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    • One ought be amazed at how important Ms. Dolezal and Mr. Trumps’ hair are to you. But, forgive me. I am in mourning that Mr. Trump will be skipping F&F during his short run.

          • Trump’s hair has long been a running joke to the point that it has its own public persona. I think Trump considers that part of a marketing strategy or something…

            I don t know how anyone would think that Dolezal could go as far as to have extensions of coarse curly hair woven in and people NOT shake their heads and comment over such subterfuge.

            The best thing you can say is that it’s an attractive style that suits her. Still the MOST obvious thing that comes to mind is that it was part of a deception.

          • The Trump hair is, indeed, marketing as much as his overly-pretentious ties are.

          • You know, he not only wears them, he also markets them. Upscale retailers …. I was given one for birthday or Christmas, and I see them (last year’s style) at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.

            Did you know that in the UK and Europe, TJ Maxx is operated as TK Maxx. There is an older, venerable enterprise called TJ Hughes in the UK, and the trade commission decided it was to close in name not to be confused (by an apparent none too bright consumer network).

          • I’ve found several nicely discounted handbags at TJ Maxx over the years. I like the store.

            However, TJ Maxx Homegoods is the Mecca of fabulous scores.

          • But she did and we’re on pace to have at least a hundred comments in this thread. This was such a great site, but a troll has taken it hostage.

          • Mike, I understand what you’re saying. I cannot understand why Johnny doesn’t take this in hand. And, yes, I have contacted him.

          • Frankly, Mike, you weren’t any happier when we had lots of thread comments because I was arguing CABLE NEWS with Joe.

          • It should have never gotten to this point with the troll. Remember when the liar promised to leave and never return?

          • I read him for the same reason you do, morbid curiosity. However, I no longer answer him.

          • No, NN, I read him to be entertained by what he says, or to consider his argument and agree with it, or mitigate it to the extent I think it needs to be, or counter it.

            Same thing I do with anyone here.

          • He has no argument to consider. He simply spews the usual leftist crap designed to incite.

          • Yeah, he does. I can still counter it.

            I tell you what. It’s not fun to make folks unhappy here.

            I’m done with this. I’ll stick to replying in a limited manner to whoever is deemed alright for a response.

          • That’s why I stopped answering him, and one of the reasons that I walked away from ICN.

          • they make me itch. low dose of ibuprofin and acetominifin together with ice beats the narco stuff in my experience.

    • The problem was this dingbat jerk actually had some power. She use it to establish her black cred using the typical white liberal racist overcompensating PC victimhood. Lies built on lies from a phony. She’d make a great troll. Yeah, not enough of a scumbag to lie about military service, but still.

      • “The problem was this dingbat jerk actually had some power.”

        Indeed, one of the most critical problems in America today. And, it remains today a problem despite the best efforts of FOX News, Limbaugh, Breitbart and the other members of the rightist media to convince us all of the great tragedy of reverse discrimination.

          • Ask Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I don’t believe such a thing exists, but it seems to be a great source of angst for them.

          • You brought it up, you explain it to me. You might not believe it exists, but you should know what it means.

          • Please. It is the misfound belief that White people, particularly White men, are victimized by affirmative action for African Americans and women. Most often whined about by White men who do not measure up for some particular job or school. In other words, White men whining.

          • Yes, I heard Rush Limbaugh say the same thing. Which probably means Sean Hannity said it too.

          • No, you didn’t. I said it.

            Principles need agendas and agendas need to be based upon principles.

            Concept people need action people and action people need concept people.

            That’s not partisan silliness based upon the need to pat one side or the other on the back.

          • No. Limbaugh said it. And since he did, Hannity probably did too.

            But, it’s not all that a unique a concept is it.

            Having said that, its been a rather long time in America since principle trumped pragmatism and politics.

            Clinton and Bush I: No principles. Clinton may never have had any. Bush I abandoned his principles (family planning, just war) to secure the Republican nomination.

