Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Rothstein: Zucker memo mentions ’embarrassments’ (v/CNNC).
  • Q&A: Trish Regan‘s Intelligence Report; Cavuto‘s Coast to Coast.
  • CNN Media gets extreme makeover.  Audio Q&A:
  • Video: Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.
  • CNN signs former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer to a contributor role.
  • Video:  Greg Gutfeld Show   Red Eye fans’ first reactions.
  • F&F video: Anna Kooiman runs the Warrior Dash
  • O’Reilly riding high, preps new book.  Celebrity chef is back in Jersey.

54 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Greg Gutfeld Show was bad, really bad. Months and months of prep, and this dreck was the best that they could do?

    • I didn’t see it, but my guess is that a big reason for that comes from the perils of thinking yourself just too cute.


    • I watched it and thought it was pretty bad as well. It was only its first show so it’s a work in progress….but they have a lot to do.

      One suggestion would be to make better use of the couch.

    • Hire Bill Schulz back if they’re gonna do Pinch & let Andy be the ombudsman if they’re going to use one!

      Simple solutions to simple problems!

  2. Brian Lowry of Variety rips Greg’s show
    Show’ Doesn’t Look Ready For Primetime

    I don’t mind the bad review. This first episode wasn’t very good at all. BUT, he should have used Jo Nosuchinsky’s name instead of “the correspondent” and is he that stupid OR is JoNo such an amazing actress…that he believed ALL THOSE PEOPLE had the right answers (without being given the answer before they shot the scene). DOH!

      • Curiously, why is Lowry’s opinion worthless? You may well be right, but I have read his reviews of other programs, most recently the new Marilyn Monroe series, and he seems to have captured the essence of all. Are you suggesting there is some animus between Lowry and Gutfield or Lowry and FOX News, or do you simply disagree with his review?

        I also read Zarowny’s review at, and he doesn’t seem to have been overly-impressed. He even suggests that the show is likely summer fare to disappear shortly, and that the purpose of the show is to prepare Gutfield for the O’Reilly program when he retires or Hannity when he is canned or relegated to cable obscurity after the 2016 elections. The replacement question(s) aside, do you think this review is more accurate?

        • No surprise…but you are inaccurate in your summary, to say the least.

          Zarowny says Gutfeld may be being groomed for a day slot rather than anything about O’Reilly or Hannity and doesn’t come close in tone to Lowry’s criticism.

          You are exaspering in your lack of honesty.

          • To go straight to the source, with the applicable passage marked wist asteriks:

            “But what we are really seeing here is Gutfeld continue in his being
            groomed for a weekday, prime time slot. ***** At some point, either Bill
            O′Reilly will retire or Sean Hannity will be let go. Probably after
            2016. FNC will then replace which ever with The Greg Gutfeld Show, or
            some new version of it. *****”

        • Actually, I can’t read. He did make the point about Gutfelf as replacement for either show.

          Please forgive me. I was dead wrong.

  3. Bill O’Reilly’s “Legends and Liars” …. Some things write themselves.

    • “Bill O’Reilly may be accused of being a bad husband, a bad father, a bad liar, and even a bad cable television news host. However, nobody can accuse the Fox News star of having bad ratings.”

      For a minute there I thought I was still reading a post from you about Clinton.

      • I watched Stelter yesterday, and there was some undercurrent that Brian Williams may be going to MSNBC when his suspension ends. Largely speculation, of course, and not even new or original speculation, but it reminded me, as does the quote you provided (with which I largely agree), how much lower the professional and journalistic standards are in American cable news, at least at FOX and MSNBC, than at broadcast news stations. And, if Williams migrates to MSNBC, then my assertion that O’Reilly would never be forced to leave FOX because no one is held accountable at FOX, loses a bit of its uniqueness, doesn’t it?

        • Loses its uniqueness? You’re quoting plenty of talking heads but at least they make a distinction between a news anchor and someone who is a pundit.

          BTW: there is a living breathing human being who collaborates O’Reilly’s story about hearing the gunshot.

          That’s more than Williams has and you were very cautious in criticizing him.

          • Yes, that distinction about the differences between an anchor and a pundit …. Were that it were true, we’d all be much better off, of course. But, when one indicates at the opening of each show that the viewer is about to enter a no spin zone, it rather difficult to conclude that the man who says that views himself as far more than a mere pundit in the realm on opinion.

            I am still a bit cautious about Williams because he has not been afforded the luxury of defending himself. In fact, he has denied that. O’Reilly treated us to shrill defenses on a number of occasions. Of course, that cuts both ways, His defenses made his positions rather less believable to me.

          • No, you were rightfully cautious about Williams in the way you have never been with O’Reilly.

            I know it’s Fox, but get a bit of perspective why don’t you.

          • It is possible I am not completely fair and objective about O’Reilly. He is for me, in my reaction to him, much like Ed Schultz. I find nothing, absolutely nothing, in their professional or personal lives, that draws me to them.

          • There’s no one who does not find O’Reily exaspering at times…often.

            He is arrogant. He is often brusque to people who know a hell of a lot a more than he knows.

            He has an outsized charm though too. And frankly, is a heck of a lot fairer and less partisan than he gets credit for being.

          • And his thwarted every attempt by his enemies to take him down making them look damn insignificant. Love the guy more than ever. That happens to winners.

          • Let’s not go full victimhood mentality here. There has been no concerted effort to “take him down”. He’s not important enough to even warrant that. In fact, when the story broke about his daughter describing abuse of her mother by him, the story was covered rather delicately.

          • It was reported far and wide. It took a leak to Drudge to report the Lewinsky thing the New York Times had sat on.

            I guess by delicately you mean it was only the blue blogs outright calling him a wife beater.

            Yes, if it’s delicate to treat such disputes as being more fraught with human frailty by both parties than was indicated in Buzz Feed, and demanding of some caution, I suppose O’Reilly was treated delicately.

          • 1. Part of my problem with O’Reilly is I do not find him charming. Not in the least. I do agree with you that when someone is exasperating, charm can do much to off-set that. The first example to come to mind is Alec Baldwin. A very difficult personality, but so much charm that I “sort of” like him. To many, Clinton is exasperating, but charming.

            2. I agree O’Reilly can be fairer and is far less partisan than Hannity of even Kelley. In fact, I’m not sure he is particularly ideological.

          • Actually, you described O’Rilley as having much charm and humor (albeit alternating with ill temperness ) during the MJ report fracas.

          • Bill Clinton has immense personal charm. I don’t like him, but I’d be blind not to see that.

          • funny. i have never been effected that way. indeed, i think anybody who has should examine their own emotional goodness. i was a single father of 2 young women and pukes like Bill send my radar over the edge. Lost in Space: danger danger danger. nothing good or decent about him. i guess if you compare him to similar public men that have left a trail of victims like he has and how he has escaped the condemnation he deserves and others have not … well he is special in that sense … and only that sense.

          • Well, saying someone has charm is not the same as complimenting their character.

            You can certainly be a fine person and possess great likability, but sociopaths generally ooze great charm too. And you know how those cats are.

    • Well that’s good… some people aren’t very creative and are terribly predictable.

  4. I didn’t think it was bad. Thought “the panel” with Alan Comes and the seal that shot bin laden playing candy land were funny. Greg and Colin Quinn were funny. A studio audience may not be a bad idea though.

  5. CNN with a halfway house for ex Obama flacks as they transition to something more profitable.

    • Hardly without precedent. Sarah Palin. Rick Santorum. Mike Huckabee. Dana Perino. I don’t think any of them passed through CNN.

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