Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. MSNBC can only dream of the problem of its big stars topping each other. Some problems are good to have.

  2. Gupta: what a liar. What kind of doctor doesn’t read pre-surgical notes before they pick up a scalpel to operate on a young girl. Disgusting.

  3. Wemple: So yes, these two imperatives — listening to voters and answering media questions — can be addressed by the same candidate, on the same day, on the same campaign trail. And that’s a counterpoint that Keilar could well have raised with the candidate.

    How in the heck is she going to be Prez if she can only handle one thing at a time?

  4. Lynne Russell plays against the liberal gun control conventional wisdom, which is nothing resembling “wise”. Gun sales surged again in June. Happens every time Obama spouts off on gun control. “Wise”

  5. As Megyn again tops O’Reilly, her weekly Factor segments have ceased.

    once the kite is air borne, continuing to run with it only limits it’s flight.

    • Inside the cranium he did find something, a note. It read “ brain. Signed, God.”

    • i can only watch the posted clips but what is posted is all politics devoid of financial analysis. if the aired blocks are all like that the whole show the sat morn financial news lineup has gone to heck in a handbag.

  6. My favorite tweet about the “confab.”

    Jeff Greenfield

    The contrast in the comfort level of Bill and Hillary Clinton in speaking to an interviewer is nothing short of astounding.

  7. Suzanne Malveaux on THE LEAD today reporting on Baltimore police changes to Jake Taper. New hair style makes her look way different.

    • Snark alert: is her new haircut weighted to the opposite side of the way she usually tilts her head so her head looks upright now?

  8. Megyn Kelly appeared on O’Reilly’s popular show in order to establish her new program.

    It makes sense to me that this valuable air time would cease when it was no longer needed, let alone when the promoted show started to do better than the program used to hype it.

  9. Wonderful Bob Somerby may be the most honest man in America, and the state of that status is illustrated in his denial of the Clintons’ perfidy.

    • not surprised … especially not sure why ESPN would hire commentator not to have him commentate.

      • I suggest ESPN move ESPN FC to the Olbermann slot after it ends.

        I’m sure Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder will breathe a huge sigh of relief when Keith is gone from ESPN.

        • The ESPN FC move would be an excellent idea.

          And Olbermann was stunningly ignorant on the other matter. I’m not a big football fan, but kweehsitaatiinki niihpikiiookwa (Hail to the Redskins).

  10. Re: “Does the news about Olbermann spell trouble for Chris Hayes?”: Keep Keith away from cable news and premium cable channels. He can have a podcast or something similar.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 as dumb as ever seen
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 As Megyn again tops O’Reilly, her weekly Factor segments have ceased.

  12. The soft “g” struck again in the Impact Segment. Julie Roginsky with a hard “g” filled in for Nomiki Konst in her weekly segment with Andrea Tantaros.

    • Bill also plugged Andrea’s old show, The Five, instead of her current show, Outnumbered.

      I wish he had devoted the Tip of the Day to someone else. Tonight’s Tip aggravated me.

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