‘It’s Almost Pointless to Respond to These Smears…’

J$P Video!  Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz blast anti-Fox lies from Salon, Media Matters, et al…

From The Kelly File, June 10 2015

6 thoughts on “‘It’s Almost Pointless to Respond to These Smears…’”

  1. Well, I have to hand it to Ms. Kelly. She multitasks well, seamlessly going from outrage to whining without ever stopping or resting in between. You have to really admire the way she takes a contretemps and turns it into the torch and pitchfork bearing peasants’ march on the manor house, with the reliable, if ineffective, assistance FOX Chief Apologist, Old Faithful, Howard Kurtz. It puts me in mind of the holiday season and the blessed and ever-blessing White Santa Claus. When justifiably criticized, be it White Santa, the Colorado ballot fable, the Duggars or the lack of violence and looting in McKinney, Kelly always whines then bristles, then makes a shrill self-serving defense invariably involving mean-spirited liberals out to get her and Howard’s absolution. It is very entertaining.

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