Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Ashleigh Banfield rips Outnumbered: they’re not smart like me!
  • Wemple: Waco police spokesman calls out CNN misreporting.
  • Rothstein: Jury rules in Ed Schultz’s favor.  Weekend numbers.
  • Joyella: Brian Williams could save MSNBC.  Kornacki makes book.
  • THR: Gavin McInnes responds to uproar over Hannity
  • Imus video: on the Clintons, Stephanopoulos, and more.
  • Coop expounds on not having a ‘Plan B’ (v/CNNC).  Fooled by Clickhole.
  • TCG: Concha’s Daily Wrap pundits willing to go outside ideological boxes.

28 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Daily Wrap is a long, long way from being there, if it ever makes it. I don’t get too worked up over sets and graphics. The MTP set, a sort of Ikea Provincial wasteland and the garishness of the FOX “Breaking News” graphics, which tend to introduce segments which are neither breaking nor news, are just distractions. The immediate problem with DW is so abysmally low production values. More “Wayne’s World” than anything else.

    • Well, the good news is that sets can be upgraded (this one will) and challenges around production can be overcome with the proper resources. If that’s the only criticism of the show right now, and it’s justified, I’ll take it.
      The chief concern I had going in was content, chemistry and execution from a performance perspective: Can the show be labeled as X (liberal) or Y (conservative)? Are the pundits and host phony and/or annoying? Can we debate and offer up unique perspectives and without the usual yelling past each other? I think on those three questions, the show (A) Can’t be labeled; (B) We’re not phony or annoying (insert incoming Concha joke here); (C) The conversation is “thoughtful” (TCG) and “smart” (CNNC).
      So far, so good. Once the set is upgraded, I like what we’ve accomplished so far…something that many panel shows never do or die trying. Thanks – Joe

      • I’m glad to hear that. I hope this is a good place for you to be. I also hope it doesn’t detract too much from your writing. You seem to have have a genuine appreciation of and affinity for the English language, along the lines of some of the legacy political writers like Broder and Germond. Something few political writers today have …. And, although your writing sometimes reflects your ideology, I seldom find your ideology dictating content. A decent balance and none of the whining of so many conservative ideologues. Well, enough of that …. I am always wary of my praise being effusive.

  2. Well, today I learned who Galvin McInnes is. If he comes to this blog he might recognize tactics.

  3. I also learned today what clckhole was… Along with Coop. Never tap your foot until you know what something is.

  4. One can only hope justice will be served when Big Ed tries to reclaim his sports memorabilia by force.

  5. Re: BW fixing MSNBC : Kind of wish they would bring back “The News” as long as it’s not lean forward “news” just news of the day would be nice.(Maybe I am a dreamer) .

  6. Patrick Loose Lips is going to get the City of Waco in lots of trouble if he doesn’t start showing some discretion. He’s on television more than Flo from Progressive. At any rate, it’s all just boys being boys and exercising their Second Amendment Rights.

    Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has responded to a story published Monday alleging O’Reilly physically assaulted his ex-wife, calling the report “100% false.” O’Reilly released a statement through his attorney to Politico, saying, ‘Shut your lying mouth, punk-ass Gawker!’ or something like that.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Hannity appearance
    4 Ed Schultz’s favor
    3 calls out CNN
    2 not smart like me
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Gavin McInnes responds to uproar (over Hannity appearance).

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