Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-The Five-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Fox News launching Sirius/XM channel ‘unlike anything else in radio’.
  • Today video: Bret Baier on debates, his son’s heart disease, and more.
  • Videos: Maria Bartiromo with Seth Meyers (v/TVN).
  • Wolff: How Brian Williams will save MSNBC from its comical self.
  • Concha: The Palin-FNC divorce should have happened two years ago.
  • FNC declines to renew Sarah Palin’s contributor contract.  Flashback.
  • Today’s firing demand.  Buffoonery?  Some viewers not soured by Lemon.
  • Factor video: Robust debate over racism turns personal
  • Chariton: Insiders say Roger Ailes still in control, can do whatever he wants.

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  1. Lemon officially became the punchline to a joke when he went into his black hole theory about the missing airliner. And he hasn’t disappointed since. This latest was simply for the attention it would bring to the network. And it was approved by those farther up the food chain. Can you imagine Bernard Shaw ever doing that?

    That said, do I think he needs fired over the sign. No, not my business. They should’ve did it over the plane.

    • He at least is not a nasty, liberal wisea$$ like some on CNN. I’ll take his dippiness over that and therefore actually watch him.

    • Thanks.

      I guess I must have assumed that this has happened even earlier. Not that much buzz about her anymore outside of the bubble. She really “wee-weed up” this, didn’t she? But, a good move by FOX.

    • I always thought she’d go out with her boots pinned to her chest, not just whither away in abject obscurity. I doubt she’ll fare well under the Jimmy and Lachlan stewardship

  2. It’s difficult to make much sense of the linked sloppily written article in the Wrap, but it does appear that the knives have been drawn and that the Ailes forces intend to make this a very public brawl.

    So, the good news for Ailes i,s and the basis for the article headline is, from an unnamed FOX “insider” that he “will be allowed to do whatever he wants”.

    The troubling news for Ailes is:

    21CF almost instantly refutes Ailes’ self-proclaimed ascension to power. Seriously, does anyone believe that Murdoch, who, the article tells us has little interaction with Ailes, did not use the corporate media office to send a message to Ailes?

    Ailes’: fallback position is if the “kids” flex their muscles Roger will run to Rupert. Does Ailes or Ailes’ publicist know the historic outcome of dynastic fighting? Usually, it is a beheading.

    A “high-up Fox insider” says Ailes will have no part of any shift in organizational hierarchy. This is a surprise? Indeed, his input was not sought, much less considered.

    The FOX talent is not so loyal that they’d walk out the door if Ailes revolted, but
    loyal enough to make it known that Ailes factored into their long-term plans with the network. How comforting this must be to Ailes. Indeed, with the powerful egos and self-adoration of O’Reilly, Kelly and Hannity, what value would they find in making a stance? Do they have anyplace else to go? I can see Kelly at Inside Edition, but I see no other network coming near O’Reilly and Hannity. These are not risk takers. The closest O’Reilly has ever gotten to a battlefield is viewing news clips and watching television from a hotel room. Which is far more than can be said for either Hannity or Kelly.

    I’d say Ailes’ publicists have nothing to show for this article.

  3. Taking Roger out of control of anything would be suicide. Roger will die with his boots on and badge pinned to his chest.

  4. “Fire Don Lemon (Into the Sun)”
    I sing the body electric. We all shall become one with the stars.

  5. a disgusting human being. it is rare that a unanimous hatred of a single being exists, but here we have it.

  6. sadly brian williams did not ride a motorcycle across Nicaragua. when done, he could go to Africa and motorcycle from Chino project to Chino project. no huevos at MSNBC, so they will just let it die in poison. for Williams to regain believability he would need to do something entirely new. not copy 40 other anchors not caught in lies. so effectively regaining his believability or adding something that benefits MSNBC is not important. then again, why are travel and outdoor channels covering more international news than cable news channels? do not give me bbc crapola which is horrible poorly done factually light pablum for left wing idiots wading in pseudo nuance. i get bbc, it is horrible. aimed at elementary school level amen corner lack of intelligence. there is no need to watch it because you know in advance what it will say, just like hannity. anyway there are a dozen long articles out about this project, only one guy i know motorcycled the route. here is what williams woulda coulda shoulda done. reports from a motorcycle would have more viewers than rachel madcow. duh. … and a series of reports would change the perception of the man.

  7. Bill says “most Americans aren’t racist” and Kirsten responds with “how many black friends do you have”. That’s where she finally lost me. They were talking past each other and, IMO, Kirsten did not handle the discussion well. Bill made valid points about yes, we acknowledge that we had slavery, it was awful and we have tried/are trying to do things to move on from that. I personally got from Kirsten that she feels we have not done anything to move forward from slavery and that most Americans are still racist.

    That’s something I personally don’t believe yo be true. We have over 300 million people and no matter what we will always have racists but in no way are anything other than a very small minority racists. And I use that term in the sense that I speak of those that act out their racism.

    • It is my hope that all of the Republican candidates listened carefully to Bill and will regurgitate his points out on the trail. It is the surest pathway to a Republican victory.

