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  1. I remember when Bob Short bought the Washington Senators and in his first year decided to have guests in the TV booth. Flip Wilson (and his cast of characters) is the one that I remember most. He drove Warner Wolf and Shelby Whitfield nuts. “Geraldine’s passed out by the beer stand.”

  2. Not being as consumed with Williams as some, I prefer to comment on the Wallace interview of Perry. On first blush it did not seem to be Wallace at his best. There seemed to be a bit of timidity initially, a bit of soft-balling. But, Wallace was really employing a journalistic technique that had been lost by many. He gave Perry enough rope to hang himself. And, hang himself he did. Perry rushed into a shrill and illogical defensive position in which a shoddily-drafted Tort Reform law somehow equates with access to medical care instead of non-accountability of doctors who rushed to Texas because they could no longer effectively practice elsewhere. And Wallace just let Perry twist. It was a masterful piece of classical journalism.

  3. A great deal of broadcast and cable news focus on the Confederate (Battle) Flag in SC. While it may be a despicable and hateful symbol, it is, like all flags, just a symbol. The reversion to it in SC may well have been the most idiotic legislative and executive action in the 21st century to date, but it seems to me that the focus on it is a fool-hardy as the suggestion that the shooting were part of some War on Christianity. Our shootist was drawn to hateful symbol because of his beliefs and the fact that the flag was a symbol of those beliefs. The flag didn’t create those beliefs. Very lazy journalism.

  4. Still like Gretchen as single. I often watch part of her show as I prepare for Shep. Okay, not the best compliment in the world, but it will have to do.

  5. Look for this year’s greatest hits of The Supremes today. Gay and affordability healthy, dressed to the nines.

    • Something is terribly wrong with the Court this morning. Three cases, so far, and all decided by the so-called liberal justices. The rightists have fractured on all three, and the 9th Circuit has been affirmed twice. Wow!

      Final case overturned 9th circuit on grape/raisin case market controls. 5 + 3 partial concurrence, so no ideological split.

      No Marriage and ACA.

    • Just announced Court will be in session Thursday.

      I’m beginning to wonder if King v. Burwell is going to be anti-climatic, and if, when it does come down if 2 of 3 cable news networks are going to misreport again. Maybe we should all watch MSNBC to be safe.

        • They issued a couple of decisions today. One ruled in favor of a raisin farmer, the other banning the LAPD from searching motel registries without a warrant.

        • Not the first time the Court has dumped important controversial decisions on us in advance of an exodus from D.C. The ACA case gets blow-back whatever the outcome.

          • MSNBC hosts and contributors are obviously rooting for a ruling against the plaintiffs.

            But somewhat paradoxically they may garner more viewers with the opposite ruling as congress, many state legislatures and insurance companies grapple with what to do next about all those at risk of losing insurance.

            The short-term news value and controversies that ensue could be beneficial in terms of ratings as many potential viewers from the left (and the right) tune in to see what’s being debated/discussed and how it might affect them.

      • Sorry. I didn’t even pay any attention to who posted. When I saw the prediction was incorrect, I felt the need to correct the misinformation for my readers. My mistake. Oops!

  6. Having been retweeted by Paul Begala and Tommy Christopher I’m thinking of just sticking close to the blog the rest of the week.

  7. I see troll replied again, though with what I know not. This comment is a demonstration that one can state their piece without a direct reply and lose little in the connection to the close knit family of readers. Stop troll, go away, little Larry does not want to play.

  8. And did the MSNBC/CNN staffers bring presents to bride and groom, dance in the conga line, sing the chicken song, and remind Hillary who her friends are?

      • you lie. you lie about everything. no one could live with someone like you. not a single person believes what you post. not a single person on earth finds you likable. i feel sorry for you. you are an over affected insecure nothing burger.

        • But…but…but, he has a job “of great national importance” and stuff. In other words, a paper route.

          • the biggest lie is he has a 30 year loving marriage. really? with the personality exhibited here? seriously? seriously funny anyway.

          • The most offensive lies to me was his claims about the Church and his military service. People like him simply disgust me. And, I expect the two of us to soon be kicked out.

  9. Interesting discussion with Tammy Bruce and Alan Colmes on Happening Now.
    Criticism regarding those who could not/would not call the murdering of nine worshipers in Charleston church racism vs. those who could not/would not call the murdering of soldiers at Fort Hood terrorism. Both agreed it was a double standard. Or at least Tammy Bruce got Colmes to agree that it was a double standard.

