Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Apple’s “News” App sounds as if it is going to be quite useful. Access to Bloomberg Business, CNN and the NYT offers a pretty broad-based news summary particularly during heavy travel times and other busy times.

    I detest ESPN but, its like one of those sampler boxes of Keurig K Cups. Some really good stuff with some Pumpkin Spice Roasted Hazel Nut Mocha Surprise.

  2. The Five Thirty Eight read is a fascinating amalgamation of minutiae as complicated as Monopoly if Monopoly were ever played by the rules. I suppose the key to that is it doesn’t look like FOX or CNN are going to be playing by the rules. Actually, I think if either network had the requisite journalistic integrity, it would tell Priebus and the RNC to take a hike. As it is, FOX would do better showing “The Best of Hannity, Volumes I and II” and CNN showing CNN International’s “MainSail”.

  3. Re: Lowman/”Seventies”

    I’ve always been ambivalent about “All In the Family”. An odd combination of tiresome “preachiness” and creative exploration. It hasn’t worn all that well with age. Yet, it has some over-arching themes and settings repeated today in real life/real time: angry old conservative White men vs. liberals who seem to think self-exploration ought to be a communal experience and self-doubt is the ultimate expression of intellect. Perhaps, that is why it seems so dated. It is just so uncomfortable. Too much reality.

    I am going to be interested in the series, however, if for no other reason than the 70’s always seemed to me to be an uncomfortable transition from activism of the 60’s to the retrenchment of the 80’s. In other words, a good opportunity to review the decade at some distance in time and without the emotional investment.

  4. Well, I never got my $500 worth from TV EYES so to hell with it anyway. When searching “Obama” and “dick” all I got was a Morning Joe clip of Mark Halperin and a bunch of quotes from Vice President Cheney.

  5. Effron piece on exceptional news anchors was really on target. Lester Holt fits the bill, and I’d say Bret Baier checks all the boxes but non-vanilla. I like vanilla, and anyone that excludes it from my kitchen can kiss my bean.

  6. God, I love reminiscing about 70’s TV: Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, 60 Minutes… those were the days.

  7. Using the Effron standard, David Muir at ABC measures up well. But, given the number of truly bad anchors on broadcast and especially cable news, I’m not so sure the classical British model of news “readers” is not preferable. You tend to get a more neutral presentation and are less likely to suffer eye strain from the reflection caused by abundance of overly whitened teeth, peroxided hair and shiny hair spray residue.

  8. Somerby: since when has maddow not been ridiculous? not new. kinda silly. could have written the same thing years ago. NBC put her on MTP a few times, everyone left. not serious. just a liberal parrot.

  9. Morning Joe and its predecessor on MSNBC, IMUS In the Morning, always a big draw for politicians, NYC and Washington beltway types if no one else. IMUS was more fun, but so was Joe in first few years before Chris Licht left for CBS. MJ serves it’s purpose to candidates as the article explains. What was way cool with IMUS is that he’d have correspondents from ABC and CBS on as well as the expected NBC staff. Chris Licht has helped turn CBS THIS MORNING into the best morning show today for those who prefer a strong dose of news.

    • Mika with her nonsense bleats about “income inequality” and “feminism” would be better suited on a campus tv cable show. she is just a blockhead.

    • MSNBC is the first release of serious political news of the day, and tends to set political news for the day whilst FOX and CNN are making silly chatter.

    • I did feel Morning Joe did feel different after Licht left. Though if you are a candidate it’s probably the best (besides CBS TM ) to go on because the format allows for good discussions and questions and maybe a longer time period compared to running against the clock on Today or GMA or something.
      and I agree CBS this morning is a great morning show,

    • Don’t be too sad. Just wait till the “New Rat Pack” debuts. Ronan, Desi, and Billy.

    • In an earlier, less electronic time, Farrow would have made a great and interesting flâneur, much in demand in salons across the metropolis.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 POTUS candidates flock
    4 FNC gains allies
    3 scales the GW Bridge
    2 exceptional news anchors
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Increasingly ridiculous’ Maddow is ‘a clownish disgrace’.

    • Ms. Maddow could not be here to accept her award. She reportedly was off buying ridiculously large shoes.

  11. Allow me to educate Mr. Bill. The octagon is a caged platform on which mixed martial artists compete. It’s like a ring in boxing and professional wrestling.

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