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  1. Like most hypocrites, Maddow never met a shade of shame that was noticeable on her fair skin.

  2. IT COULD HAPPEN. BUT IT WOULDNT LAST is one of the most chickensh*t pieces I’ve ever seen in the potato patch as Olby has worked in more locations than a used car salesman and none of them “lasted”. (I worked at the same place for 37 years)

      • i am old. i have been fired all my life. i do not think it is a generational thing. there have always been sectors that have little turn over and are increasingly inefficient. higher costs, lower quality not being a long term good business plan has changed the circumstances so it today mostly occurs only in the public not private sector, even infecting the military. a guy used to weld all his life. get paid more and more every year. have longer and longer vacations. higher and higher health care costs. then get a pension ….. now public only employees do that. you should see the house the bus driver lives in… wowie zowie.

          • what happened to loose? losing ones job is security. if you change all the time you are secure in your knowledge that you can change all the time. i hung a shingle after being fired. same company hired my company back for more and just became a good client. i like that better. always a few clients left so one leaving is not a disaster.

          • That’s not getting fired. That’s getting fired at. And, no sir, I didn’t like it one bit.

          • Alexis Zorba:
            You think too much.That is your trouble.Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything.

          • I had some civilian jobs in high school and college. Seemed to get along with my bosses and co-workers.

          • you can be fired for lots of reasons. if you do not fit, or produce in a commission world it is a gift to be let go.

          • I had a cousin that was let go because his boss’s son’s parole officer wanted the punk to get a job. I am NOT making that up.

        • I have an old drinking buddy of mine here in San Diego who is a former detective with the SDPD who retired on $110K per year.

          • if he still lives in san diego he is poor, now if he keeps his banking in the usa and uses a debit he can live like a king in many countries.

          • There are many places I’d like to visit or to “summer” or “winter” in occasionally.

            I don’t want to live anywhere but here. I’m an American. This is home.

          • how sweet. you have that right. they are making it more difficult every year to leave so you would mind the restrictions.

        • I actually got fired once because they pulled the pug on one of my locations that employed 3,000 people when I started there. I got hired though in a different capacity at another location in the same company 60 miles away. Got to keep my seniority, pension etc. Used to tell my new boss he couldn’t fire me again because of double jeopardy.

          My boss takes me out to lunch and says, “Larry, got some bad news and some worse news. First the bad, got to fire you as there shutting the place down”.
          LARRY: “That’s horrible, what could be worse?”
          BOSS: “They’re firing me too.”

          • Alexis Zorba:
            Why do the young die? Why does anybody die?

            I don’t know.

            Alexis Zorba:
            What’s the use of all your damn books if they can’t answer that?

            They tell me about the agony of men who can’t answer questions like yours.

            Alexis Zorba:
            I spit on this agony!

        • mmmmm i know some fully hip techsters juggling more than i ever did. the luxury market ain’t cheap and grounded unhip sweat the day away people are not driving that market. last i was in the game lazy people were not paid big bucks.

      • Especially people who write for websites and/or newspapers apparently.

        To wit:
        Ana Marie Cox, Noah Rothman, Eddie Scarry, Julie Mason and Steve Krakauer

        • The hours suck. Always on call if something blows. Stressfull. Hated when I walked in in the morning and the entire engineering department was standing outside my locked office door looking glum… or worse, angry.

          • if you make big money you work all the time. it is 24 7. just the way it is. so save. get revenge.retire sans pension young.

    • This time it wasn’t Olbermann being unbearable that got him off ESPN , it’s ESPN’s stupidity. But I also don’t see him coming back to MSNBC, unless Phil Griffin is gone he nuked his bridge long ago , or if Lack wants him.

  3. understanding today’s BIG cable news and the final final final day for Greece to agree to a plan or Grexit. they made a movie about it years ago. it is a fav. hard to watch it enough. full of great quotes, but this describes the Greek acceptance of catastrophe.

    Alexis Zorba:
    Am I not a man? And is a man not stupid? I’m a man, so I married. Wife, children, house, everything. The full catastrophe.

  4. One of these days I’m going to have to start a twitter list of Fox haters. They can be so prolific…and so revealing. One of them, who posted here for a time and now plays to an audience on twitter, wrote this the other day about the Jesse Watters segment in San Francisco:

    Watters makes segment about him self yelling for the SF Mayor to come out and talk to him. Embarrassing.

    Just compare that to Erik Wemple’s write-up linked above and it will be immediately apparent what a misleading, dishonest summary of the Watters segment he concocted. (When playing to an audience of people who hate Fox without watching it, telling the truth is strictly optional.)

    That’s today’s installment of ‘Fox lies’. As usual, the lies are about Fox, not by Fox.

        • zorba only played a doctor on tv. so, good reason to see irene papas’s sexiest role.

          Alexis Zorba:
          Damn it boss, I like you too much not to say it. You’ve got everthing
          except one thing: madness! A man needs a little madness, or else…

          Or else?

          Alexis Zorba:
          …he never dares cut the rope and be free.

        • he was not a doctor. he was a ne’er do well loafer drinker on the beach that said great stuff.

          Alexis Zorba:
          God has a very big heart but there is one sin he will not forgive

          [slaps table]

          Alexis Zorba:
          if a woman calls a man to her bed and he will not go. I know because a very wise old Turk told me.

    • Always deny they are Fox-haters, even though every day they hate on Fox all day long. It’s what educators call in Psych 102, “cognitive stupid”.

      • do we need another cognition lesion, i mean lesson? have you read Norbert Wieners Human Use of Human Beings? good association of cybernetic physics to human behavior. moving variables and all that rot.

    • This same person tweeted at Wemple to share Bernie Goldberg’s dissent on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor. Does this qualify as new found respect [Ding!]?

      • It’s amazing he finds the time, between tweeting Fox alerts to Evan McMurry, Andrew Kirell, and Ellen Brodsky. At least the last of these has paid off for him; he’s now writing for the website with more documented lies than any others: Newshounds.

      • I didn’t see the Watters segment, but I reflexively trust Goldberg’s take over Wemple’s analysis.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 bring back Olby
    4 Fox News and Megyn Kelly
    3 it’s not
    2 Good journalism
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Glass House: Maddow attacks Fox over debate rules that MSNBC used!

  6. usually they keep the salesperson and shrink the territory, so you move on to the next sales job until you hang a shingle.

  7. how to respond just before a big ape punches you in a bar.

    Alexis Zorba:
    All right, we go outside where God can see us better.

  8. i loved the old movie as you can tell and i remembered the “whole catastrophe” quote but wanted it right to use for the Greek final final final chance to give the IMF a proposal on how to pay. so i typed in “whole catastrophe” and i got this page. it made me cry.

    makes me want to dance, snap fingers, leap and break plates.

  9. Re: Wednesday’s numbers

    It appears Mr. Bill has (for the moment at least) regained his ratings dominance.

    Megyn won the ‘demo ratings’ battle last week, but Bill has won FRI, MON, TUE and now WED.

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