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  1. It’s quite possible the left wingers have been so over the top in their Duggar-hate, the sympathy for the family may boost them back. Who knows, they might get a TV show. “Eighteen Kids and a Black Sheep Brought Back in the Fold”.

    • So far, Megyn Kelly hasn’t been able to sell the old , “But, but, what about the records ….” diversion. And, it’s clearer every hour that she doesn’t have the Hannitization power.

    • I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the Duggar parents. I feel it for the girls and for Josh to the extent that he asked for help and in return seems to have gotten a rainbow skittles sort of theology.

      • I expect to hear more from the girls of how they have been used as pawns in the faux outrage of royal liberal jackasses.

          • i have not watched a single clip or read a single column on the duggers. i elide over the posts, especially the stupid dissertations that have never received an up due to their irrelevance. i saw the “caitlyn” picture on various web sites. i found out yesterday it is a senile old guy, never knew thing one about it. the point is, one does not have to nose around in the sewer. just click. zap, no mas existe.
            i do however follow news. the market is scary. too much depends on government and the fed. Perry looked good yesterday meaning there is a plethora of choice for the next president which will be a repub. the failures of high crime, education, and family are the functional civil rights issues and that news counts. plenty of meat, avoid the silly cotton candy payasos and their dissertations …..oops see, shoulda just read the first line.

          • Never watched the Dugger tv show. Did watch MK’s interview.
            No Kardahian garbage or anything like that.

        • Of course. We already know they have been coached to say just that sort of thing by their parents. Anything and everything to deflect from their terrible parenting.

          • Did you KNOW the kids were coached? I don’t KNOW that they’ve been coached. Making wild conjectures must be a gift that comes with being a royal.

          • This family is going on a list he has of conservatives who have been involved in sexual indiscretions or sex crimes, to be pulled out for the benefit of any half-wit Mediate poster who makes an Anthony Weiner reference.

            Yes, this is more fodder than deep feeling.

          • In his own way, he’s screwier than Joe Remi. And that’s pretty damn screwy.

          • Perhaps you should raise that issue with the family’s (and Mike Huckabee’s) media consultant, Chad Gallagher.

          • Perhaps you should tell someone who cares.
            Perhaps you remember you were never going to respond to me again and that I should do the same. I say Good-by to you SIR. Good day.

          • I give them kudos for being willing to come forward and speak. It’s like having everyone talking about you in front of your face and not being allowed to counter what they say who and know more than all the jabberwockies put together. It’s their life and their family everyone is going on about. I doubt anyone forced them to speak. Everyone needs to lay off these girls/women.

          • I give them the dignity of considering them to be young adults who are well able to make their own decisions, rather than being puppets to their parents.

            Talk about insulting.

          • Puppets. God. More than insulting. Such an attitude makes me sick. To the next person who says that here, I’ll reply in advance. STUFF IT.

          • As someone who defended Michelle’s and Jim Bob’s performance during the interview, I am hardly a hater.

            But having just read the Tuesday web posting by In Touch Weekly where the victims names are redacted I am left wondering would over 3% of the country even know who the victim’s names were had they not decided to speak to Megyn? [head scratch]

            The argument was made by Megyn that you could deduce the redacted sisters’ names from the published Police Report. But back to my 3% number, does anyone really think over 3% of the visitors to the In Touch Weekly website bothered to take that step?

            Apparently there are some who blame the magazine for the wide dissemination of the sister’s names. I hate tabloids, but I must be missing something — because I just don’t get it.

            I would have advised the two sisters to remain silent. Although I can understand their apparent desire to defend Josh. But to blame the magazine as their parents appeared to do seems like a stretch,

          • You make good points. Apparently the young women felt the need to speak out. That’s all I was saying.
            Hater? You? Hardly.

          • Remember Michael this happened over 10 years ago and so to do the math it would be fairly easy to figure out which sisters were involved. Not all 19 children were born then so your choices were not as numerous either.

