Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Mentioners mention Nomiki Konst, Julie Roginsky for the Beckel chair.
  • Bob Beckel and FNC split; Shine: he ‘took advantage‘ of our generosity.
  • The Daily Show video: talks to Jon Stewart.
  • Wemple: Roger Ailes demoted? Yeah right: Ailes wins again.  Stocks boom.
  • Roger Ailes re-signed by FNC to multi-year contract.  More.  Conjecture.
  • Schwarz: How The Five became a Fox News hit that even Jon Stewart likes.
  • Morgan: Race-obsessed US media share the blame for Charleston murders.
  • Ahiza Garza jumps from Talking Points Memo to CNN.  Drew Griffin awarded.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly.  Matthews makes book.  Move Lemon to 8pm (v/CNNC)?
  • Factor videos: Memo, and dishonest media.

192 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. My favorite potato was so wrong about the prospects of THE FIVE I use that to poke him when I’m wrong about something.

  2. Confederate flags so much the topic it got me wondering how many people own one? The last I had was a little one that came with my Johnny-Rebel hat durning the hundred year anniversary commemoration of the Civil War. Pains me to realize that was over fifty years ago.

    • Watch out. The Blog Commissar will say that Little Larry was a racist 50 years ago.

      • Half my sixth grade class was. The other half had little Union flags and blue hats. We were colorblind and fans of Babe, the blue ox.

        • Not lucky. It’s choice in it’s current day infantilism.

          You’d think the North was Berkley, CA, in nineteenth century and Pres. Lincoln was MLK.

          • If you haven’t seen it, ESPN has produced a wonderful little documentary called “Ghosts of Ole Miss” which deals with the campus turmoil of James Meredith’s admission and the turmoil that caused in the midst of a very successful football season. It’s filled with little gems, mostly recollections of Southerners trying to understand who they are, and doing a very good job of it. One such segment was introduced by Faulkner’s line from “Requiem for a Nun”, about what you might call the tyranny of history: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Mississippi is fascinating for me. Horrible, horrible institutionalized racism at its very worst, worse even than Alabama, but a core of liberalism as to racial matters in its artistic, literary and journalistic populations that is far more vibrant than that found anywhere else in the South

        • I got it to play. The problem for me was a very slow-loading Sprint ad in Spanish. A bit of patience, and it should work. It is actually a good little piece in the sense it could lead to some good discussion, a bit of thinking.

  3. Ken Burns was on Morning Joe addressing the South Carolina flag issue and promoting the remix of the “Civil War” masterpiece to air in September. He made the definitive statement on the reason for the War. Nothing to do with states’ rights. Never mentioned in the South Carolina Articles of Secession. Square on: slavery.

  4. Morgan is absolutely right. The NRA is riding high, in part because the conversation has been steered from guns to cloth and in part because we are so desensitized to mass shootings that we have made them simply a part of our culture. No one is surprised when a shooting occurs. When you think of America you simply think of huge numbers of deaths brought about by the use of guns.

    • Pres. Obama isn’t running again. Dems don’t want to talk about gun restrictions this close to 2016 and the media isn’t going to make them.

      Until then they can try to wrek as much labeling and name calling as they can from the flag thing.

  5. So, now Ailes will “jointly” report to the male members of la Familia Murdoch. How I love dynastic struggles! This is going to be so much fun to watch!

    • You’ve been at this so many years, regurgitating the latest hopes and dreams of people for whom hyping Fox intrigue is a pay check, that I even hope it goes better for you this time.

  6. Heard gun control legislation discussed on NPR this morning, in WaPo, and on cable shows. Not a single answer to what laws exactly would have prevented the Charleston slaughter. All either huff and puffing of liberal zealots or speculation on chances of passage, mood of the country, wishful thinking, blah blah. Never the unstated goal to chip away, bit by bit, to eliminate the legal civilian possession of firearms. Give me an honest liberal, he’ll say that. I think Dukakis was the last honest liberal. Lesson learned.

    • I’ve long thought it odd, as well, that so many Americans believe that the huge number of shootings in America involve guns.

          • Robo-Troll? That sounds like an invitation to an island? Let’s try it.

            Guns belong in the hands of all good Americans and commie liberals standing in the way of second amendment patriots protecting our gun rights from gun control enemies of freedom should leave this country before I find where they buried the puppies.

          • As Mike would say,”ding”.

            Key words: Second, gun, rights, freedom, amendment, Patriots.

            Response: you and yours/blood/cowardly/radical rightists/for Spanish say or press 1…

          • it is not the views, it is the manner in which they are spewed. no debate points, just damage whomever so it feels better about itself.

