Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Lawsuit alleges anti-Semitism at Al-Jazeera America; Wemple.
  • Faber: Rupert Murdoch to step down. Yarow: What about Roger?
  • Throwback Thursday video: Do you remember
  • Lowry: The 70s is ‘once-over-lightly‘ history;  Gay: a good primer.
  • Concha: Fox could triple its ratings by doubling down on debates.
  • MSNBC truther wants to help the children.  HLN re-revamps sked.
  • FNC to air a runners-up forum for non-qualifying GOP candidates.
  • TCG: MSNBC’s ‘lean forward’ news programs…are they news at all?
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper; more. Wemple: A timeline to his Clinton exclusive.

77 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I certainly look forward to the Biggest Losers Forum. What an honor it would be to be one of the hosts for this.

  2. all the snide baloney cannot hide the fact that the GOP has many
    qualified candidates and simply needs to decide on one and the dems have
    one lying 70 year old who when not riding on hubby’s coat tails did a
    terrible job at state, and a nothingburger job in the senate. what a
    choice, crime family, or qualified republican.

    • I’ll withhold judgment until Peggy Noonan begins seeing yard signs and Charles Krauthammar projects a Bush/Carson/Cruz/Fiorina/Graham/Huckabee/Kaisich/Pataki/Paul/Perry/Rubio/Santorum/Trump/Walker landslide.

  3. FOX’s version of “All In the Family” it seems. James is an interesting choice. Deeply despised in Britain. Bungled the Parliamentary inquiry. There’s a reason aristocrats developed weak chins.* But, I have to wonder if, perhaps, this is not a good change for FOX. It could use some updating. There is an interesting political angle, too. Although I’ve never been convinced that political ideology has been as big a definer of Rupert as some believe, James is far more centrist, being a Clinton and Gore supporter and a devotee of climate change theory. That alone probably doesn’t do anything to change FOX, but apparently both James and Lachlan personally dislike Ailes. In fact, the animus between Lachlan and Ailes is pretty much “out there”. So, if Ailes leaves or if he is effectively silenced, what then happens to FOX?

    I’m taking the positive. We may end up with a decent FOX and a decent CNN when this all begins to happen.

    *From “Kingsmen”

    • I thought Rupert despised Ailes too and that Ailes was tolerated chiefly because of the persuasiveness of some guy who used to work for CNN (who has since left Fox). Or is all this like so two years ago?

      • I don’t really understand that relationship, although I, too have heard that it is a tense and contentious relationship. Just a clash of egos? Two pragmatic men using the talents of one another in a somewhat cynical way?

        • Heard it? You used to venture it regularly. It was The Meme when it came to the administrative machinery at Fox, and I suspect that’s still the case among Fox critics.

          I’ve never understood the relevance of it other than as a suggestion that even Rupert can’t countainance the dislikable Ailes.

          Business is replete with relationships based upon dynamics other than a mutual warmth of feeling.

          I suppose the inner workings of Fox News would seem as juicy and fraught as a Ivory -Merchant historical drama, and all things do come with a degree of intrique, but this meme seems especially irrelevant and elementary.

          • I think you hit the only relevant part of it quite well, and I agree with your point about business relationships. In fact, one of the reasons business tends to succeed, to move forward, better than government, as a general rule, is the ability borne of necessity to compromise and to work together despite profound dislikes and distates.

            I hear Ailes is wonderful, loyal, supportive, kind, in one-on-one relationships, and Rupert not so much. Rupert is a charmer in large groups, and Ailes not so much.

  4. How is it you can have the most obscure password known to man and someone can still hack your Pinterest account?

      • Well, I went through some rigmarole and then saw I wasn’t hacked after all.

        I joined one of those invitation boards and this one was about things that are pink. I saw a pin I liked, but beside it was a raunchy pic of a pink pornographic cookie cutter.

        Guess which pin I accidentally hit and sent out to the public. Yeah.

      • I guess I don’t know whether your should apologize to me for the snide remark or for the fact that the “event” never happening at all. Don’t bother. I’ve long been quick to forgive such indiscretions.

        • It never dawned on me that he was making a crack about you.

          My husband’s two-steps-behind rule again.

          • I am from time-to-time the subject of caustic remarks from Johnny directed to other posters. You may recall there was such a remark directed to you regarding the hearsay rule and my seeming utter ignorance of the same. The remarks can be very subtle. Johnny is a crafty writer, which I appreciate. I’m not surprised that didn’t occur to you.

          • I’ll try to be more careful in the future. Maybe something like this: [joke]Why did the chicken cross the road?[/joke] Maybe that will make things clear to everyone.

      • I wasn’t able to post earlier due to a quick trip to England to see Eugenie of York.