            Clinton and Dole: Same story, albeit after the last hurrah, Dole rediscovered his.

            Dubya/Cheney and Gore and Kerry. Not a single principle with Dubya/Cheney or with Gore or Kerry, although the latter two spoke of principles.

            Obama/McCain. Obama was once principle-driven, but the principles have been too readily subject to compromise. McCain has always been highly principled. He kept his principles, with the possible exception of the selection of Palin. Of course, that makes your point well. I don’t think McCains are universal principles, by any means. I disagree with him on many.

            Obama/Romney. Compromised principles for the former and entirely situational principles for the latter.

            1 out of 9. Not good.

          • I never claimed it was a unique or esoteric perspective, I’m not the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I said it isn’t a partisan perspective.

            That said, you did not hear on Limbaugh or Hannity. That’s just your attempt to paint me as parroting partisan cliques.

            The rest of the stuff about Bush and Clinton is another attempt to devalue the perspective that many of differences come from an intractable stance on either principle or upon agenda.

            Your argument that many times principle is abandoned completely is specious and doesn’t address what I’m saying at all either.

          • 1. I do in fact know Limbaugh said that.
            2. I never said that Hannity said it. I said since Limbaugh said it, it is likely Hannity did too. Hannity is not particularly original or clever.
            3. The Bush and Clinton matter is an inference by you. I tend to think it a poor one because I essentially agree that I could come up with a list of principled politicians, you could come up with one, we’d overlap by about 75%. My comments included only presidents.

            But here is the intersection: I agree 100% that anyone who lets an agenda define principles is making a grave error. I don’t think the loaves and fishes were borne of a cynical desire to convert. I think that happened because of the principles of hospitality (in the class sense, for the Angry Old Man Caucus) and charity (also in the classic sense).

          • Except that doesn’t make sense. What part of “discrimination” inherently involves race or a particular group? “Reverse discrimination” would be “fairness.”

            Seems like you don’t like or have little respect for “White men.” Why is that?

        • It’s always a problem when people acquire power through deception and the manipulation of the good intentions of others.

          Even when that amounts to little more than taking advantage of the unintended consquences of those good intentions.

          • I don’t disagree with any of that, and if I ever had an employee do that, s/he’d be booted from the door in a flash. But, see, you articulated a good, solid basis for doing so, whilst the Angry Old Man Caucus reverted to the usual race-based and worn out generalizations involving entitlement, victimization, white guilt, &c.

          • Actually, I mention the unintended consequences of good intentions …which is the obtaining of power through a hierarchy of grievance.

  1. Meanwhile, on the road to the coronation, the royal carriage is swallowed by a pothole.

    Meanwhile, in the other news, in what we might call the Dark and Foggy Night of the Pickle Forks began as follows:

    ” … Ailes directed Fox Business executive Bill Shine to tell anchor Stuart Varney to read the statement on air. ‘Ailes told Shine to write the announcement of the move for Varney to say, the source said. In it, Ailes inserted language that he would report to Rupert.’

    “This was, apparently, news to Rupert. And now the Murdochs are correcting the record. ‘Roger will report to Lachlan and James,’ a 21st Century Fox spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.”

    [The latter from Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine]

    It appears we’re losing Rupert and Roger but getting a FOX News Reality Television show.

  2. Scarborough has the Bush Family-like quality and the Hillary! quality of being transcendent. Wo/men without a state. Illinois, Arkansas, New York? Connecticut, Texas, Florida? Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Alabama?

      • Calm down. Who said I had a problem with that source? It’s required reading for NeoCons, so it’s a known commodity. Within that context, I give the source the credibility due it. I vet all sources. You should, too.

        • Can you define “NeoCon?”

          Most Liberals use that as code for, “Jewish Conservative” and is more-or-less a religious slur. So what do you mean by “NeoCon?”