  10. To be revealed later today, but whom do you guess this quote refers?

  11. Nikki Haley was genuinely troubled by the South Carolina murders, and her remarks were moving. She has now called for the removal of the Confederate Battle flag. I suspect that some portion of that has to do with 2016. Not that she doesn’t genuinely believe it ought to be removed, but she hasn’t been reliably or proactively courageous politically in the past. And, hot on the heels of the Doocy Blunder and the reaction to it, it is pretty clear that Republicans and by extension FOX “News” are tender. The last thing they need is to given fodder to the ridiculous Republican as racist meme which they know will be exploited. So, what does FOX do? Does it turn up the heat on Republicans who don’t embrace the flag removal? I think it might. FOX is reliably Republican, but it is Republican of the mainstream sort. And, we certainly saw other FOX talent running from Doocy last week. Add to that Jeb’s position in all of this and the favor with which he is looked upon by Roger and Rupert. So, it all makes sense. But, we know that Jimmy has been very much pro-Clinton in the past. Does that factor in at this point? I suspect there is a bit of angst in both Republican and FOX circles over this.

    • It’s an action that’s been demanded from the media because there’s no other political hay to be made.

      Ain’t no pol dumb enough to not jump at that easy gesture.

      • Perhaps a bit cynical, but not inaccurate. And, you do realize that Rick Perry didn’t jump at the opportunity? But Haley is actually much, much smarter than Perry. There are things I like about her.

        • The state of Texas generally stays off the media radar when it comes to any linkage with the Old South.

          That’s not to say its pol’s alway do. That pressure will come around to them.

          • That is true. In part it is simply because Texas can be Southern or Weatern or just Texan. Perhaps, even Mexican. Most Texans come from families that weren’t establsihed at the time of the War. I think it a blessing.

  12. Lemme guess. The below is about what Gov. Haley did in removing the Confederate flag was a righteous thing to do. But it’s really about Fox and rightists and evil and racism all mixed up in a screed labeled as same old same old. Someone read it and post the Cliff Notes version.

    • You’re right, it was one of his typical rants. I would prefer a Classic Comics (remember them) version. I like pictures.

    • See, Marty, this is not a news site. It is a media site. The story is not what Haley did, it’s how the media reported what she did and all its implications. The most interesting aspect of this to me lies in the close relationship between FOX and the Republican. What role does FOX assume. mainstream Republican cheerleader? Enforcer?

    • See, Marty, he told you not to communicate with him nor he with me. I’m holding up my end of the deal.

    • Has Gov. Haley now vaulted herself into talk of a possible VP candidate?

      I wonder if Martha MacCallum will mention this on tonight’s edition of the Kelly File. (Presumably with Megyn’s Twitter account gone silent there will a sub-host again tonight.)

      • there has never been a time she was off the list. her sole liability is where she is from. kaisich, rubio etc bring a state.

      • I don’t know about her being a possible VP candidate because of her action today. Maybe some considered her to be one all along. I like to think Gov. Haley did the right thing for the right reason. Her state has been brought to it’s knees by the act of one horrible racist. Probably the flag should have been dispensed with long ago and now is the time once and for all. IMO only.

        • Haley, Martinez, and now Fiorina are the women most mentioned for VP GOP i think. Fiorina could end up in Commerce according to insiders which discussed possible positions for losing primary candidates. the stable is pretty pumped up. Haley never has not looked good. this is just a bump.

          • Not so sure. With Jeb at the top of the ticket, he’s going to have to go all radical rightist to have any hope of winning the general election. Two moderates, and a chunk of the Republican Party stays at home Election Day. That means a White guy from the South or the Mountain West.

          • And, of course, he always has to bring up race. To a leftist, everything involves race.

  13. “Welcome to johnny dollar’s place: your source for the latest cable NEWS developments….”
    Content: This site is about cable NEWS……
    From the About J$P.

    • And no Mr. Concha tonight on THE DAILY WRAP. Taking a well deserved day off. Rick Ungar who is becoming my favorite liberal with bulk of hosting duties and Heather Hansen, who I think is terrific lending a hand.

  14. Today’s most popular links:
    5 through the years
    4 Kelly primetime specials
    3 Clinton staffer’s wedding
    2 Ainsley Earhardt
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 How Megyn Kelly became the new star of Fox News.

      • The hyperventilation is so bad I think it may be necessary to call Ramparts Emergency and get John Gage to come and give them an injection of ringers. Wait until they see the kind words that our favorite potato had for the profile. They’ll have to go straight into surgery.

  15. Curious ‘A’ block by Megyn about Thursday’s (old) news about Brian Williams.

    IMO, I would have expected one of the following:
    Gov. Haley
    Confederate flag controversy
    Prison escapees (from foxnews[dot]com)
    Obama’s use of n-word
    Whether or not Dylann Roof is a terrorists (from foxnews[dot]com)

    Oh well. It doesn’t keep me from watching. ☺

    • There’s a pretty obvious obsession in FOX World about Williams. Not sure why. Maybe some reflection of over-sensitivity about the O’Reilly stories or the journalistic-free Kelly interview of the Duggars? I don’t know. Seems very odd.

      • MSNBC hosts and contributors are obviously rooting for a ruling against the plaintiffs.

        But somewhat paradoxically they may garner more viewers with the opposite ruling as congress, many state legislatures and insurance companies grapple with what to do next about all those at risk of losing insurance.

        The short-term news value and controversies could be beneficial as many potential viewers from the left (and the right) tune in to see what’s being debated/discussed and how it might affect them.

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