Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: Fredricka Whitfield’s non-apology fails damage control 101.
  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary’s NY Times Hill’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Debate over debates, Hillary, Rupert, and Jake.
  • Video: The world’s largest free-flying American flag
  • Hogue: NewsmaxTV’s Daily Wrap is ‘a great show for political junkies’.
  • Fox News fights fire with fire.  Q&A: Greg Gutfeld; Profile: Mike Tobin.
  • Jake Tapper to moderate GOP debate.  Fredricka and the hardest word.
  • Sunday special to rebut Blackfish lies.  CNN wins award…for marketing.
  • Profile: Thomas Roberts, MSNBC’s pitchman.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Wemple: Enough with the shrouded, disguised Baltimore cop interviews.
  • Your Buzz videos: the Fox

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  1. FOX is quite a litigious organization, to be sure. I suspect we’re on the cusp of significant changes in broadcast copyright laws. After clips are “washed” by social media, you have to wonder how much copyright is left. But, FOX tends to lag in cyber development. Remember the spectacular failure of the FOX once daily cyber newspaper?

  2. No surprise in the Blackfish/Stossel story. He fairly reliably sides with corporate interests over human and humanitarian interests. I’ve never had much use for him, wherever he happens to be working at the moment. Not too surprised this is on FOX, either. Corporate interests protecting corporate interests …. Good for CNN, itself corporate. Very well done!

    • Stossel’s blog entry linked in the piece is eminently fair and thoughtful.

      Far more than some cliches about corporations.

      I’m not sure I agree with Stossel. HE makes it clear that he isn’t sure either about whales in captivity, but it’s a fair and thought provoking counter to the Blackfish piece.

  3. Good Wemple piece. Some interviewees do need an element of protection. When that protection is used merely to ease the discomfort of those who perpetually whine and seek the protection to Mae their whining easier, we have crossed a journalistic border.

    • I guess it never dawned on Wemple, or you, that being an FOP President is a position that from which one can publicly criticize the incompetent mayor and city attorney without the fear of retaliation that a patrol officer would face. You chose to manufacture a reason that appears nowhere in the article: “to ease the discomfort”
      You are as predictable as sunset.

        • if Baltimore, the reality, were scripted as a television series it would be condemned as racist by the very same people supporting the real racist justice and admin personnel faking their jobs.

      • If they want to go into hiding, fine. JOURNALISTS ought not interview people unwilling to disclose themselves, with very, very few exceptions. Why should they honor cowardice?

        • Now, anonymity = hiding
          prudence = cowardice
          Journalists mat have decided that what they had to say was worth reporting even if their identity is withheld. Are you under the impression the journalists don’t know who they are? If that were true, how would they even know they were cops.

      • Well, these officers do need to be told to do their damn job. It would be nice to see a journalist to that.

        If they’re suggesting that it’s every day the cops act with the negligence of not strapping an out of control person into police van then maybe they all do need to worry about indictment.

        • We all want them to do their job, as i believe they do. If the lack of support from city officials is making this difficult, I have no problem with them speaking to the press while withholding identity. If we can hear their side of the story without them getting undesirable assignments, shifts, promotion passovers and other ugly political intimidation – fine by me.

          • I agree with you. I think Wemple’s point was that there’s been a lot of such interviews with officers expressing nebulous concerns and discontent stemming from recent events.

            I’m not discounting the officers and I haven’t seen even one of those interviews. I’m paraphrasing Wemple. Accurately, I hope.

            It’s clear that the Baltimore police officers feel hung out to dry. Perhaps disguising interviewees should be reserved for those who have info of policies or other incidents that further the picture of how much these cops face daily and how much support they get from city officials, etc.

  4. Poring cold water over CNN’s whale of a tail makes one wonder if Stossel should keep an eye on the integrity of CNN’s documentaries in general. Somebody should.

    • read Folsom’s New Deal or Raw Deal?

      so what about the isle should we know?

      now FDR, there was a creepy dude.

      • Indeed. All he did was save capitalism in America and lead the defeat of the Japanese and Germans, saving not only America but also Western Europe. Without him we’d be ordering sushi in German in the commune commissary. And, I like sushi, and I speak German. I despise the man.

      • What should you know? Well… there’s no way that the people who attended the speech were actually the people who live on the island. The island has one street that goes through the middle, there’s a subway stop (the F line), and the Tram.

        The Four Freedoms Park is very nice, although it’s not used for much. It was kind of stupidly designed with a ton of white marble, which means that if you go in the summer, it’s almost blinding and impossible to see anything. We’ve joked that they designed a big memorial to FDR, and it looks like one giant ramp.

