Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: Gellar, Bush, Duggar…Megyn Kelly’s very good month.
  • F&F video: something premiering tonight.
  • Media Buzz videos: Bob conservative
  • Reliable Sources videos: Brian Williams, covering 2016, Denny Hastert.
  • Q&A: Janice Dean.  Joyella: Will cable newsers pool resources?
  • Quest and Questions: How CNN’s Brit almost missed out on 500.
  • Video Q&A: Alan Colmes about his new show.
  • MSNBC’s signature series enters its sixth season.  Sunday talkers.
  • Who does a better interview: a CNN pro or a random internet crowd?
  • The Schultz Tapes: Big Ed denies he was suspended for ‘slut’ comment.
  • Your Buzz videos:

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  1. I shouldn’t experience much angst over Republican debate coverage and I shouldn’t spend too much money on coverage. Sure the candidate comedic value is high and the audience provides a gladiator games quality, but the debates have had virtually no impact on Republican candidate selection.

  2. As there is no real misery involved, it’s hilarious to see the testimony from the Ed Schultz trial.

  3. Confess I’ve yet to watch an episode of LOCKUP. I suppose if I were an MSNBC demo audience member, let’s say a looter or a member of Congress, it might be education worthwhile.

    • I’ve seen parts of them while my husband was watching. Just awful.

      What can I say. The boy watched that Cops show occasionally too.

    • If I want to see a crime show, I use to to TLC to watch the Duggars. Now, I have to settle for Huckabee praising the Duggars. He’s mainstreamed them to a different news and cable news demo.

      • Huckabee hasn’t stood by them wisely. He hasn’t defended them safely. He’s just done it like a man and like a friend.

        • In so doing, has he been helpful to them? Not that that she be his motivation. I’m wondering if it might have been more helpful if it had been more personal.

        • i have played on skype for Tehran and got into discussions. even the most western Iranian believes leaders should be strong and the low IQ low educated people need to be told what to do. sometimes i feel the notion difficult to resist. just think, troll in Evin. hmmmmm

          • The Germans wanted a strong leader in the Thirties. Didn’t work out too well.

          • the weak leader in the 2000s is a fail. when all permutations are a fail can you blame leftests for living the fantasy? well yes, it really is stupid.

          • A weak or inept leader is one thing. A strong leader who doesn’t have designs on tyranny is what is needed.

          • that puts u in fantasy world with you know who. “you know you can’t see the fairies unless you believe in them”

          • That kind of insulting jargon doesn’t even come out of the Royal chap. He’s more subtle than that junk.

          • Strength and ruthlessness are not synonymous. Roosevelt was strong. Churchill was strongish. Hitler was just ruthless. Odd thing is ruthless people can be charismatic.

  4. With all the cable fluff that masquerades as news, I don’t recall being alerted that the Vice President’s son was at risk of dying?

  5. Heartbroken over the news of Beau Biden. Covered widely. A wife and children left. A veteran. The poor Vice-President. Second child lost. A child he raised alone. How devastating that must be. I can’t begin to imagine. My deepest, sincerest prayers.

  6. I am spending the morning getting reacclimated to American news and cable news. I am a bit surprised at how muted the Hastert coverage has been. The CSM and the LA Times have some good articles floating around, but the television journalists seem to be stepping lightly.

    • I’m hearing some question the validity of the charges, since Hastert isn’t a ‘drug runner’.
      Seems his ‘lying’ to FBI is okay, according to some republicans.
      If he had written a check for 3.5 million he wouldn’t have this problem. But then how would he explain that to his wife/family.
      I think he should be grateful he’s not facing rape charges of a minor, when he was a teacher & coach. ‘Time’ ran out for that possibility.
      When you remember how he got the Speaker position, during the Clinton impeachment. Newt had to resign for having an affair, Livingston had to decline the job for the same reason, so they chose ‘dull’ uncomplicated Denny…
      Bill Clinton looks better & better!

      • There shouldn’t be a statute of limitations on that, if it is what happened.

        Clinton looks better as compared to Hassert. Gingrich married his paramour and Livingston fooled around with a peer. Clinton had the sort of affair that gives affairs a bad name… He used a young govt employee like an ash tray.

