Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Have had a war on Fox directed from the White House since 2008, but after the opening salvo, pretty much a Cold War.

    • Media Matters for America declared a war on Fox. After a couple or so years David Brock had to wave the white flag.

      Didn’t hear much about the Media Matters war until very recently when Brock talked about the latest scurmage by admitting some left wing media conspiring on the O’Reilly controversy.

      • Brock’s been busy squabbling for influence in Hillary’s campaign circle. Lady has some nasty friends.

        • if you will only accept a politician without nasty friends you are an anarchist.

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  2. Fox haters scream that Outnumbered discussed the case of a woman who gave up having a baby to buy a house. “Morons!” “It’s none of their business!” Yada yada yada…

    Mind you the woman put herself in the news by writing and having a published a lengthy article about her decision and why she made it. It’s been covered on broadcast network news as well. But when Fox does it, “it’s none of their business.”

    Fox haters are hypocrites and liars, as the situation demands.

  3. Wish I had said this –
    from The Cable Game: MSNBC is where liars go, not where they are fired from. It’s The Place for Prevaricators.

  4. today’s most popular links:
    5 latch-key kid
    4 relationship with Begala
    3 Axelrod caught lying
    2 except at MSNBC
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 You know what we need? A war on Fox!

  5. Roginsky: pronounced with a hard “g” like Howard Kurtz does or a soft “g” like top mispronouncer Bill O’Reilly does?

    • Regarding the second topic in Truth Serum: Chris Murphy is a senator, not a congressman. The lower third said “senator,” but Bill said “congressman” twice and did not issue a correction in the segment that followed.

      • So will I. Always take Bill O’Reilly pronunciations with a grain of salt. More often than not, he will mispronounce a name or word.

        • Case in point: “Tama” is pronounced “TAH-ma,” not “Tamma” as in “Tammy.” Each mispronunciation is like a personal affront. Each staccato “[name]…is…next” and “the Tip” stings.

          • It may simply be a function of age. I know that the older that I get, the more likely I am to mispronounce things.

          • what BOR does is a typical new yorker thing, we purposefully mispronounce a name as a put down. BOR would pronounce every name correctly without fail if that was what was intended.

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