      • I would ask, very respectfully to ignore my posts. In others words I have no interest in your opinions about my opinions.

        • He never does what people request. Remember his promise to Mike C. never to post again? He came right back and is worse than ever.

    • I thought Kirsten’s “How many black friends do you have” question was silly and not pertinent. We’re now going to be judged by the number of minority “friends” we have? I have minority acquaintances- former co-workers and neighbors. Does that count?

      • I don’t think that an acquaintance counts as a friend, Marty, but I’ve seen no particular indication that you are personally racist.

          • i doubt any of us really could grasp all of this person’s issues. i wish we knew how it was so we could refer to local mental health authorities. clearly he is a danger and very messed up. i think every single person here if offended or asked to leave would be gone. nowhere this person goes online or in life is their a welcoming. very messed up.

          • Cecelia follows it more than I do. His posting here is mild. He saves his crude stuff for there. Loves to call women vulgar names. I suspect that he is a pederast.

          • i will leave then exact diagnosis to dr. k. to me it is pretty clear there is something wrong. we are all a little batty. but the sociopath need to inflict then enjoy the pain of others is not sanity.

      • Marty, the left will use whatever standard they devise to use, on any particular day, to find a way to call Republicans racist. It is getting very old and but there is no change in the foreseeable future.

        • Well, Kirsten is hardly on the left. If we define the center of American thought as -0-, and there are five ticks left, and 5 ticks right, Kirsten is 3/5 right. But, that only makes the point. There is no need for the left to call Republicans racist, and the left is not doing so. For the next 6-12 months, I see no reason for anyone on the left to bother with the Republicans. The circular firing squad is doing its work, as it did in 2007/08 and 2011/12, so why would the left intervene?

    • Perhaps some of the frustration (even outrage) is driven by a strong feeling by many on the right at what they see as multiple exaggerations from the left over time.

      • The Tea Party is racist.
      • Fox News is not a news channel.
      • Actual prosecutable claims of campus rape are exaggerated.
      • Instances of discrimination based on sexual orientation are exaggerated at the expense of religious freedom.
      • Police race-based misconduct is exaggerated and law enforcement is under attack.

      Claiming that the country is racist, or that the right is downplaying the amount of racism, may have been the proverbial straw (or breaking point) for Bill O’Reilly and others and this is what set him off.

      • Everybody has a limit on how much bullsh*t that they can deal with. Bill might have simply reached his when Kirsten brought up her nonsense.

      • Maybe she set him off on purpose. His terrible temper is hardly a secret. She may have thought that would increase her bona fides with liberals. She would be wrong, of course. Liberals think she is conservative. Even if wrong, it is logical.

  8. what wolff proposes could have happened had MSNBC used resources for something actually new. as a faux copy of actual news stations stealing copy and parroting the same things all MSNBC has become is NBCs rubber room for bad actors under contract.

  9. Say what you want about Sarah Palin — there is no denying she is a click bait and buzz generating phenom.

    Mediaite comments are nearing 1000 — more than twice as many as any other article.

    My own guilty pleasure was watching video clips of her speeches at various conservative gatherings like CPAC where I often found her prepared remarks both entertaining and humorous.

    I suspect most would agree that her big weakness is speaking extemporaneously. Otherwise, I could see her ending up at a place like NBC’s Today where she appeared to be appreciated. Or, perhaps even more likely, at ABC’s GMA which hired Tim Tebow for a short time.

    But like I said, she often disappoints when asked to speak without a prepared script.

    • It’s a shame she is too egocentric to have worked hard and paid some dues.

      She could have made such a mark.

      • Interesting word choice. Egocentric. I think that may have been it. The root of the problem.

    • Nobody brings out a hater or a troll like Palin.

      Heck, there are still a bunch of people who use her name and image in their avatar. Some on the left hate her like no one else.

  10. Thank goodness. A Brian Williams article. I was “afeared” the tank was running dry!

  11. Concha’s assessment of Palin and FOX – right to hire in 2010, wrong to renew in 2013, sums it up well. Perhaps the original hiring was a bit cynical, but it was the correct business decision. She was a novelty. But she wore like a Robert Hall suit, and by 2013, her trajectory was clear to all except those who adored her.

  12. Today’s most popular links:
    5 will save MSNBC
    4 declines to renew
    3 buffoonery
    2 do whatever he wants
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s firing demand.

  13. Bill O’Reilly is going to get hammered by people on MSNBC, CNN, and on far-left websites. And he’ll be in an Olbermannian feud with Chris Hayes.

      • I’ll answer by citing the segment description:

        Demonizing America as a Racist Nation
        If you’re listening to many far Left pundits, America has gone from the land of the free to a country dominated by white supremacy. No longer is it white privilege. Now its supremacy that’s keeping black Americans down. Many in the media are afraid to challenge these notions but not the Factor. Tonight we’ll show you the lies being put forward by irresponsible folks looking to take advantage of the tragedy in South Carolina.

        One segment later, he had on Bernie Goldberg to comment on the memo and on Chris Hayes’s distortion of what Bill told Juan Williams on Monday night.

