it would not scare me if the republicans were not populist driven and xenophobic. hillary needs to learn she is her worst enemy, not the right wing, and repubs need to learn the same thing. if repubs were less nationalistic and religious in their politics as opposed to personal beliefs maybe they would have broader appear. all one needs to see is the email forwards one gets to see republicans elected obama twice.

        • The media is even more happy to label any critics of that undertaking as being “haters”.

          Long before Trump said what he did the media was busy calling any critic of the Obama policy of allowing the transmigration of thousands of illegally entering the country as being “anti-immigrant” (just as being against same-sex marriage makes you “anti-gay).

          Now if you’re against taking the Confederate flag out of national cemeteries or erasing the past by tearing down monuments (things that go beyond taking Confederate emblems off State Houses) you’re pro-Confederacy.

          We have a media that is hell-bent on keeping the dialogue as one-sided and infantile as can be. What’s worse, is that with this new generation of media, this comes naturally.

          • If you look back on George W. Bush, John McCain, and a group of Republicans that tried to push immigration reform with a path to citizenship, all you saw was a media unwilling to speak of anything but disharmony. Can a republic last with such a biased media?

          • Your point about how the media treated Republican solutions to the immigration problem is dead-on.

            I’m all for giving illegals who have been here several years a “path to citizenship” and amnesty for those who have been here longer, but only in conjunction with our following current U.S. immigration law and st least screening the people coming in now.

            The media isn’t interested in that sort of policy conversation. They are liberal activists and so see their job as being about political strategy to attain what they feel is best for us.

            No, I don’t see our Republic holding up in any currently recognizable form to such a dynamic.

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