        That said, because sex was involved it all became about sex and the media let it stand that way. You had Clinton lying and denying it happened and in turn you had Ken Starr being blamed for being prurient when he had to present overwhelming evidence that it had.

        • Clinton had an affair with an adult woman that was infatuated with him. If it wasn’t for Linda Tripp, America would have been spared the vast waste of time & money on this.

          • Well, you can blame Bill for some of that. Jones brought a case against him. Clinton took the notion that you couldn’t sue a sitting president all the way to the Supreme Court. Then started up with Lewinsky in the middle of that, and then had to get Vernon Jordan to take Lewinsky to sign a false affidavit (because looking for love in all the wrong places is ground zero in discovery processes) after he lost the case.

            Had to get Bill Richardson (then Ambassador to the U.N.) to go to her place and offer her a job to keep quiet!

            Tripp would have been a feminist hero if this had been a Republican.

          • As someone who voted for Clinton twice and believe him to be the reason we had both economic security and peace for eight unbroken years, I am not ready to dismiss his moral and ethical lapse. I’m not French or Italian. Sexual affairs are not a strength, but a weakness. A failure I can forgive, but not condone.

          • I’m the opposite. I’m not able to forgive his calling his secretary in on a weekend to coach her in a lie right before she was to testify before a grand jury.

          • Coaching someone to lie under oath is called subornation of perjury. A felony.

          • I don’t condone it. Prior to this political episode I was an Independent. After the hypocritical impeachment of Bill I became a card carrying democrat.
            The funny thing, when Americans witnessed Hillary’s strength under fire, that’s when she became viable as a senator, and presidential candidate.
            So there was a silver lining~~

          • I think they witnesses her willing to go before TV cameras and deny what she likely knew (based on his history) was a fact. Deny it and blame others for it.

            They witnessed her husband’s willingness to let her do this.

          • Clinton has always been the luckiest of men in one important of categories. His nemeses have long been deeply flawed. Gingrich. Starr. Tripp. How could he not be unscathed and successful?

          • Clinton has nurtured & kept his political friends, and they in turn kept him in the Oval.
            The best politician of my lifetime, to date.

          • Cecelia, what’s your view of the republicans running, (all who are expected to jump in) any stand out to you?

          • I’m not really following it now. It just seems too damn soon.

            The whole process seems to get sooner…and sooner… Or maybe that’s me getting old.

          • I agree, this goes on longer & longer. Yet the first debate is about 2 months away.
            Presidential races are a cottage industry.

          • You might want to go there. Many strings were pulled for many people. Poppy Bush was good at that, too.

          • Even if you make the assumption that GW’s number had come up he did go into the guard.

            Clinton made a deal with Fulbright after his number was up, made a deal with the senator, and later failed to live up to it.

            Later still he lied about it all.

          • GW also flew one of the most difficult and unforgiving aircraft of its day, the F-102. The man was regularly on Zulu alert at Ellington Field.

          • Sort of like when Jan Brewer’s father fought the Nazis in Nevada in 1948, huh? Tremendous bravery.

          • As usual, you have no idea what you are talking about. Just setting up a straw man to distract from the original statement that it tok a hell of a lot of guts to fly a F-102.

          • Cecelia, you know very well that in Korea, the Guard went in first, in Vietnam, last, in Iraq, first. In Vietnam, the Guard was better than a deferment. But, you’re right, Dubya and Clinton both took a less than honorable course.

          • Clucker never knows what he is talking about, anyway. Just consider the source, Cecelia.

          • Bush did his duty, standing Zulu alert in an interceptor. It was honorable.
            By the way, did you ever find your discharge papers?

          • There’s a difference between receiving an exemption or not enlisting and dodging the draft.

          • Silver lining for the Clintons anyway. Randy Bill and the royal victim who has put up with his behavior so often it’s had not to see more such distractions as compulsions follow the two into the White House again.

          • He lied under oath to a Federal judge. It doesn’t matter what the subject was, he was under oath. It was perjury and he should’ve been removed for it.

          • Oh, the lawsuit by Paula Jones was plenty a big trigger with of repercussions of its own. Clinton shouldn’t have lied under oath. Neither should have Hasert. That and tax evasion gets scoundrels every time.

          • If it wasn’t for Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, America would have been spared the vast waste of time and money on this. Put the blame where it squarely belongs.