        • The Left is always trying to pit one group against another, be it race, class, income, you name it. They thrive on division and promoting envy, resentment and even hatred.

          Now, once again, Bill will be the bad guy. His critics are mere pissants in the true Vonnegut definition.

        • thnx
          i will be sure to look for the clips later.
          after all due respect i need to make everyone dinner. it is breakfast for dinner night. seeded french toast, smoked bacon and eggs. killing me softlyyyyyy
          then i will check the BOR clips
          really bothersome when the economy and job world and currency and taxes and screwed up diplomacy are so important right now. not to mention how to not let obama care blow up, medi scare go broke. ….. and this is what is up front in the news??? when we really need everyone to get to fricking work??? oh well. i left. business frustration was not worth killing myself for,

    • There are plenty of people that care about E! News, as well as E! itself. But I assume Bill thought it was “e-news” as in “e-mail.”

    • I just wish Mr. Bill would have been a little more specific about his objections re: Yahoo News. I know they posted an article from The Wrap about last night’s debate with Kirsten Powers. But why not target The Wrap instead?

      Or, perhaps he was referring to the commenters, which he has done before with HuffPost.

      This is the second time he has suggested they are a far left or left-leaning website. Silly me, I thought just the opposite — that they were a tad to the right of center. Or, perhaps a non-partisan site. Most of the commenters they attract seem to be from the right — but not always.

      Oh well. No biggie.

      I may be the only one on planet earth who is curious about this. ☺

      • are you speaking of yahoo as a right of center media? BOR should not be retaliating and screaming “vicious” all the time. it is juvenile. but to me yahoo is left, especially in it’s financial area other than santeli. the hook with cnbc.couric is their face and most of the editorials i see are left. their GFK poll is AP certainly left of center. maybe i have you misread.

        • They strike me as a huge aggregator posting articles from the news wires. In examining 30+ articles on their home page if there is bias, I am missing it. I’ll put my glasses back on and look again. ☺

          I am not familiar with their financial web pages other than they seem to aggregate from center-right Business Insider quite often.

          • financial is m primary use. you are correct re: aggregate. they have regular columnists like oliver knox that are decidedly left. their international news seems left to me. i do not really use them for national news. finance/sports/international

          • Thanks for your feedback.

            That was one of the unstated purposes of my OP was to find out what others think of Yahoo News, since Bill O’Reilly’s multiple criticisms (on two occasions) had me baffled.

          • As is my gun-toting brother — a cattle rancher in New Mexico who loathes Obama, the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management. ☺

            His wife likes to joke that they are almost candidates for the John Birch Society.

          • If you are asking if I am being serious (or joking) about my brother, I was being serious. He’s as close to a ‘crusty’ Don Imus clone (also a former Marine) as you’ll find in my family tree — especially his sarcastic sense of humor and irreverent wit.

            If instead you were referring to his wife’s ‘Bircher’ comment, she really did ‘proudly’ say that.

          • not as bad as huffpoo or cnn but left. agreed from my experience. a lot of it and it changes daily as all is from other sources i read read each item as on it’s own.

    • I finally watched that clip. Difficult to get through. O’Reilly as the put upon martyr is one of his most unpleasant personae. Truly unhinged. Well, I don’t expect the war will go well for him, likely as abject as failure as his infamous 2005 boycott of France, a summer which saw a 3% increase in American tourism. O’Reilly’s great pronouncements tend to fade in the light of day.

  14. Noah Rothman on Mr. Concha’s DAILY WRAP panel tonight. A Larry fave. I really do like this show as smart people actual talk about the day’s issues in a way I learn things. How strange.

      • They had one panelist, former Navy Seal who had run for Congress and was likely running again who was a bit to far out there (to the right) for me. I would have preferred the rabbi or Ms Hansen in the mix.

        • well you live in the region that is the cause of progressivism in the USA. have you read barone’s 30’s to 80’s? good read for you in terms of roots, you know there is treatment for lefty disease. education…hahahaha. oh i crack me up.

          • Don’t I know it. I came to work in Ohio in the early 70’s to Barberton, Ohio, which had as its biggest event of the year, the Labor Day parade. Next to Akron, tire capital of the world, it was a nursing ground to the labor movement in the 1930’s. Old timers told me stories of management being trapped in the office for a week, surrounded be rock throwing union workers and national guard firing flares during the night. In SE Ohio where my cabin lies, I’m still a rarity as a republican in a country fueled by coal miners back in the day.

          • you should read about the German migration, it extended to the Dakotas, became the largest immigrant migration and they have decidedly UN-American views in regards to authority. they like needing a permit from the state to move, marry or breed. the index in barone’s book accumulating all available income and birth and living stats is a great read.

          • You don’t really like anyone, do you?

            German immigration is a big part of the Texas experience, and when asked to self-identify ethnicity, more people identify themselves as German than any other single group other than those who identify themselves as Mexican. Strong, well-educated communities. Strong work ethic. And, historically Republican because classical progressivism was largely Republican at the time in the LaFolette manner.

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