          • How is he damaging you? He’s just a guy trying to bother some people he doesn’t like.

            That alone should clue you into how much damage he’s capable of rendering.

          • Agree? Helen Keller could see that. Sadists find their heart’s expression in trolling, but don’t make good ones. They’re too obvious.

      • I’ve long thought it odd that you think that we give a sh*t what you have to say.

  7. I suspect deep down Mr. Bill knew that he better not bet a dinner with either Lis Wiehl or Kimberly Guilfolye.

    He had ‘mildly’ disagreed with their (correct) prediction that the plaintiffs/petitioners would lose their challenge to the ACA.

  8. Just about ready to switch my DVR from CNN coverage to FNC coverage.

    But before I leave CNN I wanted to express my modest surprise that Jake was hosting the coverage instead of Wolf. A pleasant surprise to many I’m sure.

    No truth to the rumor that BriWi called into MSNBC management begging to come in and anchor the coverage. /sarc

  9. Can a FOX-HATER troll read Wemple today and still be a troll? YEP, they are what they are regardless of reality.

    • Seriously?

      From Wemple:

      “This is no way to run a multinational media company, and there’s no
      reason to believe that corporate governance of Fox News in the coming
      years of Ailes’ multi-year deal will be any less chaotic than this

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Julie Roginsky
    4 Nomiki Konst
    3 took advantage
    2 Fox News hit
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Bob Beckel and FNC split.

  11. With all the breaking news this past week the Sunday morning shows like MediaBuzz and Reliable Sources should have plenty to chew on.

    Now you can add to it the war brewing between Donald Trump and Univision on two fronts.
    1. Univision announced today that it would be cutting ties with the Miss Universe Organization because it is partially owned by Trump. Donald Trump unsurprisingly told Erin Burnett he will sue.
    2. Just days before Univision announced it would host a Republican debate, one of its top executives likened Donald Trump to alleged mass murderer Dylann Storm Roof by posting an Instagram photo of the two of them side-by-side.

  12. Fox haters who’ve been insulting Beckel for months today are suddenly crying crocodile tears over his firing. One of them had pithily ridiculed Beckel with “Beckel led Mondale to historic loss, as he readily says. Questions?” But today she’s all “Motherf@ckers. If he ends up dead, we know how.” While another said this website has “already moved on to which babe gets the job and ‘siding with the network’. Pr!cks.”

    Yes, a “strange new respect” for Bob Beckel that began the minute he stopped working for Fox News. It is ever thus in the Fox haters’ echo chamber.

      • So, the comparison between the Nazi-Era Swastika flag and Jews, and the Confederate Battle flag and African-Americans is invalid because we don’t fly the Swastika in the US? Geez! Isn’t that exactly the point? Send this dude to the minors. Is there a FOX affiliate in Muscle Shoals?

  13. I wish Bob well and hope he gets better. But, his contributions had not been particularly good for some time. He seemed unprepared and uninformed on many of the topics being discussed. Either Juan or Julie would be better at articulating the liberal point of view.

    • The Daily Caller reported this afternoon that Fox News Executive Vice President Bill Shine said that Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be taking over Beckel’s old spot on a rotating basis.

        • Now I am leaning that CNN, Politico and NewsBusters all disagree with The Daily Caller.

          TDC said, “Bill Shine said that Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be taking over Beckel’s old spot.”

          The others quoted Bill Shine as saying, “Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be among those rotating on the show for the near future.”

  14. I haven’t been able to moderate the comments much lately for personal reasons, and it will remain that way for the immediate future. I have noticed however the name calling, and I guess I was naive to think people would tire of it on their own, because that hasn’t happened. This isn’t a blanket condemnation; some people almost never step out of line, while others are habitual offenders. I suspect most people have an idea of where on that spectrum they fall and can adjust accordingly.

    If you appreciate the more free-wheeling nature of the discussions when a moderator isn’t riding herd over every sentence, then you might show your appreciation by not making others slog through dozens of name-calling comments to find a nugget of actual discussion buried within. If things continue as they are I’ll have to do something and I won’t be able to fine-tune my response. It will be a meat-axe rather than a scalpel, and really, nobody wants that.

    So now you know where things stand; the rest is up to you. There is no need to reply to this comment. Your future behavior will constitute your response. Thank you so much.

    • I admit that I have gone far over the line. But I think that I speak, not only for myself but many others, when I say that there is one person causing all of this. And he uses a crown as his avatar. Before he decided to start his antics, this was an enjoyable and peaceful place to post.

  15. I’m also rooting for Nomiki Konst to get hired on The Five, but since she’s never been on it (I don’t think) she might be a long shot.

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