Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-O’Reilly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Congratulations to the new host of Red Eye: Mr Tom Shillue.
  • May program ranker: Fox News holds top 14 slots.  Demo: 25-54.
  • Patten: (MS)NBC interns score $4.6 million in lawsuit settlement.
  • Q&A: Abby Huntsman loves cheese.  The Rev rating: Mostly false.
  • Throwback Thursday video: over Duke Lacrosse hoax.
  • Rothstein: Faces of Ed.  The Rev to march against Hartford violence.
  • CNN reality shows awarded.  Buzzers in place for more CNN games.
  • Joyella: How should cable news treat victims who want to speak out?
  • Fallon: ‘Tough, responsible‘; Tucker: ‘half-hearted‘; Streisand: ‘hard-hitting‘.

132 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: Kelley Interview

    I wasn’t expecting the explosion of the Hindenburg, but I wasn’t expecting a very slow leak in a bicycle tire either.

    I wasn’t expecting Katherine Jenkins singing “Laudate Dominum”, but I also wasn’t expecting Morris Albert’s “Feelings”.

    I wasn’t expecting Edward R. Murrow’s interview of J. Robert Oppenheimer, but I also wasn’t expecting Barbara Walter asking Katherine Hepburn that if she were a tree what sort of tree she might want to be.

    Kelley’s first mistake was the pre-interview victory lap in which she trumpeted what was to come, sung her own praises and claimed that the nature of the interview was hers and hers alone. Neither Kelley nor anyone who cable news could have met those expectations.

    If the interview were focused in the parents’ feelings, as it was, with very little substance, no breaking news and tentative and tepid follow-up, that’s one thing. If it were a softball interview of the Hume and Cheney or Matthews and Obama variety, that another thing. If this were an effort at whatever the Kelley equivalent of “Hannitization” is, that’s still another thing. The worst aspect of this interview was it was just really, really boring, non-substantive television.

    Perhaps she can get some more air time on Kurtz to proclaim the greatness of the interview.

    For now, the score is 3/10.

        • Nope. No cable, just Roku which we seldom watch either now.

          We are getting ready for the wilderness…albeit a comfortable and lovely one as long as I’m still running on all wheels.

          Will try to catch it online later.

          • Enjoy.

            My wife just retired yesterday. 40 years of teaching German! I can’t imagine ever retiring completely. But, geezerhood is not too far down the road. When we remodeled the bathrooms last year, we took that into account.

          • That’s sensible indeed. My husband is retiring a bit early, but I suspect by the time we’ve gotten things just right, it will be time to put handle bars in the bathrooms,

          • Some people do, indeed, enjoy it. Not for me. And, it would appear, not for many. Seems to make many people insular. grouchy, slovenly. Not all, to be sure. Glad you enjoy it.

          • Of course retirement can be the beginning of new adventures, new joys and greater successes. How you spend it is up to you.

          • Then you are familiar with “AmO,” especially when you look in the mirror.

      • We should count ourselves lucky that we didn’t get the reaction before the interview aired, perhaps tossing in Gretchen Carlson just to make the picture complete.

        • Well, don’t expect a review of Kelley’s interview with the daughters. That’s just too icky to come near. We’re in Nancy Grace territory there.

        • Do you mean that some came with preconceived ideas as to how the interview would go? Imagine!

        • Our Royal Poster knows ahead of time what will be the questions, answers, everything. The smartest person in the world and the expert on everything.

    • I saw just about what I expected given the audience Megyn was primarily targeting toward.

      I have no significant complaints.

      Not sure what I was expecting, but came away surprised at how articulate and well prepared Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were.

      Judging by the reaction so far it doesn’t appear that Megyn’s interview stirred up much controversy. For example, I doubt her critics on CNN or Comedy Central will have much to say about Ms. Kelly.

      • Your point about the critics is very well taken. I doubt think this was controversial enough or substantive enough, to the extent the two are different, to work into a comedy routine. Do you have any sense that the interview was a bit toned down to insure that type of think would not happen? I expect the answer is no, but I am nonetheless curious.

        • At the risk of sounding non responsive, my take was it reminded me of the Greta-Bret interview with Hillary where the consensus seemed to be that all three participants came to the debate/interview very well prepared.

          I had the same impression here — well produced and well prepared participants.

