Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Same-sex the
  • Reliable Sources videos: Covering gay rights, racial hatred, gay tv hosts.
  • TCG: Impartial MSNBC journalist on the horns of a Trump dilemma.
  • Bob Beckel thanks Roger Ailes: ‘He has been a loyal and good friend.’
  • Byers: CNN chooses sides in SCOTUS ruling.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • F&F video: Editor to ban anti-gay-marriage viewpoints.
  • Rothstein: Co-workers say he’s an obnoxious, duplicitous back-stabber.
  • Stelter tweet rips Blitzer, but there’s a catch.  Greta: Arrogant, pathetic.
  • Q&A: Kimberly Guilfoyle opens up.  CNN cameraman killed in Philippines.
  • Your Buzz videos: double

72 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Finished my run of rainbow confederate flags. Problem with eBay who tell me they are of mixed mind.

  2. I’m betting the look on Stelter’s face when he hit the DELETE is the same one my dog gives when she poops in the house and I see her.

  3. Bob has most likely seen the twits hating on big bad Roger Ailes as the reason for his being let go. He’s smart in not burning all his bridges. And I do believe he’s being sincere. I wasn’t a big fan of his but I believe him to be insincere.

  4. Beckel is handling this smartly. If he gets a job for another American cable news station, this will help him. As a general rule, a potential employers doesn’t look too kindly upon someone who has badly maligned his former employer.

  5. It’s amazing overwhelming enthusiasm for yesterday’s decision is playing out on TV, but in my circles, many religious people I know are just quietly furious. Not me, as I’ve been in favor of gay marriage for a few years now, but I see general acceptance hurt by how this came to be. Ohio being one of the states in yesterday’s ruling, was in my opinion about two years from a ballot issue approval that would have overturned our 2004 state constitutional ammendment profiting same sex marriage. Shoving what people preceive as wrong down their throats often has unforseen consequences. Just look what one guy’s rage at what he considered railroading of Geoge Zimmerman wrought.

      • accurate:
        1. selter is a creep
        2. zucker enables it
        3. classic codependency.
        4. author described reality.

        i do not see ugly or nasty anywhere, but then according to you i do not know what a wife is. i know it is not a guy, like a cat is not a dog, or bruce j is not a woman, or that wierdo chick in the news is not black. twisting definitions has become a game. does not mean one has to play.


        • GC, the wife mix up was that Cece was talking about Neil Boortz, you thought that she meant the one whose name will not be mentioned.

        • harsh? i did not find it harsh. in a few days it is 7/4. now the declaration was harsh, and the 2/3s removed out of it that was about king George was really harsh. jeff was bummed. the link was accurate. looking at selter you would not let him watch your grand kids. that is enough for me.

        • I spent several years being told by rightist bloggers that by criticizing Sarah Palin and predicting her demise I was showing my fear of her. By that standard we have some folks around here who truly fear both Zucker and Stelter.

          • Except the folks around here who just voiced criticism at the tone of the piece, which would have only filled your heart with glee had it been about a conservative,

            You’re a guy who trashed Palin about everything from her children to her eye make-up.

            Don’t try to make any comparison here of the level and maturity of the criticism you foisted on her in order to anger her fans.

            There’s no comparison. Sit down.

          • Except, of course, the “you fear her” comparison is exactly on point. I’m not sure anyone ever feared her. But, her fans seemed to really believe that. I’m now sure anyone fears Stelter (or Kurtz). But, if I and the remainder of the 54% of Americans did not fear her but we’re accused of being in a state of abject fear, shouldn’t that same argument work with the people so obsessed over Stelter? I would think so. It’s only logical.

          • Afraid not. It does not follow that because two people are being criticized, the tenor, tone, and motives behind the criticism are the same.

            The piece about Stelter got immediate push back on the very site you then argued was treating him in the way you treated Palin.

            Inaccurate in every way.

          • Sure, Whatever. Too much to celebrate in The New America to have an acrimonious discussion. I’m marinating some rib eyes in Pinot Noir and have just made some Creamy Parmesean Pepper dressing for mixed greens. Just die Frau und Ich. Hope your late day Sunday is glorious, too.

          • translation: alone with a can of cold Chef Boryardee at the end of the food stamp month again. any idiot knows putting a good rib eye in wine ruins it.

          • pinot, vinegar, makes no diif it ruins the beef or lamb for that matter. if used on either it is to finish it off, or as a reduced topping, not marinade. that is stupid 101 stuff.

  6. we had fish tacos early so i whipped up a french crepe batter to make the kids fruit crepes with cherries, mango, peach, and vanilla ice cream on the side. crepes are easy. i make extra and make in the morning with potatoes, scrambled eggs and good cheese served with crema acida …. uhhh sour cream. millions of recipes. i use this one. if only for sweet stuff i add some pure vanilla, or an extract like almond.

    1 cup all-purpose flour

    1 teaspoon white sugar

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    3 eggs

    2 cups milk

    2 tablespoons butter, melted

    put in the fridge until the bubbles leave. cooks better. fry in a nonstick with butter. when you ladle do so in circular motion to cover the pan bottom but not deep, it is not a pancake. cooks fast, watch out. fold over fruit. squirt of whipped cream on top with a little of the juice from fruit spritzed on whipped cream. ice cream on the side. a little chocolate frosting in with the fruit if you want to kill the kids.

  7. On Kornacki this morning; The political panel reached a consensus that Bridgegate and surrounding events probably removed Chrisite as a serious contender. While I doubt he was ever a serious contender, I do think Bridgegate and his horrible approval numbers have removed him from an also ran to a never will be.

  8. On “This Week” Ken Blackwell and Mike Huckabee advance the tires old meme “if we had just waited, this would have all come around in good time”. I’m sure all of us of a certain age recall hearing this with reference to civil rights in the 1960’s. Around here, it is likely some even advanced that argument then and now. I’d like to have seen George make that point in follow-up. Of course his follow-up is about as non-existent as Megyn Kelly’s. But, you pretty much have to concede that if we had taken the advice of the “waiters” in 1965, we’d all still be waiting.

  9. sing to tequila sunrise:

    es un burrito carnitas de desyunar mañana.
    esperando por los noticias de la mañana domingo on real clear politics so i can kick the dog, scream at the kids and calculate how much more in taxes i need to pay for a country i rarely visit and collect nothing from. Starin’ slowly ‘cross the sky, said goodbye

  10. So a bit of the NYC celebrations on MSNBC, and, locally, of the Lake Travis celebrations. When liberty and equality break out, it’s a real rush.

  11. Looks like we’ve shifted to full prison break mode, now. With MSNBC and FOX so NY-centric about everything else, I wonder if under the same circumstances, we would have been covering the event to this extent if it were Huntsville or Angola or Parchman? Probably not. I guess it’s a good thing we have some more geographic perspective on at least one cable network. On Friday, it was pretty much the only game in town.

  12. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 there’s a catch
    4 arrogant, pathetic
    3 horns of a Trump dilemma
    2 duplicitous back-stabber
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Bob Beckel thanks Roger Ailes: ‘He’s been a loyal and good friend.’

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