          • No, most liberals do not use the word as code for Jewish Conservative, and no, it is not a religious slur. It is self-serving and disingenuous for you to suggest that. A NeoCon is an American political conservative asserting an aggressive form of promotion of Amercan-style Democracy as a means of promoting American interest, most often through military or quasi-military means. Code for US nation building, if it is code for anything ….. Some NeoCons are at least nominally Jewish, like Bill Kristol (formely with FOX News) but most are not Jewish. That would include people like Dick Cheney, Condi Rice (who forcefully stated her displeasure for the outcome of elections she promoted in Palestine) Donald Rumsfeld (who just last week admitted that NeoConnery in the form of establishing puppet democracies in the Middle East has not worked) Fred Barnes (formerly with FOX News), John Bolton (a far too frequent guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show) and Paul Bremer

          • Wiki:

            David Brooks derided the “fantasies” of “full-mooners fixated on a… sort of Yiddish Trilateral Commission”,
            beliefs which had “hardened into common knowledge… In truth, people
            labeled neocons (con is short for ‘conservative’ and neo is short for
            ‘Jewish’) travel in widely different circles…”[116] Barry Rubin argued that the neoconservative label is used as an antisemitic pejorative:[117]

            First, ‘neo-conservative’ is a codeword for Jewish. As antisemites
            did with big business moguls in the nineteenth century and Communist
            leaders in the twentieth, the trick here is to take all those involved
            in some aspect of public life and single out those who are Jewish. The
            implication made is that this is a Jewish-led movement conducted not in
            the interests of all the, in this case, American people, but to the
            benefit of Jews, and in this case Israel.


            But you go on believing what you want.

          • Neo is short for Jewish. Applesauce is short for Christian, I suppose. Well, you gave me a good radiator. Radiator is short for laugh.

          • Just ask Chris Matthews… Here’s great at hearing dog whistles.

            Of course, this time there’s evidence to support it.

          • This isn’t the first time that he has dabbled into anti-semitism. Nor will it be the last.

          • Right. Criticizing the Likud for killing Palestinian women and children is Anti-Semitic. Like criticizing the Vatican bank is anti-Catholic.

          • Jew hating, amusingly, is the new favored blood sport of the pseudo intelligent left wing aristocracy. they love to use wiggle words, and faux explanation, but it is Jew hating, pure and simple.

          • That’s probably why the vast, vast majority of Jews in America are Democrats and liberal.

            Wake up and smell the coffee!

          • If promoting a certain leadership in a country is neo-con, then the whole of our leadership has been that, Pres. Obama included.

          • But, for the NeoCon it’s not about leadership. It’s about control. And, I will freely admit there is too wide a streak of NeoConnery is our President.

  3. The only big draw from a Bill Clinton interview these days would be if Chis Wallace and he staged a rematch or if another blue dress turned up. Sorry Jake, he would have been better for a second show. Now if you could have gotten the reporter-ducking spouse.

    • I’m always amazed that people believe candidates have some obligation to media personalities. They do not. If the voters disapprove of that, then the matter will be properly addressed. I don’t see the value in perpetually whining about it otherwise. More in the nature of a free campaign ad than anything substantive. But, the media personalities enjoy whining as much as cops do.

    • That’s interesting because you said the very opposite about Sara Palin when McCain was running and the media was accusing her of ducking their questions because she was not up to the job.

      HRC has problems too when it comes to media. She is often criticized for appearing stiff, charmless, and for easily taking umbrage.

      The media is a natural hurdle and the public learns and discerns much by the deftness with which interviews are handled, along with a pol’s sense they are indeed obliged to answer questions rather than to stage manage them.

      • I think Hillary! has the same respect for the media as HRH, the Duke of Cornwall does. And for somewhat the same reason. And, for the additional reason that significant elements of the media in America, especially cable news are so appallingly bad. Your complaint about Hillary! is not that she is too inept to be exposed to the media, but that she is too adept at controlling the media. So, the media whines. But, seriously, at this time in the campaign, why would Hillary! take questions from a media outlet that is simply going to rip apart each and every answer and pass on the questions and answers to other outlet employees to rip her apart for the sole purpose of helping whoever her opponent might be? That makes no sense at all. It’s not journalism, and it’s not politically sensible. Control the media and let them whine. That may hurt her slightly, but it also makes her like strong whilst making the media look petulant.

