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  1. If Kathleen Matthews runs for Congress, will Foamy leave his show? Stupid question, I know.

  2. If Gretchen Carlson says she did not intend to say that Allah is not God then why can’t Andrew Kirell accept that as true?

    Her statement can certainly be interpreted that way.

    What’s ironic is that he has no trouble saying that Allah is not God because there is no God, but wants to suggest that Carlson is being disrespectful to other faiths for saying something she says that she was not implying.

    How’s that for faith and generosity toward your fellow man?

  3. Mr. Bill ended the No Spin News (for premium members) last night with the word “soon” instead of “tomorrow.” So, who’s filling in?

      • I suspect that the troll couldn’t make bail after being picked up in the Feds’ sweep of those with outstanding warrants for mopery.

          • from police mag



            12 up,
            2 down

            Suspicious person who has not
            committed a specific offense – preemptive PC stop and frisk. AKA
            “Malicious Slinkery with intent to creep” [old: 123rd Pct, NYPD Tactical
            Patrol Force)

            by MacNeill on Aug 11, 2013



            1 up,
            1 down

            A general term given for total and
            utter supidity and the look given by the Perp following the arrest.

            by Bruce Greinke on Nov 12, 2012



            4 up,
            8 down

            Exposing yourself to a blind woman on a Sunday.

      • Hi, there. I’m in Cardiff at the moment. No connectivity in the Hop Across to LHR, nor on the journey out the M4/A4. But, I’m sure glad to be reconnected.

        • i take the blame with shame. color me out of here. between the troll and the host refusing us the ability to respond properly this place becomes a slum.

          • Unlike most of the Internet communities Doctor Dollor keeps his place from becoming a slum by sending those who cheapen property values with the graffiti of name-calling and gang-war insult assaults to quiet exile. Yeah, stray dogs with bad intentions may occasionally rummage around, but they dare not get in the garbage cans with abandon.

          • oh really? so the troll is never deleted but if i respond accurately calling the troll what the troll is i am deleted. no thanks. look at today’s troll tos post and tell me that again. watch this go poof.

        • It had been reported earlier that a trip was planned. Neither rain nor snow nor vast oceans will keep him away.

          • The Baltimore indictments were the second story on the BBC and ITV, and the third story on Sky. Sky led with the release from the former Duchess of York’s social secretary for murder her male companion. She was released after 14 years on a life sentence. She kept trying to commit suicide, and it sounds to be a compassionate release.

          • Interested in comparisons between US and British journalism, US and British cable (ICN is not cable) and foreign coverage of US news. Instructive.

    • Never mind. He’s on. I think he said “soon” because I wouldn’t have time for the NSN due to tonight’s Rockin’ the Boat concert.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 named to distinguished list
    4 Jake Tapper embroiled
    3 moonlighting
    2 Gretchen Carlson replies
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Mrs Chris Matthews makes a move.

  5. Spotted on twitter: “Powers brings her the left hates free speech promo tour to Greta in taped interview.”
    This is such a blatant lie. Kirsten Powers told Greta that she refers to the ‘illiberal left’ to distinguish them from the left in general who she is not talking about in her book. So some Fox hater skips over that entirely and twists her statement into ‘the left hates free speech’. A lie.

    • Who would do such a thing? With knowing nothing more, I bet I could stick my pole in the vast Twitter ocean and catch the suckers within minutes.

      • Well let see….twitter….a.lie about Fox News………person who.clearly didn’t watch show commented on it……I bet the cat it one of the twitter hater stooges……and im pretty sure the cats safe.

    • In fairness, who can tell with Powers? She has more positions than than the Jets, and all about as well-played.

      • Oh, it’s possible to know precisely what she says. It just takes having actually watched and read her.

        • I did read the book. Her once and for all time conversion is a different sort of experience than I have had or that any of my family and friends in the faith have experienced. For those in the RC, Anglican and Orthodox traditions and several other Chiristian traditions describe. Conversion is daily, even hourly, never ending. Not that hers is wrong or that I doubt it. So, her book was about trying to understand the different and interesting faith experience. I can’t say I paid attention to much else. A bit superficial and self-serving.

          I only see her television appearances on clips. My television machine is programmed. Only viewers under 5 years of age can watch FOX, MSNBC or the Middle.

          • She also writes a newspaper column and occasional piece for magazines.

            As with most things, it would likely benefit you to seek some understanding from the under five pop in your household. Couldn’t hurt you anyway.

          • The difference is probably semantic. In Protestant denominations it is transformation into the likeness of Christ via submission to the Holy Spirit that is ongoing.

            Conversion is the word that defines the initial experience of being enlightened by the Holy Spirit into the recognition of sin, leading to repentance. It’s ongoing aspect is transformation.

          • Of the two groups, I think Jesus made it clear that self-righteousness among religious folk leads to a heart more intransigent than in irreligious people.

          • I wasn’t talking about self-righteousness, I meant those in public discourse that not only have no use for religion, but demand that others think the same.

    • Contact Johnny, Mike. The troll promised you never to post again and now is doubling down on his bull excrement. Don’t let him run you away.

  6. Beaver, “Dad, that Eddy is doing it again.”
    Ward, “Want is he doing that bothers you”
    Beaver, “Well, it’s sorta hard to describe, but he’s doing it on purpose.”
    Ward, “Eddy, are you trolling the Beaver?”
    Eddy, “Why no Mr. Cleaver, and though you drive wonderfully, you’d be on the wrong side of the road if we were traveling on one of my many trips to Europe.”
    Beaver, “HE JUST DID IT AGAIN!”.
    Ward, “Boys, don’t make me stop the car”.

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