        There are only a handful of places to eat or shop on the island… and there’s no way HRC would have gone to any of them (the bar and grill is average, pizza is good, Chinese is bad, sushi is good, diner is greasy and currently renovating), except maybe the ice cream place (which is good).

        There’s a giant renovation that’s happening to the island, with Cornell moving a bunch of facilities in over the next few years. On the other side of the island there are a bunch of sporting fields, and if you search the internet you can find a story of Bill Murray randomly crashing a kickball game on the island.

        And that’s my book report.

        • very cool. you did not even mention the mythology the stupids have about FDR. well done and i learned some things. ty.

    • I listened to that video and I think she meant to say nervy or bold. She did say that the shooter was crazy.

      • I wonder what her producer was yelling in her ear? That may be why she said that he was crazy.

          • A very, very tired and trite meme, beloved to FOX News and its fans, Limbaugh, Breitbart and the like. The Dallas story has not relationship to anything that has happened elsewhere. And in McKinney, a lousy cops was the goat, but his colleagues were the heroes. I suspect the meme needs to go into an assisted living facility somewhere.

        • Yeah, but they do rather work for a one man hit on a police station and they are the words that occur to me to describe the mindset of this psychopath without giving him the excuse of being mentally deranged.

          That doesn’t make me sympathetic to cop killers, just someone at a loss for words.

          I think what’s her name was too.

          • Just a step away from begrudging admiration. You can think that, but saying it on the air is a whole diffent bag of sh|t for a professional journalist. On the other hand, if you spend all your time pining about cops killing unarmed black brethren it might have seemed a bit heroic to go after them.

          • Here is exactly what she said: “It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement,” Ms. Whitfield said while speaking with CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway.”

            The “if not crazy” was more of an aside. She crossed over into the Don Lemon crazy territory. She needs fired. Mabye CNN could get some of their credibility back if they stopped tolerating this nonsense.

          • like the troll, CNN thinks it’s insanity is viable. once again, if you want to know CNN’s heart look at the stupidity they air on CNN international and Español. they are deranged leftests. pro Chavez, Cuba etc etc. the conversation you cite was a slip of the pretense they try to maintain.

          • Not everyone has a U.S. perspective, and it might well be better if the US has a more international perspective. Your great heroes, Reagan and Cheney bequeathed to us market globalism. It’s a reality. And xenophobic insularity neuter us as competitors. You can blame Obama, classroom teachers, laborers and libruls in general, but it is you and yours who gave us this and they’re merely trying to make us successful at it. If we succeed, it will be because of them and that small portion of the American media which brings the world into our living rooms.

          • Couldnt the bad terminology of “courageous and brave” and “if not crazy as well” (…for this guy to take on an entire police station) be the poorly phrased set-up for the question Whitfield then presents about the possible involvement of others in this plot?

            Bad faith doesn’t just go one way, folks. It also applies to those hearers who insist on attributing the worst motives possible to others.

          • intelligence is discernment. the CNN motives of leftest division, class warfare, dependence on the state are not the moral equals of capitalism which FDR did his best to destroy.

          • You sound just as incoherent and rabidly ideological as the guy who replied to you earlier about CNN.

          • well thank you for grasping the obvious re: ideological, but there is nothing incoherent. capitalism good. socialism bad. nuance impossible. hard to see the incoherency in that.

          • ahhhh CC. we are talking about the nature of CNN that allows Fredrickas of the world airtime airtime.

          • She deserves a second chance…..in Glendive, MT, the smallest TV market in the U.S. at #210.

          • The Left loves “reformers” like him. The communist death toll is well over 100 million. As Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.”

          • don’t forget the cultural revolution and the influence the little red book has on this admin.

          • If you were the cops in the station that got sprayed with automatic gunfire in the middle of the nignt you’d feel the same as the family attacked by suicide bomber if called by a CNN announcer “courageous and brave”. You either understand this or you don’t.

          • You don’t look at someone’s perception of “MO” when trying to judge if an individual was applauding a would-be killer.

          • i don’t think he was applauding a shooter, i think he was dissing the police. when you think cops are criminals, that is how it sounds.

          • If we’re talking about the woman Fredrica Whitfield’s statement … then the former would have to be a means to the latter.

          • Rick Sanchez is a bad analogy. He expressly stated that the media is influenced by powerful Jews.

            Saying someone likely misspoke is not suggesting that the owe no explanation or apology.

            I don’t excuse everything in this. On the other hand you take the intransigent position of saying that you will consider nothing other than that Whitfield meant to appauld the shooter.

          • The intransigent and self-referential position. Be aware that such blanket summations serve as your own warning label too.

          • cool.

            i think the angels on the pin head have been counted. making the kids corn dogs for lunch. i real rare treat in Nicaragua, especially when i have a pack of Gwantee(sp) good dogs.