          • click in a click in a click….. suddenly alone, un-liked, unloved. Fiorina was strong. i would be pleased with a variety of candidates in the Oval. they make granny look like a lightweight.

          • you would need Joe’s approval first.

            i am impressed with many of the candidates. all the more reason to use a debate tourney arrangement with scripted questions, cross x, judges etc. if it was good enough for Lincoln and Douglas, what the heck. but oh, that is so incoherent and i cannot possibly grasp an analogy. alas.

          • I think that Fiorina would be especially good at getting under PIAPS’s skin. She’d make her head explode.

    • When AJAM first aired for the first year it was derigeur for liberals to avow their admiration for the network as a way of contrasting their broad-minded liberal bonafides to the xenophobia who might criticize it (just as they must reference FNC as being worse when critiquing any other media entity).

      They got extra points for comparing American media disfavorably to it.

      • The particular AJ criticism of the day is krap, of course. AJ is many things, but it is not Anti-Jewish. That’s the particular NeoCon meme that necessitates those who buy into it assuming that criticizing the government of Israel, which deserves much, much criticism, is the same as criticizing Jews. I suspect you appreciate that it is not the same, but less vigorous and careful thinkers follow their NeoCon masters unquestionably.

        • Oh, I wasn’t suggesting that all criticism of AJAM was on target, it was a pointed joke about liberals.

          You’re aware that I rarely make blanket pronouncements of any sort about liberals or other sets of people. I can’t reconcile that with my reason or principles. You are at an advantage in your ease with that sort of thing.

          Indulge me here.

          • I will say that having watched AJ in English (I speak no Arabic language nor Farsi, and I have only a passing acquaintance with Urdu) in other countries, I do think AJAM has turned out to be a very distant relative.

      • Early in the game I argued Qatar wasn’t creating a news organization in the USA because they were just a bunch of swell guys who wanted Americans to get the best news possible regardless of cost. Altruism in the MIDEAST these days is so prevelant. The liberals being taking for a ride were the same dupes the commies by nature have always been.

        • I’ve never watched AJAM and I suspect that they do offer some world news and good commentary that we insular Americans don’t receive via our media outlets.

          That said, I don’t doubt for a minute that their chief objective is to put their best foot forward in the markets of the West, and to obscure that their women are certainly less than emancipated.

  5. Al-Jazeera America doesn’t like the Jewish people? Who could have guessed. Next thing you’ll be alledging the Klan wants to send Blacks back to Africa.

  6. Reportedly Lester Holt demanding Brian Williams ten million salary to take his anchor spot full time. Currently makes four. Will he get it?

    • They need to draft Andrea Mitchell. The only good thing I can say about her is she’s from Philadelphia.

  7. i know the conch is fav here. however, he demeans republicans and fox by suggesting they use a BB format when
    there are plenty of intercollegiate debate formats and judges that could
    do a better job extracting information and permitting people to
    conclude a rational hierarchy of ability. now that could triple ratings.
    joe’s fantasy, not so much.

      • so how long have you and Rick been having this fantasy?
        i have seen a variety of suggestions as have you. i read that you wanted an NCAAB tourney. i stopped. i suggested there are debate tournament formats that have been around since the Protagoras. why make up something new by “fantasizing” on the needs of the moment. now imagine a re-write that described formal types of debate tournaments and citing what current judges and debate forensic organization heads thought. sorry, neither you or Rick or I am an expert. as St. Thomas Aquinas noted in confessions. “i cannot show the way, i can only point the finger”. my finger was not the middle one but the more practical index finger. a few phone calls and quotes would have given you a unique and supported view. hey man, hows it going?

        • I know analogies are hard and stuff, but the NCAA (top tier) and NIT (leftovers) applies here. The rest of your comment is incoherent, which is at least consistent with your usual offerings. All is well, GC! Thanks for asking.

          • i think your first two comments are more accurate as to your feelings, trust me, i am thick skinned and not wounded. i understand. for 25 years everything i did in my business was on the air for public consumption new every single week and i understand the feeling that everyone out there has a “you know what you should do” comment. i am way older than you and maybe dementia is settling in but i do recall stealing a few of those “you know what you should do”s and making bank.
            glad you enjoy my comments though … cough.

          • There is, surprisingly, a good point to be made that media personalities shouldn’t be the panelists in these debates. If you get a Baier, a Kelly, a Matthews or a Todd, the questions are always going to be far more about themselves than about the candidates or policies. “Celebrities” do that.

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  9. Fox Business Network should replace “Network” with “Channel” just so Bill will be right when he introduces FBN guests (i.e. Stossel, Dobbs, Francis).

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