        That’s why your Palin statement is a false equivalency. Palin was too inept to deal with media. Hillary! Is adept at controlling the media. A world of difference.

        • Hillary is only as adept at controlling the media as they allow her to be.

          The means the media have of not being stage managed by politicians is to “whine”– complain…to ask “What are you running from that the other candidates are not.?” That is the only pressure the media has to apply.

          If they have have done less of that with HRC and done it less vociferously that is not because HRC is adept at managing them, but that she has been allowed that to an extent that others weren’t.

          They allow it to her determent. Better now than later.

          • 1. I agree that in the long haul this is detrimental and ill-advised.
            2. I agree that this is in large measure a failure of the media and not a success of Hillary! In part, we don’t have many hard-nosed journalists around. We now have celebrities. Celebrities want to be liked. Hence, softball questions and no follow-up …. Not all. Too many.

            I wonder what the strategy is. I can’t really figure it out. Obama did really have to run against McCain, because the media was so focused on Palin. Obama didn’t have to run against Romney because most of the damage has already been inflicted by the other drivers in the Clown Car Circus on which the media so focused. It wasn’t as much the media being drawn to Obama as it was the media wanting to take us to the circus. That might suggest that the strategy may be to keep to the high road because Jeb is going to placate the right by some radical rightist VP nominee who will go all Todd Akin or Richard Murdoch -OR- treat the Republican debates as a circus qua demolition derby. Wait until the last car running. Who knows? There is a danger in all of this.

  4. yesterday i discovered an Asian mercado run out of a house in the Alta Mera bario in managua, they had mirin, rice vinegar, i was in heaven. now i can make a true Teriyaki and you can too. it will help ease the troll pain. and keep you busy during the boycott. i doubled the recipe for two trays of st louis cut price smart ribs. they call them costilla enteros, but they are the thick meaty st louis cut in gringo landia. dinner at 5:30 central time, drop on by. atras inglesia san francisco, rivas. la casa rosado y azu con urtas elegante. no addresses here. ribs marinading as i type.

    ½ cup soy sauce
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    3 tablespoons fresh ginger, minced
    1 entire clove garlic, minced
    1 tablespoon honey
    1 teaspoon sesame oil
    3 tablespoons mirin

    a spritz rice wine vinegar

    if you want marinade use the above. see below. add felicula, corn starch, and boil it becomes a brush on sauce for shish kabob meats.
    ¼ cup water mixed with 3 teaspoons cornstarch

    hopefully Hannity will pick this up and air it tonight.

    • Thanks, but I won’t be able to do it for about a week. Have to wait for the mouth to heal.

      • let me know how it turns out. i promise you will smile.. i also add red, white and black pepper, but i do that to everything.

    • Mirin is rice wine, I thought. They sell it in the Asian section of all the chain supermarkets here.

      • it is made with sake but there is some process. i cannot describe. it is served over veggies and used in sauces. yum. not common here sister.

        • I meant rice wine — Mirin. Spellcheck wanted it to be Marin.

          I don’t know what that is. Maybe a yuppie version of the name Mary

          • waters, whose festivals i went to, as a man i have met, who attended the bijou in DC with a barf bag which was last i saw a rite aid is more talented than many who get better reviews. Serial Mom i have a weakness for as i divorced an evil woman, kept the house and kids at 14 mos and 4 years and it was our family movie. “daybreak, if you wanna believe ,,,,”. however:. Serial Mom was high budget boo. Sweet and Low down even with Penn was very good and more important than Serial Mom. Cecil B. Demented was a great plot, rough ending. Pecker i think was his best ever because the characters were so strong and the topic, the nature of art, so important. plus, it was filmed off set, in Baltimore and the cam angles in a row house cannot be hidden. plus, he made tea bagging a national term Mary. watch it again and you will agree with me. to the end of irony. pit beef….. and bush….. it is flat out illegal. yes me ma ma. look little Chrissy snorted green peas! OMG!