          • Hope they enjoy and that they never see the benefit of the doubt as being a knit-picky defense of the screwed, glued, and tattooed.

          • sorry too late. they say it, they own it. that is strictly clear here. funny they are ok with it because i hold myself to nothing less than i hold them too. i still hear dear departed mom, ” think before you speak idiot”

          • Of course that’s not incompatible with calling some statement an inadvertent misstep.

            What we’re arguing about is whether you insist there’s no possible explanation other than perfidity.

            Let’s hope your kids have a better thesaurus than Don Quixote.

          • I think it was the misspoken setup for asking the guest to flesh out his opinion that this act was a conspiracy involving several people.

          • She’s been in the business 20 years. She should know by now when to holster her mouth.

          • POI. all the gun fire i heard in clips was semi-auto. full auto has an easily distinguishable sound. if it was there, i never heard it. as to the rest, there is no excuse for the silliness broadcast on CNN. remarkable that anyone would defend it.

          • And here I thought I was merely defending the possibility that one person who works at CNN may have misspoken.

          • when there is a constant to the misspoken then it becomes the reality not an error. so CNN misspeaks, it is not position they hold? they are not there to support rioters over the police in every instance? oh hold it, they support cops when they interact with a perceived right wing criminal.

          • Are we talking about constant missteps on CNN or the airing of certain opinion on the state of minority vs law enforcement relations?

            As far as I’ve heard Whitfield is going to apologize for her wording.

          • Then you are wrong in saying there are constant missteps on CNN rather than opinions aired with which you don’t agree.

            There can be both, you know…

          • Freudian slips maybe. the words would never have been spoken if the idea was not present in the pea brain.

          • Let me make a promise to you. I’ll never indict you with what you have leveled at Whitfield upon the premise of “Freudian slips”.

          • a full auto weapon can be shot semi auto, or often, with a switch select in 3 round bursts. a semi-auto may have the trigger pulled often but that is not an automatic weapon. i heard only semi auto. the distinction is important as the use of full auto in crime to my knowledge has occurred only once since the 30’s. people that live in full auto states and have safes full of full auto weapons would appreciate keeping them separate from semi.

          • all i intended is what i said. i did not hear the cadence of a full auto weapon and that the news reports of such did not contort with the audio aired.

          • agreed. I’ve fired both. I doubt this chap given his history had the wherewithal to obtain a full auto weapon.

  5. An unusual rainy Sunday in June in Central Texas, so I’ve been reading papers and watching some cable news. One of the later segments on Stelter was Murdoch waving the wand over Jimmy and where all the magic dust lands. The discussion about whether any particles land on Ailes was interesting but inconclusive, but there were some pretty clear indications that the prevailing sentiment among media analysts is that the Republican Party almost certainly loses its “most favored party status” at FOX. Perhaps, it will really become fair and balanced?

  6. re 1st debate:
    each declared candidate should draw a number. a media board decides in advance 8 questions. i recommend closed end questions. no seeding. individual vs individual debate sessions are chosen. if there are 20 entrants, first round is drawn number 1.vs drawn number 20. etc. debates are flow charted and scored by judges. scores and judge comments published after the debate. as there are 8 questions, there are 8 rounds with debaters facing different candidates in each session. a standard use of negative and affirmative is not used. advancing is not used. each question is debated in 2 candidate face off debates. all candidates debate the same question in each round. they are in separate rooms. no audience, aides, media pundits, or spouses allowed. no candidate outside of the debate room may know what others have said before their own debate. 2 opening statements, 1 each candidate. 2 cross x periods, 1 each candidate. two more affirming of your position statements,1 each candidate. 2 more cross x periods, 1 each candidate. a refutation, 1 each candidate. a summation, 1 each candidate. the length of the times of each period to be determined. going over the time limit by more than 3 seconds is automatic elimination. make the buzzer ring, you are out. no audiences. simple small classrooms will suffice. all debates video taped and offered to viewers however a net wishes as long as all air. post tournament polling, focus group and talking heads sessions as nets care to.

    the error of all the formats i have read about and analogies i have seen fantasized, not once have i seen the obvious problem pointed out. you cannot have a well run debate with more than 2 people. when there are more than 2 people or 2 teams, ideas are not explored and exposed. it is just who is lucky to score gotchas and one liners. persona a persona is the obvious solution. luck of the draw eliminates inaccurate polling. if joe had called some debate professionals, people who are paid to run debate tournaments, he might have gotten suggestions similar to the above.

    no way the results of any cattle call debate is superior to the above. now pick it apart and send to Fox and mediate.

  7. Mr. Concha makes a good point. With 24 hours to craft your mea culpa, a flat “I misspoke” is too lame to put the issue to bed.

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