          • The Khobar Towers bombing? The USS Cole? The Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania? Yep, that was a time of peace and tranquility.

          • bombing the Chinese embassy, his wife dodging bullets, raping juanita Broderick …. oh, that was earlier.

          • He did tell Broderick to put some ice on her split lip. I guess in Bubbaworld, that is being a gentleman.

          • Any one of which is much worse that 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Right?

          • Nobody said that. We were responding to your claim about the Clinton years being peaceful.

          • The wars that Clinton masterfully negotiated the Europeans fighting with an American life lost? Yes, let’s not forget.

          • and…. in the midterm democrats picked up seats!
            that was history making ;))
            the people punished the republican hypocrites for impeaching Bill since many were also screwing around.

          • You would be better served by saying Starr kept it about sex. His report could have been written on a Junior High School locker room wall.

          • There’s another meme. You had the president denying that it even happened. After the DNA was found he claimed it was one encounter. He also told surrogates that Monica had stalked him.

            In order to establish that there was indeed a relationship and one that had been compromisinfpg enough to have given Clinton reason for a cover-up in order to thwart the Jones suit and to lie under oath, Starr had to release all the evidence at his disposal.

          • My surmise is that Starr knew he had nothing and went for a soft porn read to hope if the facts didn’t work, the “ick” effect would. It didn’t. And, Clinton is amazingly popular while Starr is a footnote.

          • Well, who would expect an IC to be anything but a footnote as to compared to a former president. Watergate might be the only exception.

            Starr had the goods and I think handled them correctly in light of the impeachment.

          • Please. That House would have impeached George Washington. And, judging by the trajectories of Bill and Newt, Bill ought to send Ken an entire box of cigars.

          • The impeachment can’t be used as evidence Starr did his job. With that House, Soupy Sales could have secured the indictment (impeachment). That goes directly to your point.

          • My point wasn’t about what the House did with the evidence, but what Starr did with it in light of impeachment.

          • That makes no sense at all Cecelia. Starr didn’t impeach. Essentially, he was a DA. The House was a grand jury. In some rural Alabama county in which bowls of grits are routinely indicted. Starr did nothing any attorney couldn’t have done.

          • You know perfectly well that Starr could have pursued bringing criminal charges against Clinton.

            That was not his recommendation.

      • The Hastert situation could be thorny for Republicans and for the rightist media. It need not be. He is but one flawed man, and we can’t be too sweeping in our generalizations. He is not all Republicans. But, he has some foundational quality as to what the Republican Party is today. How often does the media talk about the Hastert Rule? And, how often has Hastert been the Good Republican in the media. The situation, moreover, flows into troubling hypocrisy and gay memes. I’m sure the rightist media wants a quick plea and then silence. But, if coverage is tepid and uninspired, the rightist media takes another credibility hit.

        • Have you had some sort of flight to maturity and reason after reams of Mediaite posts arguing that Republicans are predisposed to adultery, perversion, and homosexuality?

          • I don’t think I’ve ever thought they were predisposed. Just the victims of their self-proclaimed moral and ethical superiority. Then, the rightist media rushes into to acknowledge the same.

          • Oh, you have indeed said as much. Many times.

            That people are flawed is beside the point of it being right to take stands on what is right.

            You feel adultery is wrong. That will not make that declaration less true if you lapse into an affair with some misbegotten soul tomorrow.

            If hypocrisy is more feared and more weighted than the high standard advocated before failure is discovered, then we’ll have fewer high standards and fewer advocates for them.

    • obvious the 2 trolls are the same person with diff screen names. click baiting with outrageous political lies to get fools to respond. sad

      • Me too. I came late to this scintillating topic of rehashing the Clinton years and all their glory. Had to opine on a couple of comments.

    • I’ve watched CNN, MSNBC and ABC today. Biden and Hastert were discussed on all. The Hastert story led to an analogy to Clinton and was informative. So, I think that is on point.

      I watched a bit of some show on FOX with that dreadful Tucker Carlson trying to advance a meme that we’re experiencing a crime surge, itself based on dubious data because the morale of the police is poor. I don’t think the woman from the Manhattan Institue or Carlson even believed it. Should we talk about that instead?

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