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    • But the usual Internet suspects took offense, per their headlines. I thought about copying and pasting those headlines without citing the sites, but I won’t.

  1. Mr. Bill’s researchers are usually very good. He seldom has to make a correction the next night. But the stats used in Monday night’s Talking Points had a number of issues (not necessarily errors) IMO.

    To wit:
    • He said, “59% of Mexican residents and illegals have less than a high school education.” But the onscreen graphic showed “59% have a high school degree or less.” Was the graphic simply wrong and his talking point correct? Perhaps.

    • He said, “71% of non-American citizens in Federal prisons are from Mexico.” Was this deliberately misleading? Some low information viewers could have misunderstood this to mean 71% of all prisoners. Plus this stat does nothing to show the percentage of ALL Federal prisoners who are illegals from Mexico — only the percentage of non-citizens from foreign countries.

    • He said, “Mexican criminals represent 16% of all convicts in Federal prisons.” Why is this such an important stat to O’Reilly when this is roughly the same perecentage as that of the entire U.S. population?

    • His other stats about the poor, welfare recipients and those receiving Obamacare subsidies also lumped legal Mexican residents with illegals. Don’t understand this grouping if the thrust of your TPM is about illegals. smh

    Finally, O’Reilly continued to misuse the Donald Trump meme that the rapes occurred crossing the U.S. border. But the Fusion investigation (often cited by Trump) was about rapes occurring after crossing the southern Mexico border with Guatemala with no evidence the rapists made it to the U.S..

    I still think The O’Reilly Factor is the best produced program on cable news and I watch it nightly. But I do think Bill O’Reilly and his staff have seen better days.

    Plus I concede he also made a significant number of valid points.

    As someone who has lived within 20 miles of Tijuana for over 40 years I am sure I bring my own pro-immigrant biases to the debate. I simply don’t see the same impact on my daily life as many others.

    • limo’n manderin. al pastor del calle. crepes con caramelo. Caldos de cameron. barbacoa tacos. te quiero mucho Mexico. south through Nogales cross the sonara. then west to Mazatlan, south along the pacific coast west then south into PV from punta del mita following the coast all the way to Chiapas into Guatamala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. adventure no one should miss. did it solo in a 99 nissan quest in 2004. i just sold the van this week.

  2. Just watched that video of the football player punching a woman in a bar. It looks to me that he did the ole push up against you in a crowd and get handy.

    She might have used racist epithets after that.

    Marty? Housewife?

    • I don’t know. The video only shows them from above. He may have bumped her intentionally but it’s hard to tell. That he punched her, for whatever reason, is very unfortunate for him. He’s toast.

      • She slides through the crowd to the bar and he comes up behind her. He seems to tell another woman in the way to let him by and she moves out of the way.

        He then puts his back to the woman at the bar and presses against her. She turns and says something (probably “Remove that hand if you want to keep it”) and they jostle for access to the bar. It turns into a scuffle. She hits him. He almost knocks her out.


        • Could be he got too close and she thought he did it intentionally. She took umbrage and things got ugly.

        • watched it closely in slow mo and frame by frame. considering the parties you cannot call his punch self defense no matter what was said, nor was it mutual combat, therefore it is a felony in most states.

          not pc, but love the gay guys in shorts bartenders.

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