Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Robust debate over
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Tapper’s State of the Union debuts in 4th place at 9:00 am (25-54).
  • Trump likely to make the cut for first debate.  Weekend numbers.
  • Today’s firing demand.  Concha: Find yourself another scapegoat.
  • Ashleigh Banfield disqualifies herself.   When reruns trump news.
  • Videos: Gretchen Carlson and returns to
  • Ed Henry frozen out.  Jake parties.  Farah: It’s the end of everything!
  • Kelly File video: on the dearth of due process at US colleges.
  • Q&A: Thomas Roberts; Mika Brzezinski; Dana PerinoJosh Levs and All In.

92 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • The woman is a fruitcake. One need not be Black to be a member of nor even work for the NAACP. I was given a lifetime membership in the NAACP as a college graduation present. And with the appalling lack of sunshine in Texas this summer, I am very, very white.

  1. I once enjoyed Ed Henry. Even when he first got to FOX, I continued to enjoy him. Then, he went all main stream media, turning lazy and defensive, developing that irritating sense of entitlement, involving himself in that deplorable White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Now, he’s just a whine in the wilderness crying to me.

    • I’d bet $100,00 if someone set five pictures in front of you and one of them was of Ed Henry you couldn’t pick him out.

      Just like I doubt you have heard one word uttered from The Daily Wrap.

      • You’d be wrong on both counts. My mother, when she was bed-ridden, watched cable news all day. Ed Henry was one of her favorites.I’d recognize the chubby cheeks (he often seems as if he has the mumps), the slightly dimpled jaw, the broad forehead and the crooked smile anywhere.

        As for The DW, I have long eschewed NewsMax, it is true. But, I have also become something of a fan of Concha (originally through Mediaite). He is one of the few articulate conservatives in the media these days, and he seems to have a genuine understanding of conservatism. For him, it’s more than just being a grouch. I seek him out.

        • In between the days at Mediaite when you called him a conservative hack and someone vying for a job on Fox?

          • Speaking of my mother, I just received word my daughter has become a mother again. Another boy, Rolf. 53 CM (just under 21″) and just under 5000 grams (11 pounds). A born footballer it seems.

          • Maybe. I know for sure it was the name of Liesl’s boyfriend who turned into a good, little Nazi in The Sound of Music!

          • Even girls had crushed in Julie Andrews. Such a classy lady and so sad about her voice/surgery not working. Thank goodness for videos.

          • There are two supposed sources for the name.

            In Norse mythology and throughout the Scandinavian languages “Rolf” is the word “wolf”.

            Germans uses some Scandinavian names directly, but in German, wolf is simply Wolf, with the “w” pronounced as an English “v”. As a name, it is usually a diminutive of Wolfgang.

            By contrast, Rolf is thought to be a diminutive of (H)Rudolf or (H)Rudolph that has, over time, become an independent word.

            It’s not an uncommon name in Germany or Scandinavia. I believe there are about 15 Million men born in the US over time with the name.

          • No. It was a Muppet dog named Rowlf.Try saying that pronouncing the “w” as a “v”.

  2. As I write, some 200+ miles from the Texas coast, Tropical Storm Bill is approaching the coastline. In size, it’s a huge storm, but in intensity, its not that great. Tropical Storm warning are up for about half the coastline from near Corpus Christi to east of Galveston. Galveston is getting 50 mph winds and squally rains at this point, and Houston may get 12″ of rain. I’m writing this because whatever happens, it will never get the intense coverage of snow flurries in Boston or Queens on cable news. Thankfully. And, although the storm was a surprise until Sunday night, rest assured that local television news, all across the state, has done an excellent job creating panic through all of south and east Texas. Even here in Austin, where we’re forecast to get 2″ of rain and experience 35 mph winds, grocery shelves are emptying of batteries, candles, water and canned food. Of course, the real panic sets in if cable and satellite service fails. We can only get the FOX affiliate and PBS in Austin without cable or satellite. How can we be properly panicked without coverage?

    • You guys are a bunch of wussies.