          • I have a soft spot in my heart for Baltimore. My niece lives in Odenton, and I have cousins in the area.

          • john is from Baltimore and many of his setting were in and around it. Pink Flamingos was mostly shot in Elicott city and Cecil B. Demented has a lot of memorable Baltimore backdrops. pit beef is a Baltimore deal. so you have seen Pecker correct?

    • I do something similar, but I use Agave Nectar instead of honey, and I always use the toasted sesame oil. The flavor is a bit stronger and smokier. You’re right. It is very good. I used it with a thinly sliced steak over cabbage, in turn over rice noodles.

      • i try to space them out of respect. i actually found an Arab restaurant yesterday. they had a bakery and all the normal stuff. i believe they do catering as on the menu was an entire spring lamb for C5,000. 27.19 C=$1. they made Greek Kaloudias i munched all the way home.

      • there is very little to Central American cuisine. it is called typico. everything over cooked and heavily salted. not picante. i use the ingredients here and make creative stuff. but here they boil beans in salt water and eat with white rice…lol. the tortillas are not like mexican either. they are thick and eaten like a bread. as to a restaurant. did it younger. have the t shirt. no thanks. too much work. the fruits are fantastic. the carbs are plantanos, rice, white bread, tortillas, yuca, and a thing called kempisque. like a harder yuca. even papas are new here. they do like their hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers though.

        • Any Granadilla?

          The small hotel I stay in when I go to Bogotá serves them with a breakfast of eggs and bolillos. Love it.

        • The tortillas sound like the fry bread that indians all over the hemisphere use.

          • made with masa? it sucks. mexico has an incredible cuisine. central america is nothing like it.

          • Around here, now they use corn or wheat flour. Originally, it was corn., but not masa. Masa was done much further south.

          • bleck is bleck. as a Mexican street food addict i only eat out here at ethnic or seafood restaurants. they make ok cerviche but can ruin a lango tail

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    And the most popular link in today’s links:
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  6. Nice session on the DAILY WRAP tonight on Trump. Ceratinly showed him tripping all over himself with exaggerations, but explained how he resonates with some people for embracing “the greater truth” of issues they care about.


    “NBC News plans to retain suspended newsman Brian Williams as an employee but assign him to another position within the company, according to reports.

    NBC declined to comment. Williams’ lawyer, Bob Barnett, couldn’t be reached for comment.

    NBC could announce the change as soon as Thursday, according to CNN, which first reported the development. The New York Times, which confirmed the report, said Williams is expected to move to a new role primarily at NBC’s cable news network, MSNBC.

    Lester Holt, who’s filled in as the anchor of “NBC Nightly News” while Williams serves his 6-month suspension, will be named to the position permanently, the Times reported.”

    • What’s Williams going to do on MSNBC? Take Willie Geist’s place on Morning Joe so Willie can move up to hour two on Today?

    • File this under pure speculation about Brian Williams future at NBC or MSNBC.

      I seem to recall that NBC claimed (some might say exaggerated) Ann Curry’s new role doing specials (or special assignments) for NBC after her controversial departure from Today.

      The way NBC described it was that she would head up a unit covering “the world’s biggest stories.”

      However, if memory serves, in actuality she ended up in relative obscurity with a few minor exceptions. Some may recall that after 2 1/2 years she finally left the network earlier this year.

      I wonder if BriWi will follow a similar path — seldom making appearances — until his role is so diminished that he ultimately departs for good.

      Any forthcoming announcement from NBC could be an attempt — at least in part — to mitigate the loss of any more loyal fans by giving the appearance that Mr. Williams is perceived as being treated fairly.

      • I think thay you may’ve hit the nail on the head. Mabye the occasional special, kind of a “Brian Williams Reports” sort of thing.

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