Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: the sexual
  • Reliable Sources: Caitlyn and the Duggars, Lester Holt, Norman Lear.
  • Red Eye to air two weeks of repeats ahead of June 22 relaunch.
  • TCG: HuffPost’s Taibi, and a sneaky, sleathy smear of Fox News.
  • Concha: Bill O’Reilly just doesn’t ‘get’ Facebook.  Sunday talkers.
  • Wemple zings Perino: she’s not in lockstep with unnamed FNCers.
  • Your Buzz videos: the
  • From the White House to MSNBC back to the White House…in under a year!

60 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. “A Harris Interactive study indicates that among 1,100 adults in the U.S. who use smartphones, 9 percent reported using their phones during intercourse….” Did they end up in the ER when their partner took the phone and shoved it where the sun don’t shine?

  2. I don’t think the OReilly story is surprising. He has a demeanor and perspective of a very, very old man. A man much older than he is. It is the heart of his audience.

  3. Perino will always be, first and foremost, a NeoCon apologist. Everything she says has to be filtered through that lens.


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  5. Taibi says Special Report is only an opinion show. She must never watch because the panel generally doesn’t start until about 40 minutes in. Before that there is hard news, news outside the beltway and the grapevine. Bret will give up the last two segments (if you can even call them that when they both last maybe 2 minutes?) if he has a big interview he is presenting.

    But, this is par for the course for someone commenting on Fox programming.

    • All the major network evening news shows are “opinion shows” if you consider the selection of stories, the placement of stories, the omittion of stories, the editing of stories, and the tone in which stories are delivered. On NBC NIGHLY NEWS Friday, Lester Holt lead with a forty year old story a dead guy told his sister about a Republican politician who has been out of office for a decade. Fourth story in was the incredible incompetence of the Obama administration of skipping routine computer updates that lead to the hack of FOUR MILLION government employees personnel records by a foreign government. Somebody had an opinion that might be best slipped in after the erectile dysfunction commercial.

    • I don’t think all opinion is with the panel. A tremendous amount of opinion is presented in the selected guests. To that extent, all Sunday morning shows are largely opinion.

  6. Re: “Concha: Bill O’Reilly just doesn’t ‘get’ Facebook”: This is another great column by Joe Concha. O’Reilly Factor segments related to technology are never fun to watch. Bill’s a proud Luddite who assumes that everyone online is nefarious or dumb. That’s not to say those people don’t exist.

    • I’m old enough to have a not of O’Reilly in me. My iPad finally died, and I was persuaded to get a Surface. Only three days in, and I hate it so far. I’ll come around. Different logic, different functionality. It’s frustrating.

  7. Mr. Kelly- Not following your argument: Data is specifically shared in the column that two-thirds of those in O’Reilly age group have Facebook accounts. The criticism isn’t that O’Reilly doesn’t have an FB account…it’s that he doesn’t understand the delivery power of news and how powerful (half the country has an account – 150M) it is. His first question to Bernie clearly illustrates that.

    Please tell me you didn’t just read the J$ headline and decided to comment. That’s what 90 percent of the commenters do at Mediaite 🙂

  8. Great piece by the The Cable Gamer. I saw the Huffpo piece (linked here I think) the other day and rolled my eyes as soon as I saw the picture.

    Wemple does the equivalent of the Huffpo picture via words by focusing on Dana Perino’s opinion of Eric Snowden, with Republican Peter King’s take kicked in to boot.

    Wemple needed to look no further than the WP’s own editorial page if he wished to find an ambivalent acceptance of what is the Obama’s Administration most hyperbolic rhetoric on Snowden, coupled with a fence striding nod to the liberal branch of Snowden’s champions (he has plenty of conservative and libertarian ones too).

    The import of Dana Perino’s tweets notwithstanding…Wemple surely picked the smallest catch for his own little fish fry.

    • Snowden makes us all think, to be sure. I don’t recall the same ambivalence with Ellsberg. You admired him, or you despised him. Snowden is more of a “yes, but ….” or “no, however ….” sort. For the most part, I rather admire him. The fact to Perino and King don’t tend to make me feel I’m right.

      • It’s interesting that the Obama Administration’s take tends to disappear with this topic.

        • I wouldn’t expect any president, and administration would have any nuance in its response to what Snowden did. So, I am not surprised at the Obama administration. Then, again, I only agree with the administration about 60% of the time.

