Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Jeb race
  • Reliable Sources: Brian Williams, Lester Holt, perspectives on Charleston.
  • The Persuaders: CNN to match pharmaceutical ads to program theme.
  • Q&A: The Seventies‘s Mark Herzog.  Erin Burnett looking forward to July.
  • Wemple: MRC forsees ‘fun’ with Brian Williams.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • NY Post: Brian Williams is the shame of MSNBC.  Tyndall: ‘Sloppy seconds.’
  • Bernard: Women who are ‘brilliantly well-educated professional journalists’.
  • Your Buzz videos: party, boat, Michael

180 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Best segment of coverage on Charleston to date: Steve Kornacki in the studio and the venerable Mark Potter in Charleston. Fact-based. Sober. No emotive appeals to racism. No silly references to a mythical war on Christianity. A brief but shining moment of journalism just broke out on American cable news.

    • They played Clinton and Santorium doing both respectively.

      I enjoyed the discussion of the SC flag. No hyperbolic nonsense as though South Carolina is still S.C. circa 1960. Still with the emphasis that the flag needs to change (and so it should).

      Kornacki is partisan, but fair, and is no liberal blabbing about hate and haters as he casts the other side in the worst light possible.

      • I do think the flag discussion was very good. Not really the Confederate flag, but the battle flag …. That’s an important distinction. Heritage is important but if you need a flag to celebrate it, it can’t mean that much …. Good stuff.

        • That’s not a heritage I want disappeared or hung around my neck like an albatross.

          It’s not one I cherish or wish to celebrate either.

  2. Exactly what laws, gun control or other, would have kept the ninth grade dropout, pill popper dimwit from committing his murderous rampage? Those are a questions a bitter President isn’t posing and liberal commentators are barely. Maybe stopping global warming is a first step. Maybe I haven’t watched enough cable news the last two days the get the answer?

    • Exactly. I mean after all, he was just exercising his Second Amendment rights, and it was only 9 people praying, not doing nothing productive.

        • And the troll said it in a most vulgar manner. But, then, why should we be surprised?

        • I’m just not letting the old canard about laws would not have stopped the killings go unchallenged anymore, since we have never tried to do so. The NRA has our gutless Congress so cowered that I can’t see anything stopping the carnage. I’m not accepting the old could have used knives canard either. All shooting have one thing and thing only in common. A gun. I’m tired of the gun nuts. Really, really tired of find an excuse for the slaughter.

          • You’re ill-informed. I’m opposed to both abortion and the death penalty. Consistent to the core.

          • your ill-moral and depraved comparing innocent babies with murderers. only a sick individual would call that moral consistentcy. how do you live with yourself?

          • Uh huh. You don’t mind if I find the Church to be a better moral arbiter that you. It’s teaching is consistent. However, I support your right to be anti-Catholic.

          • Except his “anti-Catholic” stance is closer to church teaching than your own.

            You truly are a troll.

          • I had no idea you were a theologian or an expert of RC ecclesiology. The Vhurch is very clear that abortion and executions are forbidden.

          • Wrong, as usual. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

            2267 Assuming that the guilty party’s identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against an unjust aggressor.

            Lying about a matter of faith to make a political point. Have you no shame at all?

          • Well, how very convenient that you omit the text that doesn’t support your desire to execute so freely and thoughtlessly. And how typical a means of argument for you.

            “If, however, non-lethal means are sufficient to defend and protect
            people’s safety from the aggressor, authority will limit itself to such
            means, as these are more in keeping with the concrete conditions of the
            common good and more in conformity to the dignity of the human person.

            “Today, in fact, as a consequence of the possibilities which the state
            has for effectively preventing crime, by rendering one who has committed
            an offense incapable of doing harm – without definitely taking away
            from him the possibility of redeeming himself – the cases in which the
            execution of the offender is an absolute necessity “are very rare, if
            not practically nonexistent.”

          • I posted the entire thing. You are quoting from an opinion of a confrence of Bishops. You lie and twist things to meet your political needs. But, then, we figured you out long ago.

          • I don’t know if you are Catholic or not but the text was modified in response to John Paul II’s, Evangelium Vitae 56, and the Catechism 2267 was then revised in 1992. Evangelium Vitae 56 was very much ex cathedra, with His Holiness in the prologue saying, “I declare it to be a sure norm for teaching the faith.”

            You are just about as wrong as you can be.

          • No, Clucker, I posted it from the 1992 Catchechism. And I am certain that I am a Catholic.

          • if you’re opposed to abortion then you think it a termination of something beyond mere tissue. Something that is human or nascent, God given and precious.