      • That “rainbow skittles sort of theology” is perhaps the best tailored and most incisive line I have read in some time. If you are a faithful person who happens to be a parent one of the more difficult tasks is religious and ethical training and exposure. I, of course, wanted my children to be RC, but I didn’t want to force that on them. I wanted to prepare them to make a decision, an informed decision with which they are comfortable. As it turns out, I’ve ended up with an Anglican (quasi-RC) and an RC (perhaps largely because her spouse is RC and they live in a heavily RC region). I’m comfortable with that. My sympathy for the Duggars is because they elected a path for religious and ethical training which seems to have had disastrous consequences. My sympathy for the girls is without limit. For Josh, he had a great deal to overcome and he didn’t. I’d like to think he might summon up the strength to break with his parents, at least for a time. He needs far more than they are capable of giving him.

        Again, a great phrase. Thanks.

        • The Rainbow Skittles thing is an expression my husband uses for feel-good positive affirmation psychological exercises to profound loss, suffering, and personal failings.

  2. The liberal media really want the two Duggar girls to understand they are not okay, that they had been destroyed but just didn’t know it. The media crusaders want them properly traumatized for their own good. Everybody get out their anatomically correct puppets.

    • The Left always knows what’s best for everyone else. On every issue, get in line or face the consequences of their wrath.

  3. It seems to me to be one thing that Megyn Kelly has gone all Nancy Grace. I never considered her a journalist anyway. When a media personality’s entire shtick is perpetual outrage, he or she is more of a shock jock. It’s quite another thing for Howard Kurtz to bless this hideous transformation. Well, they seem to have found a new low for cable news.

    • The quote you reference from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was the most critical element in a modulated fair piece by Variety’s Brian Lowry.

      • Bob Somerby has catalogued O’Donnell’s Niagara of lies in his coverage of Trayvon Martin etc. You’ll understand if I don’t respect the dishonest smears of a discredited Hollywood fiction writer.

        Other than that, he’s a great guy.

        • Somerby is the right stuff. That’s the bottom line. I don’t agree with much of anything that he says about the Clintons, but boy does he add a texture to their odyssey that makes me modulate and reevaluate with every word. I never miss a blog.

          Worst of the worst with ODonnell was the panel on his show averring that George Zimmerman said “coon”.

        • Did Somerby also catalog Kelly lies and distortions such as the Colorado ballot process and the FAA allowing flights over Ukraine? If not, I suppose that mean O’Donnell is a journalist and Kelly a mere opinion pundit since her lies don’t seem to matter.

        • Somerby gives it to the left for doing exactly what they say the right does- engage in tribalism.

          • Actually, he gives it to the left for doing exactly what HE says the right does.

            It’s a statement about the superficiality and insecurity of conservatism, that we don’t have a Somerby.

          • That the left now acts and thinks as moronically as the right is a statement Somerby makes in almost every blog.

            No, I don’t think conservatism has anyone approaching a Bob Somerby.

    • Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC… Megyn Kelly’s direct competitor… didn’t like the interview?!

      Well, I for one, am shocked. Never would have guessed that.

      • I’m not sure I much care who said it. If O’Reilly had said it, if Angela Merkel had said it, if Brian Bosworth said it, I would have posted it. It has a strong ring of truth to it. It captures the critical essence of the interview, or the chat up or the sit down or the conversation or whatever we are calling it.

        • Yeah, I know… it’s someone who echoed your preconceived notions, so it doesn’t matter how reliable, reasonable, or reputable the person is. It’s called being a hack.

  4. For Red Eye, seems like it came down to choice between Tom and Andy. Tom is a good pick. “Red Eye” will probably never be the “glorious mess” again of its early years but hope he can try some new things.

  5. Duggars are now in an epic battle of the moron cosmos.
    On the right you have the goofy wing of Christanity.
    On the left you have the goofy minions of Satan.
    Release the trolls!!!

  6. Want inter-party primary debates? Naw, would be CROSSFIRE FOR DUMMIES. Me, I’m for inter-party pie fights. Sanders vs Trump might be fun.

  7. CNN alums are so “Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way? Oh WHAT’S the matter with CNN toooDAAYYYY!?”

  8. Now that Tom Shillue is hosting Red Eye, will he be contractually disallowed from appearing with the Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet on The Tonight Show?

        • And that reason should not be tolerated, but despite numerous complaints, is.