          • I don’t think that non-responsive at all, and I do agree with you. In response to the pre-interview preening, I used the word “choreographed”. More cynical, to be sure …. Perhaps that is why I found it all rather boring.

          • Do you mean that in the sense that the Duggars were given heads up as to the questions by the Kelly show folks before hand?

          • I see no evidence that was the case.

            CNN reported that the Duggars have a P.R. expert helping the Duggars tell their story: Chad Gallagher, the head of the Arkansas firm Legacy Consulting. (Gallagher is also a longtime adviser to Huckabee, and is the executive director of Huck PAC.)

            I have no issue with this. In fact, I think given the circumstances it makes perfect sense.

          • Do you see any answers they gave as being slick or artful in the sense of something that might be scripted by an attorney?

            After reading the Streisand piece, the only evidence I saw of slick is the common one among evangelical Christians via a reliance on the scripture that “all things work for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose”.

            That’s true, of course, but rather than being simplistic, it comes with all the suffering the winnowing of God demands.

          • I think they did a commendable job of not coming across with their main focus being to save their TLC show with gratuitous apologies and excuses.

            I didn’t see any of that despite the speculation (on CNN?) prior to the interview that this was some kind of grand plan for allowing the interview to go forward.

          • That was my take too via the less informative write up.

            Unfortunately, the hippy-dippy spirituality of many evangelicals can serve as much as an inurement to genuine feeling as political indoctrination with kids.

          • From Jim Bob:

            “At this point, our family is trying to regroup from these attacks. And
            when you’re in every newspaper and everything throughout the world, I
            mean, it’s been an unprecedented attack on our family. And this
            information was released illegally. And so I wonder why all this press
            is not going after the system for releasing juvenile records. That is a
            huge story.”

            From Michelle:

            “In our hearts, we haven’t been keeping secrets — we have been
            protecting those that, honestly, should be protected. Now what’s
            happened is that they’ve been victimized by people with an agenda for
            whatever profit they think they’re gonna get.”

            Attorney, Media Consultant or Politician ….

          • Even I don’t think that. Kelly certainly previewed her general approach, but I can’t imagine she would ever provide questions in advance.

      • I’ll concur with your analysis. I had no idea what to expect. I don’t think it was especially hard hitting, but how much was MK expected to beat up on the parents?It is what it is.

    • A side question… for years I’ve pointed out the petty and ridiculous way you constantly change people’s names in a way to mock them… you know, like a child would. But Kelly’s “Kelley” has left me confused. I’m not sure what you’re going for here. Just a misspelling to keep with tradition? A mistake that never seems to get corrected? Some sort of (falsely) pompous joke only you understand?

      Can you explain to us underlings?

          • So, you’re saying the Concerned Pastors of Greater Hartford and the Hartford mayor are likely to be inspired to run rampant through the City after the speech? That’s logical.

          • As I said, and let me quote me, “he is going to unraise the rabble”. Basically a PR stunt to say “I’m a man of peace, so brothers and sisters, be peaceful. See, I’m a swell guy.”

          • Well, that just dastardly! A far greater man was once executed for preaching a Gospel of Peace. No peace around here, no time!

          • I’ve long taken the position that a man assassinated on the direct, personal orders of Stalin must have some developed ability which caused fear in Stalin. Trotsky was highly intelligent. Intelligent people often cause the less intelligent to become fearful.

          • “Ernesto “Ché” Guevara is a popular culture icon, his face adorns posters
            and t-shirts around the globe. Most people don’t realize that he was
            Fidel Castro’s chief enforcer and had a personal hand in at least 100 firing squad executions, often delivering the coup de grace personally. In response to questions about Castro’s firing squads Guevara once said,
            “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These
            procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution. And a
            revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure
            also he murdered women and children with pistol shots to the head. just the type a leftest love to love. mom always said you are known by the company you keep. i’ll take dick cheney over left wing pukes any day.

          • A citation for a direct quote is customary and required in the case of academic work.

          • Ah, Babalú! Enjoy it while it lasts. Everyday we come closer to ending the silly embargo. United Fruit and Bacardi are already weeping.

          • the material is not produced by babalu but gathered by them. your stupid snide remarks reflect how heartless leftism is. you can you tube executions, maybe you can cheer for the destruction of united fruit and Bacardi while watching people die. gross. seek help.

