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  1. I just caught the rerun of the Fox Report. Lily Langtry was stunning. (sigh!)

  2. Tapper slumming with Letterman? Really? If having a remarkably successful career spanning decades is slumming, I guess so.

    Hala Gorani. Now there is a solid journalist with a unique and pleasant television persona. I would love for her to have more US presence. I suppose to do that, one of the broadcast or cable networks would have to pick her up. I doubt that is going to happen even for no other reason than leaving International and moving to the States would be slumming for her.

  3. Thanks for the comments on the site update. Y’all seem to like it better than I did! 😉 I changed platforms for the convenience and stability of wordpress but was worried the look would suffer. Guess it turned out better than I thought. Thanks again!

  4. Does anyone know if Kurtz was as snarky at all the other media outlets for which he worked? I gave up on him way back in his CNN days.

  5. Hoping the nasty old David Liberalman follows the Johnny Carson TOP TEN RETIREMENT LIST Wednesday night:
    …and Number 1: Sign off the last show and never appear on TV again.

    • I rearly watched the late night talk shows…. but never really watched Letterman so … I’ll be alright when he leaves.

      • Showing my age but Steve Allen will never be topped in that field. Even when he came back with a syndicated show (he had been Tonight Show host) he was the sharpest wit in the arena. IMHO.

        • I was very fond of Jack Paar, likely because my mother was, and despite his behavioral quirks and lapses.

        • To your point about talk show host like Steve Allen, some of the best talk shows I remember were from that same general period — the early part of the second half of the 20th Century.

          Even as a teenager and young adult I had a definite attraction to talk shows of a more serious nature, even though my dad, brothers and I were huge Steve Allen fans.

          To wit:
          Firing Line
          The David Susskind Show
          Studs Terkel Program

          I suppose I have always been attracted to the views of really smart people — even those I don’t necessarily always agree with like Bill O’Reilly. Could explain why I am here daily at J$P. ☺

      • They are all designed now with small segments designed to make it as viral videos. You can watch last night’s best of Jimmy Kimmel with a short visit to YouTube. Letterman’s the last of the old school.

  6. Seeing lots of FOX FACES appearing on other news shows these days as their interview programs make news:
    MEGYN with Jeb Bush tripping over an Iraq question.
    CHRIS with Marco Rubio stumbling over an Iraq question.
    GRETA with bearded hacker as he is now investigated for remote takeover of an airplane.

  7. Liberals are champions of women until it comes to FOX women or conservative women. Then, as James Carville would say, “It’s wahr!”.

    • To say they get a bit unhinged is an understatement.

      Fox female talent and conservative women in the public eye are their Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free ticket. They are their opportunity to drop every code of feminism and beat up a chick.

    • Odd example since he seems to have quiet a good marriage to a rabidly rightist woman. You may be generalizing too much.

        • Can’t be just conservative or Republican. She has to be rabidly rightist.
          Married to a rabidly leftist lunatic. Then he wonders why he pi$$es people off. Deliberately provocative.

    • He’s not going to deal with it IMHO. Three reasons: 1. It’s Gawker. B. It’s JK Trotter. Neither of these has been exactly reliable in reporting on Fox. and III. It’s based on a claim from an interested party (a daughter), not from the actual purported victim. Those are all red flags. Plus I try to avoid uncorroborated personal stuff, and even personal stuff that is corroborated (rumors about Coop, Shep, etc). Though it’s on topic so y’all can discuss it as you like without me.

        • There are certain cable news bloggers that will sink so low as to use it as a credible source of a story. Terrible lack of judgement.

        • the troll is worse. actually i went there once the spam load was so bad i left before knowing how bad it was, but a condescending sanctimonious lying troll has to be worse.

          • Look at the bright side. When you come right down to it, the troll isn’t bright enough to know not to take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time.

      • Yea, Gawker has no credibility after that Shep wanted to come out story had a ton of wrong facts!

