Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Kevin Spacey Fox 21 deal includes a co-production with Megyn Kelly.
  • Q&A: Roger Ailes discusses Megyn Kelly.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.
  • Robert Jonathan: Will Fox News cancel The Greg Gutfeld Show?
  • Fans react to revamped Red Eye debut.  Video: returns.
  • Wemple: Don Lemon’s stunt was actually ‘good tv and good journalism‘.
  • That’s Lemon with an ‘n’.  Shtick sparks ridicule.  CNN alum slams stunt.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Tom Shillue.  Weekend numbersSotU.
  • Pierce: Williams move to MSNBC is an embarrassment.  Staffers’ f-bomb.
  • After the Buzz video: on the prospects for news on MSNBC.

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    • I suppose if it sets one thinking about a fundamental American issue like racism, it can’t be all bad.

  1. I have to say that of the linked clip to the SLT is an example of what passes as print journalism in SLC, it must have the sorriest newspaper in America. Three (3) one (1) sentence paragraph and one (1) two sentence paragraph in a notable progression, each sentence being less substantive than the preceding one. I guess it must be getting tougher to mine for Williams stories these days.

  2. Watched Tom Shillue’s debut as host on the DVR. I think longtime fans will be happy with Andy Levy back doing halftime rather than on the panel. Liked the graphics changes and Shillue was funny and engaging. Couple of minor quibbles but overall very good.

  3. Glad to see Campbell Brown back in some capacity. She was “greatly present” in Austin from election day 2000 through the “Supreme Court’s appointment of Bush as president”. She was staying at some pretty impressive digs, and as the 2000 election droned on into absurdity, there was some network move to relocate her to cheaper quarters. She didn’t suffer silently.

    She may be well-suited for her new undertaking. Education, be it public, parochial or private, is an immense bureaucracy. Most education critics, particularly the partisan ones, always end up attacking the classroom teachers and claim they are after the teachers’ unions. That is a most ineffective way to reform education. Brown doesn’t deliberately set out to find villains.

  4. Charles Krauthammer’s comments on gun control last night were virtually identical to the ones I made the other day, but I really liked his assessment of liberals and their urge to pass more laws after a crisis even if they wouldn’t have prevented it: liberals think “Don’t just stand there, do something” where, as Ronald Regan said, “Don’t just do something, stand there”.

  5. i initiated new shorts yesterday on the euro due to news of a Greek solution. the net effect on the USA economy is a drop in exports due to relative dollar strength. the whole stupidity of the trade issue is that every job politicians try to buy back from outsourcing will cause the loss of several jobs in exporting. economic nationalism as the chinos are finding out is a toothpaste tube full of holes. almost all GDP growth in the last ten years has come from exports and government. government is really a net loss to any private sector working American. fbn, cnbc barely touch the subject and fox and cnn have said nothing i have seen about the interrelationships that are the direct cause of flat or lowered net income(i=$-taxes-CPI inflation). yet the currency wars are unexplained and barely covered. big hole in the news while reporters of every stripe chase the stupid issues of racism, policing, etc. 4% growth would wipe social issues off the map yet public education has left the public so uneducated that fundamental issues of currency and taxation are reduced to uncorroborated nonsense quotes. “i would put china in its place”. big opportunity for an econ 101 show, but Americans by and large couldn’t understand it. thanks publik skools.

    • oh, and one other thing. minimum wage laws are a direct cause of high youth unemployment which is why dems support them. keeping minorities unemployed in high numbers ensures votes. it is a dirty nasty racist game. where is the coverage?

      so you do not need to look it up GDP=c+i+g+(exp-imp).

      • it is a comment about the lack of currency news due to Greek Euro negotiations on debt. i know, well above your pay grade which is zero.

        • Maybe it was the lack of upper case letters at the start of sentences and for (some) proper nouns and the lack of paragraphs in the style of a Nigerian prince asking for money to effect a wire transfer that made me think that.

          • Actually, CNN dedicated a nice bit of time to the King’s College report. CNBC has had at least three segments today alone, and a really interesting look at the Eurozone weathering the Greek crisis well so far. Bloomberg has had numerous stories daily. At least seven (7) today.

            Can’t really speak to FBN since it serves no purpose for me. Google is showing stories on FBN on 4 June and 11 June. So, that must be the hole of which you speak. Everyone else mentioned seems to be covering it well.

            Of course, the BBC is awash with coverage.

            I have assets tied in, directly and indirectly, with a couple of German airlines and with a French/Dutch airline holding company. Rock solid.