          • seriously. skip the bs books and read some personal accounts to understand the genocide that took place in the Cuban Revolution. Latin culture in the early 20th century resulted in the mixing of families from all of South America and the Caribbean. Chief among the leftests goals was to eliminate entire families so they could not breed enemies. these executions involved families from all over Latin America. women and children were gathered together and executed one by one by Enesto, an Argentinian doctor no less. so i do not make comparisons or jokes about Che.

          • you are just one big snide joke. your greatest pleasure es en la dolor de otras. feisimo. now i need to go listen to children read aloud. good riddance.

          • i added all mine into one, it has been building for weeks. she/he is still far ahead en cosas feo.

          • 1952 , 1953 , 1954 , 1955 ,1956 , 1957, 1958 también.
            ¡Sí! Batista era asesina y corrupta.

          • I have a book, “Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.” by Humberto Fontova. Probably forbidden reading in your country.

          • what happened was likely worse than that book describes. there are first hand accounts and nothing replaces them, just like the Bulgarian forensic physician that worked at Auschwitz. everything else is just baloney.

          • Well, I was thinking of Jesus, hence, “Gospel”, but I am also fond of the “Motorcycle Diaries”.

          • Rev. Al has to put on a show now and then to give a little cover to his White House buddy. Even Sadam patted the little English boy for the cameras.

  2. MS(NBC) interns get chump change and their lawyers take the big bucks. Unions and lawyers own such a chunk of the Democats don’t look for reforms.

  3. I’m stepping our of character here. I find Tucker’s suggestion that Kelly helped the Duggars steer the narrative from their son’s atrocious actions to what they see as the far greater wrong of the leaked information offensive. To be sure, Kelly utterly failed as a journalist. She ought to have followed that assertion up, she ought to have asked far more probing questions. But to suggest that Kelly was complicit in the Duggar’s attempt to distort and deceive is just not correct.

    • If you read the article only his timing was off and then by a week or so. The Texas legislature did actually vote on a bill to require identification on your health insurance card if you are receiving a federal subsidy under the ACA. What’s next you have to wonder? Different colored geometric patterns on driver licenses?

  4. Re: Joyella

    As far as identifying victims, in the Duggar case didn’t that happen with the release of the sealed records?

    I dont know how many daughters the Duggars have but a process of elimination based on age wouldn’t have been hard.

    That’s why its confusing when any concern over records being maliciously released is labeled an attempt to divert from the molestation.

    Its rather double blind messaging to see that and then see articles talking about media concern over victim exposure.

    You can certainly be concerned that those kids weren’t protected by their parents NOR by some malevolent person in city govt.

    • As reported by MK, there are nine girls.
      Their identities were made known when the sealed juvenile records were released illegally through a FOIA request. MK was on The Five today to dispel the notion that she and others are trying to downplay, or give cover to the actions of the son. It’s part of the entire sordid story. Of course it’s concerning. But there are those will accuse anyone brings up this aspect are the ones causing more pain for the victims.

  5. Charles K. suggested tonight that Congress should appeal to China as they without a doubt have every one of the Clinton email. Wouldn’t hurt, they might do it for the yucks.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Faces of Ed
    4 hard-hitting
    3 tough, responsible
    2 half-hearted
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 (MS)NBC interns score $4.6 million in lawsuit settlement.

    • Love your tweet that the haters are warning MK what to say and not say tonight or they will hate her more! Classic.

      • It’s literally true. “She better not say…” (whatever it was) Like some twitter hater holds some power to punish her or make her stand in the corner if she dares to disobey him. It’s surreal.

        • I misread your last sentence. I thought that it said, “It’s squirrely.” Which, come to think of it, squirrely is a perfect description of the rabid Twitter twits.

        • The funny thing about these haters is they’ve come to think they’re important. They also think they’re smart, but that’s not quite as funny.

      • tyvm nixon, but surely you jest:) telling and very cool vid. made me cry. listening to BOR try to not take credit is nice. almost every conservative here on this blog tries to do something to touch other people’s lives. sick of the ignorant slander merchant. (*^&*%&$*%^#$%@$!!@

        • I had to censor my whole response about the troll. There are rules here, even if he isn’t required to abide by them.

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