          • Probably don’t want to go too far with that. Nothing would jeopardize his current position, so there is not really any practical reason to respond if there is anything to which to respond. I’m not sure we can just write it all off however because of qualms we have, possibly rightfully or wrongfully about an author or a publication. The Enquirer nailed Edwards, you may recall. And, you don’t get sleazier than that.

          • There is no bottom to the depth Trotter will stoop to create what he hopes will sensationalise a story.
            The stuff he reports, is either re-hashing old news ,or speculation from anyone who is willing to “run their mouths.”
            This Trotter “Quote” says it ALL !!
            “If you know any more about this, please get in touch. Methods for contacting us securely can be found here and here.”

          • Of Course ! That way, any Bozo can provide info . Those people are called “Sources” by Trotter. Maybe one of us should call him and find out.

          • I just clicked on a Twitter link for @jktrotter via Politico ..only to find I am Blocked…!! I guess I must have taken a swipe at poor KEENAN ,in the past. ! That puts him in the same league as Bolling and Gutfeld !! Three little Felines (or insert your own word)…3 little delicate flowers with thin skin and loud mouths.

      • That plus New York law is very generous about sealing records. If it happened, it would be very difficult to get around all of that I should think.

      • Let’s take a poll. Raise hands of who things this is a career damager? OK… I count ONE… ??? yep, ONE.

        • I am surprised you got even one vote. Even in the unlikely event the allegations were completely true, O’Reilly would be completely safe at FOX. There are no consequences for him at FOX, and there never will be.

          • The left likes them, especially ones who raise money for them like Bubba’s friend Epstein.

          • What liberal wants O’Reilly fired? I keep having conservatives tell me that, but I have never heard it from a liberal. Frankly, he plays it a stereotype about his employer that is valuable.

          • Go to all the Liberal sites on Facebook & see why they keep on posting bad stories on BOR if they don’t want him fired?

    • This is not a new allegation, is it? If I am reading the Daily News correctly, this goes back to the 2010 incident? The allegations are now in the context of the ex-wife’s efforts to get sole custody?

        • Eventually, the troll will join Laura and JRemi. It’s only a matter of time.

          • I am confident that eventually Johnny will get sick of dealing with him. Until then, I am doing my damndest to avoid getting bounced, myself. And, I am trying to give Mike some hope. Mike has Aspergers (unlike JRemi, who was simply psychotic) and doesn’t handle confrontation with bullies well. This is not his fault.

          • Mike is a highly intelligent grown man. He can take care of himself.

            I regret wanting a little push back around here.

            It’s not worth this drama.

          • Cecelia, people with Aspergers want to avoid conflict. It is not their fault, it is the way their brain is wired. I agree that Mike is highly intelligent, possibly the smartest one here. That said, I will defend him against the bully who promised him never to post again, then doubled down. It must stop.

          • I am hoping that Johnny will soon remove this stone from the blog’s shoe.

            And, I fully agree with your comment that got flagged and deleted.

          • You have to repeatedly break the rules to get banned. Being a PITA isn’t breaking a rule. Those of us who can’t deal need to take the Kelly Pledge.

          • We’re straying a bit too far from cable news into talking moderation issues, which I prefer not to hash out in the comments. So to all, let’s avoid that sort of thing in the future.

          • I can’t get worked up over the royal pretender at all, though I enjoy your responses without knowing what he said.

    • I don’t want to worry about conflicts of interest; I don’t want ads cluttering the site; I don’t like some algorithm deciding who gets to benefit from whatever exposure the site has to offer (which ain’t that much when you get right down to it).

    • For someone who considers himself a savvy Internet surfer I got swept up by Google Analytics (presumably) in the last two weeks.

      I was online looking for leather recliners and the next day for hotels in Las Vegas.

      By the next day ads started appearing on Mediaite for recliners in my city of residence and LV hotels. Hmmm. This had not happened before.

      Installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on on my laptop seems to have resolved the issue.

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