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  1. This critic says that Stelter is a cheap-shot artist who looks like an unwashed hen’s egg.

    • You know in the EU it is illegal to wash eggs before selling them, and they are generally sold unchilled.

      • I keep my eggs in a large bowl on my kitchen counter. Unless they’re cracked you don’t need to refrigerate them and they cook better.

          • We have some hens at the ranch. Our biggest concern is snakes. We have plenty of those, too.

        • My little hundred year-old general store gets them fresh from a local farmer.
          Brown eggs. Delicious.
          We used to have our own chickens, but predators turned out to be smarter than the average Irish. May try again. My partners want to get a couple beef cattle as well and fence off our 11 acre field. We’ll see. Too much Larry work?

          • Beef is so high that cattle are walking gold bricks.

            We get fresh eggs from a local merchant too.

            My excursion in livestock came to an end years ago when a couple of little goats I intended to raise for milk froze to death in a unexpected and unpredicted icy cold snap.

            That still makes my heart go flop.

            We’ll see what North Caxalacky brings.

          • My partner raised a cow from a calf 15 years ago we named “Blackie”. Grain fed. Used to moo at me as I mowed the cabin yard. I always swore I was too fond of Blackie to ever eat a bite of it. Then not too long after Blackie was sent to that great grazing field in the sky and packaged into convenient freezer cuts, we had a pot roast for Sunday dinner… delicious.

          • Sorta like waving away a critique on Castro via comparisons to Bush and the Reagans.

            *I was joking..

        • i have 3rd world egg stories, but i cannot post them here. 🙂 needless to say yo solo revuelto con moreno.

      • I was trying to figure that out too. Either it was voiced by Kurt Metzger or Sam Morrill. Enjoyed the show but still think a studio audience would be a plus.

        • I watched it again and I think you’re right – it sounds like Kurt Metzger. This second show was such a big improvement from last week, thank goodness. Loved the way GG poked fun at the first show.

        • I just looked at The Activity Pit site – the virtual basement for Red Eye junkies and now for GG’s new show – and it said the voice belonged to Kurt Metzger.

      • One other quick point. Don’t usually comment on these things. But, did anyone else notice Trump’s hair looked like it had been colored with a stick of butter? It looked like a bright yellow hue!

  2. What a shrill defense of Kelly’s poorly-executed interview of the Duggar family members in the Cable Game piece. Not unexpected, of course, but Stelter hit on the very essence of the one of the critical flaws in the interviews. And, in doing so, emphasized a consistent pattern in the FOX style. The introductory phrase most often used as “Some say” …. Whether anyone has ever said it or not. Stelter seems to have left is to his guests to raise the issue of Kelly’s appalling lack of follow-up. All in all, Stelter seems to understand what transpired in the interviews better than most. Indeed, Some say he is framing the the interviews ably.

    • “Critics say” is more straight forward and inclusive of journalists, expert guests, and the public than the media standard “some question” or even better “the question that will not go away” (…because we keep asking it AND formulating an imaginary unsatisfactory/offensive answer from you)…

      When it comes to Stelter, for different reasons, Fox talent and the rest of the media are lucky in their watchdog.

  3. I found the Calderone article on Tapper peculiar and curious. What is this “new kid on the block” meme? Particularly in a comparison of the last generation represented by Stephanopoulos and the next generation represented by Tapper. Since when did a generation become 8 years? And, in some way it seems Tapper has more of an aged mindset along the Charlie Rose and Bill O’Reilly models that Stephanopolous. Frankly, I am not much impressed with either Tapper or Stephanopoulos. Subjective, of course …. But to portray Tapper as the Poster Child for some Paradigm Shift seems immensely silly.

    • He’s always been short fused on Twitter though he’s more guarded these days. After a tweet I make years ago about Robert Reich living in a Lego house, he threatened to block me for making fun of the disabled. Never mind it was a Bill Clnton originated joke made when POTUS was viewing a model of the White House made from Legos.

      • He has taken shots at Johnny over his “preferred channel”.

        No problem with me since Tapper doesn’t let his obligatory world view show in his work.

  4. excellent book review in today’s WSJ on the Fidel book written by a former security operative. more documentation of the Cuban Crininal state. any cable news mentions?

  5. Magnificant competitors in the weekend contest!

    A troll can ruin a day some say
    but only if you let him.
    Don’t take the bait, just pass it by
    and soon you will forget him.


    • I missed her. Our cable was knocked out by yesterday’s storms. Should be back up soon.

      • storms we call a light rain here in the tropics until children, houses, cows and cars flow buy

        • I guess a power surge knocked out the main veeblefetzer at the cable company. Didn’t come back on until nearly 6 PM.

          • in oretegaville we lose power for a while almost every day. ariba los pobres de el mundo!!

            i made chicken salad sandwiches while mom is in costa rica for dinner. the kids are freaking. “where is the rice and beans”?? live with it and keep reading Cervantes aloud!!!!

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Jake Tapper preps
    4 More
    3 approaches O’Reilly numbers
    2 so much better
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Critics say…Brian Stelter cheap-shotted Megyn Kelly.

    • if you want the true heart of CNN watch the international and Spanish versions. nauseating.

      • I watch CNN International with some frequency when I travel. It has very strong programming and is, without dispute, the standard for cable news throughout the world. I think you’re just not interested in news.

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