            Perhaps you seek this information in the wrong place. Give Bloomberg and the BBC a try. Good primer.

          • of course when you add the links they will all be market speculations not tying the Greece negotiations to the further Euro decline causing export unemployment in the USA, or the facts that currency debasement is how left wing “economists” try to export their economy’s weaknesses. nice try though. you have no assets, no wife, no friends, and no believers here. so why not go troll another blog where no one knows you and start over.

          • Actually, no, but I’m sure you haven’t followed the links. It would seem Merkel and the German finance ministry is doing a decent job managing the situation at the moment. But, you’re moving the goal posts now to whine about how they media is not covering this news by restating your own views. This started out with you writing:

            “yet [sic] the currency wars are unexplained and barely covered. big [sic] hole in
            the news while reporters of every stripe chase the stupid issues of
            racism, policing, etc.”

            You were mistaken. That is simply not true. Coverage is abundant on some networks.

            I might suggest you read the King’s College report referenced on CNN. It very authoritatively addresses some of your issues and reaches some conclusions you have reached, albeit without the hysteria and hyperbole, and reached many conclusions different than yours or in addition to yours. CNN has a good discussion of the report, but I would suggest, as I said, you read it.

          • time covering repeated talking Euro points none addressing issues while your kind waits for any excuse to whine race, justice, inequality, banksters etc. sorry. you are wrong on the merits. i never said there was no financial news, i said what airs is palabras vacías. i am 100% correct, you are dictated by party talking points.

          • Don’t knock the Waffle House. Going for 3am take-out makes my husband and me feel like kids again.

          • And let’s not forget former President Clinton passed out drunk on the toilet.

      • You should know, considering your lengthy and boring jeremiads on virtually everything.

  6. Man, Megyn is skyrocketing. Amazing though that five idiots on Twitter couldn’t keep her down.

  7. I’ve been to fraternity parties in the olden days of yore and people would have thought it was juvenile to chant “f-you…”.

    I see headlines on Meduaite of things Jon Stewart says that are so vulgar you’d think they’d be the conversations of prison inmates.


    • No question Sunday’s ratings not good in the demo. Personally, didn’t think Sunday night was that funny. But, hope it is given more time and keeps getting better. Still think a studio audience might help but I could be wrong.

  8. Today’s most popular links…
    5 David Zurawik
    4 resurfaces
    3 an embarrassment
    2 Fox News cancel
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fans react to revamped Red Eye debut.

  9. Do Bill and Kirsten mutually agree to debate robustly–nay, fiercely–every week? This is the same person that wrote The Silencing?!

    • Mr. Bill seemed to best capture his feelings when he said, “The country is trying to be decent and fair and that’s not being portrayed. Racism is not endemic.”

      But most of the debate seemed to be an honest disagreement over how much racism still exists in this country.

      Not sure why it had to get so (as you said) ‘fiercely’ argumentative when the heated debate seemed to be based on perceived statistics and not policy or politics.

      I suspect Bill feels the intense drama and raised voices adds to the entertainment value — but does it?

      It’s possible it makes many viewers — especially retirees — uncomfortable.

      But far be it for me to question the instincts of the cable news ratings leader for 15 years.

      • There will always be racists and there will always be ignorant people. Is it systemic, part of our national fabric – no.

      • mike less about how much and more about the effects, causes and options for change. if you assume a. racism is illogical and that b, you wish to minimize the effects. one would look to successes and failures. success, US military, failure USA academia. ergo conclude plan of action. trying to change attitude in order to change behavior is a fail. the military changed behavior and the attitude change followed. success. most pols are not looking for a solution they are looking to keep the bucks flowing and have zero interest in having their cash cow disappear.

      • It makes me a bit uncomfortable when things start to get personal, and Bill has a tendency to let certain things set him off. I don’t think he does it for entertainment value; there are just some arguments that’s all he can stand cuz he can’t stand no more. And Kirsten is not the type to fold, which is one of her best attributes. So things get fiery, and Mediaite goes to town.

        • Good points.

          I suspect O’Reilly enters the winter of his life with the realization that his dream of being a world-renowned journalist or news desk anchor is not to be realized (and that his remarkable accomplishments as a commentator don’t begin to compensate for that loss in his own mind) and that he now sees himself on the “wrong” side of the historical divide in America.

          Certainly, one’s perspective changes as one makes a significant age change. I know I remain as passionate about key issues of our culture and our national life, although the number of issues I define as “key” are far fewer.

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