            By your own logic, if you are not actively opposing the scope of that amendment you are in effect killing that life with your own hands. You are ripping the flesh to pieces. You are steeped in the blood of millions— a holocaust since the 70s that out does the taking of life by Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

            You are awash in blood in you do not actively oppose the wholesale the extermination of what you deem to be human and sacred.

            By the very “logic” you mete out to others.

          • I think it true that if one opposes all sensible regulation of guns s/he facilitates out I used gun violence. That is logical. Your comments, convoluted.

          • No, it’s your thinking that’s convoluted.

            The NRA does not oppose “all sensible regulation of guns”.

            You lashed out at Larry and accused him of abetting murder for merely asking what law is there being proposed that would have stopped Roof’s father from getting a gun.

            What Democrats are running on that sort of law? Are you going to Dem sites, the sites of their supporters, and accusing them of de facto abetting murder?

            Yes, by your own logic you are responsible for the termination of life via abortion because you are not actively working to limit the right.

            By your convoluted thinking you are a de facto killer.

            You are most certainly a tyrant.

          • Cece, it is beyond me why Johnny continues to allow his bullsh*t, especially considering their history. I am beginning to believe that Mike C. had the best idea by just leaving. As much as I enjoy the company here, I am sick of the troll and his vulgarity. And, yes, what he said about the shootings was as vulgar as anything that I have ever read here.

          • It passed being speech long ago. It is simple trolling. Taunting for the pure thrill of it. Abuse.

          • … and it accomplished zilch. private communication is no communication. it is just another sweep under the rhetorical rug.

          • Who has implied in the slightest that you are a bad guy?


            And by the same token, who has held a gun to your head and forced you to stick around if you find the place unpalatable?

            I enjoy you immensely. I want very much for you to be here, but by all means, if this pace is making you miserable, find another blog.

          • Thank you for the snark of the “gun to my head.” Only one person is making this place unpalatable. That is the troll. I will stay here until Johnny kicks me off, which I suspect may happen soon.

          • Brother, you needed it. Please do the same for me when I do.

            That said, hooray! You’re staying!!

          • No, I didn’t need it and I would never even think of being rude to you. We are all in this together. A nice and friendly place to post is being destroyed by a single troll.

          • Yes, you’ve said all of that many, many to es before. time to move on to a new topic.

          • I’ve never seen you write anything as shrill and illogical as this. Talk about a screed.

          • It’s illogical because it’s what you argue against people who don’t hold your views.

            You say you oppose abortion, but do not want it curtailed. If not supporting certain types of gun control is abetting murder, then not supporting restrictions on abortion is the same as abetting the taking of a nascent life.

          • And the above lie about The Church’s stance on capital punishment. Everything is a crock.

          • That is not the official position of the Church. And the Holy Father was simply giving his opinion, not speaking ex cathedra. If you are a Catholic, it has been many years since you stepped foot in a Church. Probably interferes with your self-worship.

          • That’s the biggest lie posted on this website in many, many a day. First: I attend Mass weekly, if not more often, even when I am traveling. Second: A statement which is not spoken ex cathedra is not simply an opinion. It is the Holy Father’s restatement of doctrine. Ex cathedra simply makes a statement infallible, and in no ways diminished the wisdom and truth of the statement. You’re flailing around like a cat fish on a dock in the hot sun.

          • No, you lie constantly about absolutely everything. It is pathological. Seek help.

          • That will always be an excuse for you to absolutely smear others for not marching lockstep with you.

            Someone couldn’t afford a medical treatment, etc.
            Someone didn’t get a job.

  3. Re: Sunday talkers: preview.

    Thanks for the link Johnny.

    I have been wondering if Fox News Sunday would follow a familiar pattern and interview a candidate who had just announced, such as Jeb Bush.

    For whatever reason Chris Wallace will interview Rick Perry instead.

    Oh well. It’s anyone’s guess whether this was a decision by FNS or did the Jeb Bush campaign staff balk at the opportunity after other candidates like Marco Rubio did not do that well under intense grilling.

    • Chris is his father’s son and a very tough questioner, no matter the party affiliation. Jeb might not feel he’s ready to go up against Chris, who gets to sharpen his teeth on Fridays against Shep. Not yesterday though. Wallace did host SPECIAL REPORT and gave us a rare grilling of Charles, who was a bit surprised by the combat.

  4. Someone should post that column about the intelligence of the Fox News female reporters/anchors on the silly Media Matters and Newshounds websites. They would learn something.

    • I can’t take the risk of getting cooties. Maybe our house troll could make himself useful and do it.

      • so larry, nix, all snark aside, i read that Williams is going to be used as a breaking news anchor on msnbc more often known by other acronyms. so they are inviting him to leave. not best use. with the same amount of exposure would he not be used better by not having him repeat the exact same lines on every single other news net? no risk no glory, but no ooops either. gutless.

        and your snark-less proposals?