          • NN, if JD was a letter-of-the-law stickler just waiting to blast someone off his blog it would be more appropo that the regulars here (me included) might head to Exike Island over daily personal attacks, than the guy whose political sentiments and personality are tailor made to rub folks the wrong way.

            Count your blessings.

          • His personal attacks towards Mike C., plus his use of various names in the past put him clearly in violation of the rules. It isn’t posting political views, it is trolling in every sense of the word. If Johhny wants me to leave, I will. In fact, I probably should.

          • Not me. Just rub on some Preperation Troll and the burning itch will eventually go away.

          • I didn’t see any personal attacks at Mike C. I saw particular slams against OReilly and Fox which upset Mike.

            You have one guy here who wants to counter our views on Fox and personally pique us in doing it.

            That’s not a troll infestation. I get more annoyance from rude strangers in public.

          • cc. just a thought. maybe you are more often preoccupied with how many angels are on the head of a pin than with the macro view.

          • On the contrary, the macro view is that opinions on Fox News are not personal attacks even when formulated in ways sure to annoy its fans.

            It’s the other view that’s a picky one and it’s one more prone to limit speech.

          • it has nothing to do with fox. anyone can sense a personality that revels in the discomfort and pain pain of others. these is nothing about news in her or my comments. i admit it and and do it in fun he/she does it for the sole purpose of attention and the effect on others

          • It’s the put-downs and the condescension.
            Holier-than-thou comments and insults. And yes, many of us reply in-kind. Myself included. Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid or a child. Don’t bully me. Reminds me of someone who use to post here who had a high-horse attitude and relished getting in people’s grill. I’m just blowing off built up steam. Wonder who is loving this the most?

          • Really? You apologized and promised him that you would never return. Then came back and doubled down on your nonsense.

          • You promised to leave and never return. Your word is worthless. You are dismissed.

          • Thanks. However, I am going to step away for a couple of hours. I’m going to supper with an old friend.

          • I suspect Johnny knows we’re being gamed, but I prefer to think of Johhny as God and not guestion. His will will be done. $ Akbar.

          • Johnny, I will no longer respond to The Annoyance, with one exception. If he tries to bring up his military service. Otherwise, he is not worth the energy and annoyance.

  9. Kelly says: “They [Jessa and Jill Duggar] never chose to have this piece of their family story put out there,and I think they are struggling with what people are assuming about their family and about what happened to them.”

    So naturally, she interviews them on a cable news show.

    Go figure!

    • Naturally she does. The implication of Kelly’s statement is that the Duggars want to counter assumptions made about them.

      There’s not a journalist out there who would not have agreed to an interview on that basis and I’d wager that they revived a ton of calls from sympathetic sounding news folks offering just that (along with the stipulation that there would be no-holes-barred questions in return).

      • I can’t say I fault Kelly for doing the interview with the parents. To be sure, none of the great legacy journalists would have come near this, but I do understand that times and tastes have changed. And I do have tremendous criticism for the way the interview was conducted, softball questions, constant appeals to emotion, no follow-up. It was shoddy even by the standards of the day. Having said that, I will note that follow-up seems a lost art.

        As I said earlier, the mere concept of the interview with Jessa and Jill is just tawdry, Nancy Grace-like.

        • I did notice that one FOX personality, Julie Roginsky, was highly critical of the parents pushing Jessa and Jill in front of the cameras. I think that is a very important point to make. While I may quibble with Kelly for conducting this interview and with FOX for airing it (as I am sure it will air), the cause of the trauma the young women may suffer is the parents, and the last clear chance to avoid any such (additional) trauma lies with the parents.

        • It is uncomfortable. It is indicative of something amiss in our culture. The entire endless parade about the Duggars in all parts of the media is that.

          This was a sensitive matter/story that was blasted across the world like it was a Perez Hilton exclusive, in respectable corners of the media as well as Buzz Feed and Gawker.

          Deplore the way this has led to these girls thinking they must defend their family from people who have shown no caution in rhetorically eviscerating these folks for the sake of the daughters.

          How could they not wish to speak in the face of profoundly complex and tragic family dynamics being treated in this manner?

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