      We have a tornado warning here and people go out to the patio with binoculars and mixed drinks.

      On the other hand snow is more fearsome than Gen. Sherman.

      • Not me. When the school district stutters and misses an ice event by a couple of hours, I shuttle my (just now retired) wife and two of her colleagues up the hill and over the creek to the school.

        And, getting boozed up and watching a tornado is not the big weather thrill here. We’re a city of shallow creeks and arroyos secos (most of the time). My fellow Texans wait for a heavy rain, get boozed up and drive into the rushing pools of water. I tend to stay home, go out on the deck and watch the rescues.

  3. Ed, just keep plugging away, but don’t get so frustrated, the woman is as practiced at dodging questions as that hound dog she’s married to.

    • Yes, I have often noted that rightists fear Hillary and have long been exceedingly nasty to her. Except, of course, for that brief shining moment when you and yours, with the aid of Sean O’Hannity, turned her into the great victim of (now) President Obama’s political ambitions, in the apparent belief this might somehow prop up Sarah Palin. Of course, there’s not enough pine in Georgia or creosote in Louisiana to do that. Now, you’re back to her victimizing everyone. Well, you’re a predictable lot.

      • Yeah, rightists have insulted and made fun of HRC, but in that brief and shining moment you mention, leftist you was at Olbermann Watch calling her campaign racist.

        • She, indeed, had a terrible, terrible campaign. And, she paid dearly for it. Literally and figuratively. Her 2007/2008 primary campaign literally reminded me of Romney’s 2012 general election campaign. Bloated and bumbling.

          • No, you said she had a racist campaign. You vilified her spokesperson Geraldine Ferraro as doing the same, in what was and has been a decisive and cheapening political strategy by Obama champions that makes the tales of a so-called Southern Strategy look innocuous in comparison.

          • What a drama queen! The Southern Strategy innocuous in comparison to the Obama campaign. Intellectually bereft! The Southern Strategy was a paradigmatic shift that is still haunting the Republican party. Some short-term gains for Nixon and Reagan, and for Dubya through Rove, but the Republican party no longer has any credence among African Americans. When some Southern Democrats became disaffected by the CRA and the VRA and Nixon welcomed the good ole boys over with open arms, political ground shook in America.

            And, yes, Ferraro was uncharacteristically ham-fisted and tongue-tied. She made a colossal error.

            Even without Ferraro, the campaign stumbled. You’ll remember that Obama’s strength initially was White liberals who saw Hillary! (and Bill) as far too conservative. African Americans remained loyal to her for a good time. When they began to shift, Hillary! knew she was in trouble, and she became desperate. The disastrous University of Cincinnati speech …. The absurd racism charges ….

            A pity Sarah Bernhardt is not around. The two of you could form a troupe. Take the show on the road. I’d pay to see it.

          • You go into vapors over the comparison of the devaluation of the concept of racism ( by Obama champions )to the Southern Strategy, but I’m the drama queen?

            The plain dynamics of a white majority in this country naturally make charges of racism more potent, divisive, and embittering on one side of the equation than the other.

            “You and yours” count on that and oh how you worked that magic in the broadcast media and on the Internet in those days. Oh, how eager you were to throw HRC under the bus and to paint her supporters as remnants of the Blue Dog Democrats…ineffectual, dying out, and questionably liberal.

          • My dear, I was an avid Hillary! supporter, much to the chagrin of my wife, mother and sisters, until the University of Cincinnati speech shortly before the Texas primary. I ripped the bumper stickers off my truck the next morning. You’re “talking” to the wrong person.

            Now, enough of this. We’re getting as off topic as the Angry Old Men club here.

          • No, your avid fan and reader is talking to you. I’m more than familiar with what went down with you and your merry bunch of clowns at Olbermann watch.

          • Ever notice that efforts by trolls never accomplish anything other than keep them off the streets.. The only Olbermann left to WATCH is some sports guy. Might be related for all I know.