        • A simple snark-less observation. This has to be a real blow to his ego.They are hoping that he’ll get fed up and want to leave.

          • “so they are inviting him to leave.” sorta kinda, but i said as ribbing.

            hows your mouth. i am smoking a couple of whole birds today. in the cavity is apple, ginger, garlic, onion, gizzard, heart, liver, feet, and the chicken head. wish i could post pix. 24 hour brown sugar ancho chili rub smothered in the last hour with my chipoltle sauce which is just blended chipoltle. why ruin a good thing?

          • It’s feeling much better. No pain pills needed anymore. Thanks for asking. Those birds sound good.

        • From the Williams interview, he is greatful to have the position at MSNBC and they continued his salary of $10 million a year. He will not be going anywhere unless they threaten to send him to Syia undercover in ISIS. No other network will be bidding for him, certainly not at that price. I doubt seriously Williams will be caught in another exaggeration so I don’t think he will be any danger to them in any capacity. Williams will just soldier on collecting the big bucks.

    • i trust this invites columns disclosing education and experience as standard media fare. rally i do.

  5. Having gotten a reply from the troll on my gun control question, I am betting, without looking, that the troll did not come close to anything remotely like an answer. If so, then maybe he should no longer be given grace to post here as others have suggested. If not, then maybe I’ll read it.

  6. thnx, but i thought the post after innocent people were still cooling very obscene and i did flag it.

          • Was/is Brian Williams considered a journalist? Did he write the “news” that he read on air? I know he decided what was put on his show as the managing editor. Do news readers write their own copy?

          • no, all news readers do not write their own copy. i do not think anyone writes all their own copy. all have editors. i believe Williams did writing and editing or he could not have lied easily:)

          • Some of the fools on our local TV would prove you wrong. One even once mispronounced her own name, her freaking birth name.

          • errors occur all the time. it does not mean they cannot read a freaking teleprompter. local ohio is where people go when managers hope no one literate is watching. jijiji

          • You should check out my local Appalachian Ohio TV for the traing camp. Still not as bad as channel 18 at Purdue in Indiana. Now Cleveland a different deal: as good as New Yok or LA. Russ Mitchell left CBS to anchor the NBC owned WKYC station news.

          • SE Ohio, northern Kentucky is in another country. people are not aware the Appleoids are another race.

          • Remember the Lafayette UHF station? Never will forget the news guy that swallowed a fly buzzing about.

        • I believe he never intended to be an on air personally. He was a producer on Tucker’s MSNBC nightly show and popped in now and then. Got good reactions and Carlson made further use of him. Combined with regular Rachel Maddow, it was my favorite show at the time. I was a regular watcher.

          • George was my first vote, Carter the last dem i voted for. during his admin i bought a delicatessen in a very busy section of Beaverton Oregon. i was in my late 20’s it was my first business. i have hated the left and government ever since. hate. pure odio. an almost 2 year sign application, year, later, my sign was not old enough to be grandfathered with the new, just passed, sign regs. start over. painted my building. a nice clean bright yellow. not an approved color, change it. passed out free samples at the stoplight outside my building. ticketed. ever since, in every country i have done business in government is an evil. …. and no it is not a necessary evil. it is a racket that only cares about itself just like the wise guys i grew up around in Queens nyc. i hate them all.

          • The engine of those that want to re-weave the social fabric, too much government instead produces a crazy-quilt.

          • Except, of course, the government built the road in front of your store and the roads on which your suppliers delivers your supplies. It provided an education for you and virtually every skilled person in your silly chain. It provided the water and sewer pipelines to your property. It handled the drainage network. It subsidized in some measure the power and gas lines. It provided public transport for customers to get to your shop. It built and operated the airport which supplied some portion of your products. It provided you and your business Fire and police protection which, in turn, lowered your insurance premiums. Seems to me your pretty ungrateful.

          • No, the roads and bridges and sewer lines, et cetera were (in the vast majority of cases) built by private companies that were contracted out by government to build them. And the government got the funds to pay companies to build these things from private citizens and companies.

            It’s a perfect example of why we need both the government and the private sector, especially a private sector that creates the wealth that the government can use.

          • At least the guys in Queens were upfront about what they were. They didn’t pose to be respectable like the governments do.

          • Mine too. I had attended McGovern’s Labor Day rally in 1972 and thought, “This guy can’t win, but I don’t want Nixon to have too big of a landslide.” That was also the year I bought an AMC Gremlin.

          • My first vote was for McGovern. I as vindicated as all who voted for him. By the SCOTUS, no less.

          • I enjoyed it too. Olbermann credited himself for giving Maddow a start, but she has always credited Tucker and he says he sought her out for his show.

