Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Flood: Shock on Wall Street brings record ratings to Fox Business.
    36k in demo great numbers.

    it is astounding what media stratification has come to. there is so broad a choice that 36k in demo is good. in the 90’s you could get those size numbers in almost any metro market on basic radio. classic rock, country, etc. Portland, Seattle, Sacramento radio all had radio stations that could deliver that. now we are talking national. i would be a fish out of his bowl today.

  2. “Global Goals to fight inequality, protect the planet and end extreme poverty by 2030.” Sounds damn good, comrades, and let’s force THE ONE PERCENT to pay for it! Yeah, now you’re talking, I friggn’ love utopia.

  3. Facts don’t mean a lot to somebody like Gupta. It’s all about self-glorification. He would’ve fit right in as a character in the movie “The Hospital.”

  4. Re: “Trumpgasm: CNN can count to 239”: That was hilarious, although the name lost all meaning after a while. At times, it sounded in rhythm to the William Tell Overture finale.

    • I’m surprised no one has referred to Trump’s illegal immigrant coments as “Border-Gate”.

        • The media alternately react to Trump like Dracula to a crucifix or as condescending royalty to the court jester.

          They stick microphones in his face only in order to set up a precedent of a public stifling of pro strong borders viewpoints.

          In the eighties, Castro took advantage of our hospitality to Cubans by emptying his prisons and the media covered it. There won’t be a journalist anywhere who entertains the slightest notion that this could be happening with Mexico’s black sheep…let alone investigate it.

          It is political theater all the way to the bone now.

          • My antipathy to Trump goes clear back to his crude remarks mocking a terminally ill John Bassett in 1985.

            You are right about Mexico probably doing the same that Castro did. That said, I seriously doubt that Donald Trump really gives a tinker’s damn about the situation. He sees it as just another way to get his face on TV.

          • He’s lost quite a lot of money as colleagues and business partners rush to show their tolerance and faith in humanity by breaking ties and denouncing him.

            If nothing else, he’s paid for the publicity.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 new Brian Williams
    4 lies about Fox News
    3 channels Bill
    2 record ratings
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zucker play: It’s Morton Downey Jr!

  6. Piece Tapper did today on the mess in construction of new VA hospital (Why government can’t do anything right) was devastating. As tough as anything I’ve seen from FOX.

  7. Which fact in the following paragraph did I not hear in a single news show I watched tonight?

    “Katherine Archuleta had served as director of the federal Office of Personnel Management since November 2013. The former national political director for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, Archuleta came under scathing criticism amid revelations this year that hackers — widely believed to be China’s government — had infiltrated her agency’s databases as well as background-check records for millions who applied for U.S. security clearances.”

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