  4. Rachel Maddow out did herself last night.

    Her audience was treated to a 15 minute dead serious build-up of fauxmility in which she yabbered on and on that though she has been broadcasting news and news analysis for years and understands politics and the American audience she is still stumped by several things. Yes, though Rachel is seasoned in the trade, she sincerely admits that many of her colleagues have it all over her in that they are better at their craft and that they are not stumped by the things that stump our modest genius.

    What are the these unfathomable puzzles that try the reason of our dear darling modest girl Rachel? Well, after ten minutes we learned they are Term Limits, Nepotism, and Donald Trump.

    Yes, folks, these are the conundrums that Maddow is honest and humble enough to tell her audience she just can’t quite get. She went on to lengthily explain each of these things in terms so simplistic that all her tut-tutting at herself, and throwing up her hands in exasperation, seemed particularly incongruent with her words.

    This is the bullshite we get from our elites. Pure disingenuous political theater.


    • I was awake even earlier than usual, and watched the 03:00 Hours rebroadcast for the first time in a very long time. Frequently dozing …. I’d say I agree with your review. I’d also say I’m not sure that Maddow understands nepotism well.

    • Just watched it online after your comment piqued my curiosity.

      My take was that her prolonged soliloquy was a verbose exercize in getting to her point about Donald Trump.

      She said (paraphrasing), “There are things about politics that baffle me (translation: make no sense to me).”

      “But the one thing that really stands out is the appeal of Donald Trump to *anyone* as a presidential candidate.”

      Why it took her eight minutes to get to her point is as baffling to me as Trump’s appeal is to her.

      IMO she could have condensed the entire eight-minute buildup to 25 words, or less, by simply saying the following:

      There are a number of things about politics that make no sense to me such as A, B, C and D. But the one that confuses and baffles me the most is the appeal of Mr. Trump.

      Looked like she was trying to fill the hour with her long-winded monologue — or as you wrote, “Pure disingenuous political theater.”

      • That’s where I think Maddow fails as a host. She has an almost academic quality to her conversations. In an academic setting, one can prattle on and it all seems to have a point. With news as entertainment, everything must move at a very quick pace. I have enjoyed Maddow on the MTP. She comes across well. I don’t care for her show.

    • That’s an awful lot of MSNBC airtime for someone that their go-to authority on Trump, Lawrence O’Donnell, has repeatedly dismissed with the declaration “Donald Trump will NOT run for President”. Maybe Lawrence will be right this time, but if he isn’t prepare for his 87 previous announcements to that effect to be quickly forgotten, relegated to the same dark corner of MSNBC as his pronouncement “The IRS did nothing wrong” (made shortly before the IRS issued a public apology) and of course his brilliant exegesis about a racial slur that unfortunately turns out to have been entirely fictional.

      It’s tempting to say his continued employment is the biggest mystery at MSNBC, but then there’s The Rev…

  5. Sounds like the banned reporter guy got some other media outlets ticked off, too. They know if Clinton starts this now and they don’t fight back they will have he** to pay later on in the campaign. Besides, I read yesterday this print pool is being run by Politico and 1 other organization (don’t know who) and they came out with a statement last night. Good thing LIV don’t care about media access!


    • There is a good article by David Zurawik posted in J$ tweets that goes to your comments about Hillary! and the press.

  6. Jake, ultimately the state of STATE OF THE UNION depends on more than a handful watching. I recommend wrestling a bear in the second show.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
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    And in a tie for today’s most popular link:
    Ashleigh Banfield disqualifies herself + Today’s firing demand.

  8. Okay, I really enjoyed my first viewing of THE DAILY WRAP with an hour which flew by quickly. With the luck of the draw, my initiation featured all daily fun news topics: Trump tosses his hair into the ring, White (Orange?) is the new Black (lady), and Obama throws a party, the show was a hoot. I was impressed with all Mr. Concha panel-people. Very knowledgeable, collegiate with good senses of humor. Only downer notes: I would send the sound mixer guy to remedial shark music school and ask the NEWSMAX technicians to throw the HD switch.

    I definitely will return to watch this program frequently.

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