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  1. Inconceivable things happened last week. Wondrous things. Pivotal things. With the Stars & Bars coming down across much of the South, with the recognition that some form of universal health care is at long last a reality in our nation, with the abolition of yet another form of institutional discrimination and with that amazing eulogy in Charleston, I wrote of a New America. I recognized when I did that that I might be experiencing the exuberance of the moment. Yet, in those wondrous quiet reflective hours of Sunday night, I think I came to recognize that what happened this past week has not only redefined who we are now but will define who we will be as a nation and a people for the rest of the century. It was a 1960’s redux. Much as the 1980’s were a 1950’s redux, we probably have a period of retrenchment facing us, but there’s really no going back. Blessedly.

    I elect to go forward. When I returned to this site, it was because it seemed to have become a stale place inhabited by three sorts of creatures: (1) very angry people at odds even with America as it was before the week (2) an adoration cult of All Things O’Reilly and (3) Cecelia. It seemed to need new lifeblood. That was presumptuous of me. If the discourse had been limited to just a few and if it had become numbingly predictable, the site was a comfort zone for some. A place immune from the discomfort of new or different ideas for some and a simple fan club for others. Since everyone needs to be somewhere, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    But, even at my age, I am eager to explore the New America. That won’t happen here. So to the extent I have been the source of some discomfort for some, that will end. To be sure, I’ll miss some of the discussions, I’ll miss the new found joy of the absurd speculation about ways in which human sexual expression will expand, and I will miss all the creative and unchecked personal slanders and slurs directed at me. But, the Shining City on a Hill has a new and brighter beacon that calls, and I welcome that light. Adieu.


  2. today’s ooops is exactly what i said when i first opened this page. funny how people’s minds sync.

  3. I think Mr. Concha’s piece also shows the self serving predictions of gloom and death of FNC as old people get older and oldest jump in the grave, are mitigated by unexpected opportunities for exciting talent knocking on Roger’s door.

  4. i could not read it even trying. the point is we have both lived long enough to know every dog has it’s day and no puke goes unpunished. ahhhhh balance grasshopper. i am good with leaving it to karma.

  5. It’s an interesting point at FTV that Stelter wonders at the continued interest in his accidental tweet about Wolf Blitzer, but had O’Reilly done the same about Hannity, Brian would have found it media-news worthy indeed.

    • Maybe FOX will pick it up if the ratings are good! But if they were good NBC wouldn’t have dropped it! Hmmm…

    • I don’t blame them. All the better to shoot them as should have been the case when found guilty. I blame Gov. Coumo and the chickensh*t prison his people run. As for MSNBC, maybe the idiots there might want to stop watching Locked Up and foster a prisoner.

        • larry and marty. think one moment of the power of ny public employee unions and think again if you think “heads will roll” or reforms will be made. just 2 words for ya. rubber rooms.

          • I’m well aware of that.
            Cuomo established a commission to investigate corruption in Albany. He then put the commission out of commission. Something scared him. The truth.

          • What scared him is that they would discover that he was the biggest crook of all.

    • I dare him to tell that to the residents of upstate NY who have been living in fear for the past three weeks.

    • It’s not their fault they escaped … it’s the prison’s fault for being so break out able .. msnbc logic is scary

    • It’s time for MSNBC to hand Touré a cup and ask for a sample. You simply don’t come up with crap like he does on pure air.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tom Shillue, Julie Roginsky signal a new generation of FNC stars.

    • Haven’t enjoyed victory this much since winning the Hoboken Beer Pong Tournament in ’04…

  7. Hopefully, the troll will finally keep his word and stay gone. but I wouldn’t bet on it. That said, I will never attack my fellow posters or make insulting remarks towards any of them. I consider all of you my friends.

    • If you read Mediaite you’ll see that TRRE is there exploring the wonderous new America by issuing insult after insult to fellow posters and running down the Palins.

      It’s a new dawn, indeed…

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