          I will say the eulogy yesterday and the interaction with the vice-president were very moving.

          • Youre in far better company than usual. That or slightly less is probably the extent that Perrino and King agree with the Obama Administration.

  9. The power and wisdom of broadcaster silence was emphasized as yesterday’s Tripple Crown winner paraded in front of the standing as one 90,000 cheering fans with no competition from yammering announcers, paused for the thrilling moment.

    • NAT (Natural) Sound up. Broadcast team lets pictures tell the story. Scully is the master, or the exact opposite of Michael Kay here in New York.

      • I like Michael Kay for two reasons:
        1) He’s the exact opposite of John Sterling (more descriptive, less deliberate delivery, no painfully long pauses, no malaprops, no mispronunciations)

        2) He’s the exact opposite of Mike Francesa (less redundant, more palatable voice, not grating at all, no thick accent)

        • Mike- I like us…but Michael Kay is the very definition of redundant. Horrible voice too. And he really needs to find a new home run call. That See Ya nonsense has zero appeal and still sounds awkward to this day. Besides, Francesa isn’t a play-by-play guy.

          Flagging myself to being about anything but cable news!

          • For #2, I was talking about his talk show that runs opposite Francesa. I guess I don’t listen or watch YES often enough to hear the redundancy or how bad his voice is. And when someone like me rebels from Sterling/Waldman for the Yankees (or “Yanks,” as Sterling calls them) and Francesa for afternoon sports talk, anyone else is angelic by contrast. That’s Michael Kay to me. It’s also Rickie Ricardo and Francisco Rivera, the Yankees Spanish play-by-play announcers, to me. Even though I understand little Spanish, they’re refreshing compared to cold, NPR-ish John and Suzyn.

            I’m a Mets fan, by the way, but sequester myself from watching or listening during the games to spare myself from potential in-game heartbreak.

          • as serious autzen stadium attendee from 75 to 04 Oregon Duck fan that lived walking distance from the stadium, bundled up the kids to every game and some away games mostly in oregon and wash …..brrrrr wet…. witnessed the legendary toilet bowl in a monsoon that whipped 6 inch waves across the OSU reser stadium rotgut surface …. i would have lived many years longer waiting in solitude for the results…. i mean, Auburn, LSU, Ohio stink. the pain. no joke. i am doomed to an early death due to because I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!




            click bait cheerleaders.
            the radio voice of the ducks Jerry Allen defines “homer”. known for too many years to count and dozens of charity remotes.
            also note the joey harrington cameo.

          • In the days of my waning interest in the NFL, I distinctly recall flipping Madden off to never come back again. Constant blabbering.

          • Speaking of personal preferences in sports guys, I had to laugh (fondly, not mockingly) at what Mr. Bill was reported to have told his staff while prepping for a show shortly before one of the Super Bowls.

            “I want to do a segment on the Super Bowl next week — find me a funny white sports expert under forty! But he can’t be bald.”

            Notice how I surreptitiously sneaked in a cable news reference. ☺

      • I had the good fortune of working with Scully on golf broadcasts at CBS Sports in the 70s, long before cable (news) existed.
        Frank Chirkinian impressed upon the announcers there are moments when “less is more.” Vin was not only a master at allowing a moment to speak for itself, but also at filling time, when necessary, like slowly pouring warm syrup over a waffle.

  10. you need to announce a bottom feeder award to people that take troll bait. maybe a singing carp. “take me to the river”

  11. I watched most of Stelter and as much of Kurtz as I could stand. If there is any consistent theme to the critique of the Duggan interviews it is the absence of follow-up questions by Kelly. That is an obvious, obviously obvious observation. As to whether the interviews were too softball, the answer seems to be a shrug. The good news is there is so little residual interest in the interviews and the family, that the Duggars seem to be on a Palin trajectory now.

    • Only to be referenced by you on Mediate. With the utmost sensitivity, propriety, and concern, of course.

  12. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 back to the White House
    4 doesn’t get Facebook
    3 June 22 relaunch
    2 not in lockstep
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 HuffPost’s Taibi, and a sneaky, stealthy smear of Fox News.

  13. Loved the BUZZ feature which highlighted something that I noticed my own. Earlier when HRC polls showed steady in the face of scandals, media seemed to report that with glee. Now that her polls are tanking, the glee replaced with apprehension.

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