          • As she was giving the liberal take on an issue in a back and forth discussion, it made for good TV as opposed to the one-side show sandwiched between others that have copied it.

          • He still does regular humorous pieces on CBS SUNDAY MORNING even though he suffers Parkinson’s. Mr. Geist had one this morning.

          • missed it. was putting urinated on soil around my orange trees. if you think i am crazy google it. we have 2 seasons. wet and dry, wet started a month ago, you saw our flooding on cable news, right? anyway after after 7 months of dry, we get 5 months of tropical rain. everything explodes in green. it happens so fast it is remarkable. time to feed the fruit to maximize my fruit return before death. i have never seen cbs morning in my life including 40some years in the good OLD usa. GO DUCKS!


            i own many share of POT, the corporation, not the weed. urine could be doing me in.

            “Brian Williams here in Masaya Nicaragua where early tropical rains have claimed the lives of children and flooded thousands of homes. cut to victim, translation sub-title.”
            toss to interrupted MSNBC program.
            Mathews: “thanks Brian, i have seen that story nowhere else”
            Williams: join us tomorrow we will do a whirlwind tour of Nicaragua’s French Colonial 17th century churches made of adobe Chris.
            Mathews: really? from the 1,600’s we will be sure to look for your break-in, thanks brian.

            now send me the check.

        • All I can figure is Peter Alexander got sick, and Willie lives near the studio and wasn’t doing anything. He did do a good job.

    • ahahhahahaha willie? watch him plug for vandy. he is no journalist. he is the MJ straight man for joke set ups.

  7. In watching coverage of the Sunday after servie in Charlestion, I came to the realization that in the gut-wrenching tragedy there are some hopeful signs:

    The church bells in unison in Charleston. This would not have have happened in 1965.

    The words of Governor, whose politics can so often have a callous rightist stab to them, but who was genuinely moved and who reminded us that the Republican Party has a a truly decent governor, or more, and millions of truly decent members amongst the racist riff-raff.

    The greater part of the FOX News talent who, will not disavowing the foolish statements of Doochey, did not affirm them and even expressed the truth of the situation.

    We have much to do, but we have done much.

    • Jesus Christ has done much. His dictates are those this wonderful church is following.

      They have refused divisive rhetoric against their neighbors, let alone refused to lash out at the very man who killed their loved ones.

      This isn’t a political triumphant. It’s a spiritual one.

      Look closely media, politicians, Americans, Believers. This is how peace and love and positive change are done.

      • I don’t like Maher, particularly when it comes to matters of religion, but it is not too big a stretch to recognize that a steady diet of both hate and cheap plenary forgiveness for the hate-filled tends to breed hateful. At least in the abstract, it is sensible and logical.

          • On the contrary. Forgiveness can come very cheap indeed. In cable news alone, we see O’Reilly being forgiven for his serial exaggerations alone without the slightest cost. Scarborough said some truly vile words live, and he got a brief suspension. Absolution for the Blah people remarks cost Santorum nothing in the conservative media.

          • What strange views of repentance, confession and absolution you have, which, of course, leads to strange views of forgiveness in more general terms. Forgiveness is for the sake of not only s/he who is forgiving, but also s/he who needs to be forgiven, whether or not s/he seeks forgiveness, indeed, whether or not s/he knows s/he needs forgiveness. It has an objective quality to it.

          • Yes, it’s of no sense whatsoever for me to say that I cannot forgive what does not cause me to be offended.

          • But, you didn’t say “I”. You used “you”. That struck me as an appeal to a more general, perhaps an objective point. How was I suppose to read that as a wholly subjective expression of emotion when you didn’t use “I”? Change the “you” to “I”, and how, indeed could I argue with you on that point.

          • It wasn’t “wholly objective”. It makes no sense for ANYONE to say, “I couldn’t care less what you did. I forgive you for doing it.”

            “I like that thought. I forgive you for saying it.”

          • Not to worry, Cecelia. Just a grammatical error that made your meaning unclear. I have already forgiven the error.

    • he is such and idiot. but hey, al, the village idiot, franken was elected by people named adolf hitler and micky mouse.

  8. The weekend’s most popular links:
    5 the shame of MSNBC
    4 match pharmaceutical ads
    3 fun with Brian Williams
    2 looking forward
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Women who are ‘brilliantly well-educated professional journalists’.

  9. Yeah, I knew it was Obama fast and lose talk (check just this weekend about the Australian who mowed down a crowd with his car) but I didn’t think anyone would call the habitual liar on it.

    “@PolitiFact: Obama said mass violence doesn’t occur in other countries, or as frequently. Mostly False http://ow.ly/OD5QE http://twitter.com/PolitiFact/status/613002615639670784/photo/1”

    — still have seen it addressed on a newscast other than played without analysis —

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