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  1. Re: Factor video: Bernard Goldberg
    “The audience accepts partisan talking points masquerading as analysis as long as they are talking points they agree with.”

    Well said Bernie Goldberg. Bravo.

    • We all strive to reinforce our beliefs to thus justify our actions. One of the cornerstones of Psychology 101, avoidance of cognitive dissonance.

      • the technical social psychological term is not avoidance, it is resolving, or resolution of dissonance. choosing to not enter relationships where dissonance is possible is a whole other dysfunction. the ++- relationship requires attitudinal change to resolve the conflict. there is very little viewer attitude change due to punditry. cognitive dissonant theory is about how attitude conflicts are resolved. i know this cause all i ever did in my life was make car ads, kids and play in bands. thousands and thousands and thousands of car ads. getting people to buy from people they hate is my specialty. that is a cognitive resolution, and it ain’t pretty …. especially when they hit the F&I office.

  2. Olbermann back to MSNBC? You have a Magic 8-ball, I have a Spud. Sources say, “Not Happening”.

    • I’d leave a very small percentage of “possible”. Stranger things have happened. Is there a history of any relationship between Olbermann and Andrew Lack?

      • I don’t why MSNBC hasn’t already brought Olbermann back. Even with the jostling it would give to Maddow’s status, they don’t have much to lose.

        • My sources tell me there’s bad blood between Phil Griffin and Olbermann. Have not spoken since Keith left MSNBC.

          • Olbermann wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire when he left MSNBC on rotten terms. Then he stunk up Current so bad it and he self destructed with him and Al Gore suing each other after Al sold out to Qatar. The kind of player you’d have to be to welcome him back would be a Russian roulette player. Or just insane.

  3. I predict for Lyne Russell to get on CNN again, she is going to have to kill two attackers… barehanded… defending the Obama girls… against Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.

  4. On Outnumbered today Julie Roginsky cleared up once for all the question of how to pronounce her last name: a ‘hard’ G, not soft. I don’t remember now if Mr Bill got it right or wrong, but odds are it was the latter. Julie also said she isn’t really obsessive about how people say it because it’s been going on for years and by now ‘it’s whatever you want it to be’.

    • He has repeatedly gotten it wrong; stubbornly, in my opinion. If someone tells you the right way to say it, you say it that way. Don’t keep saying “CORE-ann,” “DUNNA-din,” “obsfugate,” “infantessimal,” “supremist,” “Obershain,” and “Rojinsky.” Learn from your mistakes and correct them. Julie may not be obsessive, but as an Aspie, I am.

      • i believe, as i stated earlier, it is purposeful. as a New Yorker from Queens, just down the pike from Hicksville, i practice that insulting behavior myself.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Lynne Russell
    4 MSNBC, that’s who!
    3 beautiful Ariah Talea
    2 MSNBC execs stumped
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fireworks on FNC.

  6. Probably not a large chance that Olbermann comes back to MSNBC ; then again stranger things happened.. Or bring him back , but have him do the sports show he doing on ESPN but on MSNBC and (repeating on NBC SN) as a way for MSNBC to Branch out. again that sounds crazy but anything can happen.

    • when i worked with owners and or operators of a concern with a declining share the tendency was to always look for a magic bullet. the “right” things seemed impossible. the pressure to succeed overwhelming. mostly they are not stupid and know what a long shot a magic bullet is. it is just the alternative contradicts too many of their assumptions and hopes. so they do stupid stuff. one stupid option is always a retread.

  7. Typical of the PBS NEWSHOUR is a reporter’s piece followed by two talking heads discussing both sides of an issue but not allowed to talk over each other nor even talk to each other, just to the moderator. Topic tonight was should the Greeks vote yes or no on their referendum accepting or rejecting an EU financial agreement. Each side stated their opinion with facts that were exactly opposite of each other in justifications. The end result was I learned nothing. The same result I usually get from cable shoutfests. Lesson, civility isn’t always the answer.

    • in the NCAA debate judges look for “direct clash”. in other words much of what we see is people arguing past each other. the idea of argument is not to be civil but to practice “reductio”. reducing an argument to it’s central points of contention and allow debate of those limited foundation premises.

      whew. no read dat in one breath.

  8. Face: 4 left wing dems hosted by a left wing dem discussing republicans.
    impossible format for info.does CBS believe liberals only want amen
    punditry:? has not MSNBC proven the failure of this format? pathetic.
    grow up CBS!
    ABC: at least CBS is an honest shill. ABC has the token neo con, no libertarian or mainstream republican representation.

    increasingly a waste of time. at least “with all due respect” has people that know more and impart things you had not heard mixed in with the comedic and/or acidic left wing talking points.

  9. Lily Langtry on the Fox Report again today. She is so nice, she’s on twice.

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