Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Wemple: Cable newsers getting muscled by Clinton Foundation.
  • Video: of Hillary and US Iraq strategy debated.
  • Hardball: Matthews strategizing for wife’s political campaign.
  • Jake Tapper moonlighting.  Coop declines.  Out with the old.
  • Jackson: FNCNN basing debate participation on polls is ‘asinine‘.
  • Megyn on Facebook.  Mika’s makeup for millennials.  Twitter trouble.
  • Factor video: on a singular interview with Ted Cruz.

11 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Since I am more interested in seeing Trump, Carson, Santorum, Fiorina, Perry, Graham, Huckabee than the others, I demand that FOX use Unskewed Polls and CNN have Peggy Noonan count yard signs to determine who is in the lead. Carson in a Landslide!

  2. The Wemple article made my head hurt. Hell, trust Jake, he usually is a straight arrow.

  3. It’s all very well for Mika to state the obvious in advising female job interviewees to keep their appearance attractive but discrete, and to adhere to professional boundaries concerning the boss-employee relationship.

    However, someone should tell Mika that on her end it’s not appropriate for her to use vulgar language (as in “don’t f— it up”) at the very least until she is aware of the sensibilities of her employee.

      • You over-estimate her father’s power and authority. Like it or not, she did work herself up through the ranks from the local human interest stories so often given to women, through her time at CBS. And, you do realize she had her colleagues’ respect for hard work and loyalty. Don’t get me wrong. I think her work is dreadful. I think she’s silly and superficial. But, watch Joe try to carry the show without her. He can’t. Put the blame where it needs to be. On America’s absurd news media culture.

      • No. He’d call employee Mika a dumb drunk and restrict her access to her own neighborhood on the first day.

    • And, it’s certainly inappropriate to ever use that language in the workplace. Coarse. Crude. An indication of a lack of creativity and disrespect. I’ve used it, albeit rarely. I’ve regretted each time. This is a very, very poor reflection.

      • However, it’s not inappropriate to bully a poster on this blog like you do Mike C.? Curious.

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