Wednesday Links and Open Thread

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • Liberals lie through their teeth to advance any perceived “worthy cause”, in this case:
      1) More money for government
      2) Portray Republicans as Ebenezer Scrooge sending Tiny Tim on a train ride to hell.

      Whenever you hear them confess, “whatever it takes”, that is the tactic being justified.

      • That sort of thinking not only destroys your moral compass, it does tremendous harm to your ability to reason.

        It’s blinkered to the point of wearing a maze around your head.

  1. There are many stories about crazy morons that are not worth covering.

    Not every two-bit PhD with a major in grievance is worth a news story.

    There are blogs for this sort of fury-fodder. Let it go FNC.

    • Saida Grundy is a bigoted creep who shouldn’t be teaching at a dog obidience school. Another fool trying to blame the world’s ills on Y.T.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 named Karl Rove
    4 Fox News report
    3 Half true
    2 Megyn moonlighting
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Five facts you may not know about Megyn Kelly.

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