Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: S, Fox, vs Jeb.
  • Reliable Sources videos: George S, Obama vs Fox, covert affairs.
  • Greta: Fox News, the Clintons, contributions, and my husband.
  • He won on Jeopardy!   Ed Schultz hits new low.  Sunday talkers.
  • Q&A: Kirsten Powers.   Saturday special: The Holloway Mystery.
  • Your Buzz: focus,
  • Rothstein: Schultz lawyer ‘totally paranoid’ over reporters.   More.

142 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Shultz should offer to settle the suit for 50% of the current value of his show which looks to be about zero.

  2. As I recall, Holloway’s mother ended up thanking Nancy Grace lavishly, and basically ignored Greta towards the end of the coverage circus.

    • I’ll probably DVR it.

      I must confess true crime stories are one of my guilty pleasures — and this case was one of the best in terms of an ongoing story with so many twists and turns. (Certainly not one of the best in terms of the crimes involved.)

      • I’m staying clear of it. I hate stories like this and the image and B-roll from the initial coverage are engrained in my head: the yearbook photo and backseat video.

        • I like true crime stories like those shown on Dateline and 48 Hours. Don’t like the Holloway story at all. There’s been no resolution. Very painful.

          • You make a valid point Marty, which is why I am DVRing it so I can see if there are any parts I want to watch.

            By now I know this story inside and out having followed it so closely as a retiree with lots of free time.

            My guess is the ratings will probably be disappointing due in part to the reasons you and Mike C. cited.

          • A horrible story made even more horrible and note-worthy by the confluence of the father’s influence upon local law enforcement, media, and the judiciary.

          • Seems to me Dutch law was scrupulously followed. By U.S. (and Anglo-America) standards, it seems odd, perhaps even a travesty, but it is what it is.

          • I tend to think the killer is dead, so I’m not sure what difference it makes now, unless it is handled in a way that informs us as to the nature of such crimes. Another gut-wrenching outpouring of grief alone just makes it all the more tragic and tawdry.

          • While I agree that there could be some scenario where the identifucation of a long deceased killer does more harm than good, I think it’s inherently important for crimes to be solved and killers exposed, even if posthumously.

            There are considerations such as that the killer may have been assisted in hiding his identity by someone who is still living. There’s family closure to consider.

            Bottom line is that heinous crimes need to see the light of day and their perpetrators exposed. Even when they only answer to the consciences of the people they left behind, and ultimately to God.

          • I can’t disagree with any of that. As long as we don’t expect there to be some magical “closure”, we’re fine. The legal system, the political system does not give us closure. Faith does.

          • Personal closure? That’s certainly not its purpose, and I don’t even see how that is possible. Closure comes when your memories are of a person at all of the best moments in his or her life, when you no longer see an ill person, or when you no longer see the person as a victim. It comes when at long last you do proclaim in confidence the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection. The recollection you shared of your father goes to very thing. It was a beautiful affirmation of faith. Then again, if one is not a faithful person, perhaps the legal system is all they have.

          • I agree with you, but justice naturally brings its own closure and our sense of it comes from God’s nature.

            Otherwise, right and wrong and even offense and mercy have no context.

    • If your daughter was murdered you would naturally be drawn to someone who seems as angry and outraged as you are.

        • Nope.

          I was once a Van Susteren fan and even followed her to FOX for a while. The saturation coverage of Holloway and Jackson wore me out. You might even recall on her blog she had huge numbers of fans complaining about it. She even got all defensive as to Jackson, and wrote something like “OK. I get it.”

          The Lifetime movie about Holloway was effusive with praise for Grace, and a number of interviews by mother were as well. Something seemed to go awry in the Van Susteren relationship. By that time, I had pretty much left Van Susteren, so I’m not sure what. Their new persona she took at FOX just never clicked for me. Although, I do have to hand it to her she is sufficiently loyal to her employer, but with a balance that other FOX talent lacks.

      • If he’s referring to the fact Mr. Rove earlier in the week seemed to wander off the Fox News reservation by making an appearance on NBC’s “Today” to discuss the Jeb Bush-Iraq War flap, I was a little surprised to see him there.

        Plus it was a surprisingly dull interview. He’s much better with Mr. Bill, even if they don’t seem to particularly like each other. [wry smile]

          • Their little one-upmanship bits do make for good TV most of the time. Although there are those rare occasions when it does get borderline uncomfortable for some of us.

            I also think Rove has more of an aversion to O’Reilly than the reverse — not unlike with Bob Beckel’s old appearances.

            I should have made that clearer.

          • Don’t know about ‘libruls’ — but it does appear many conservatives just wish he’d disappear so no one including ‘libruls’ would ever have a tail on him (or hear from him) again.

          • Well, not since 2008 when he began to be a Alka Selzer in its last minutes of fizz in a glass of water.

          • It’s your nature. Add to THAT your sense that it’s also a higher calling for truth, justice, and the American way and it’s a joy you will never deny yourself.

            Unfortunately, Mike takes it personally.

          • there is no truth, no justice and certainly no American way. mike is right. he is a troll that enjoys the discomfort of others. it is his sole reason for posting, being here and returning here. kudos to mike c for calling it out. he sees it quite clearly.

          • People have different ideologies- understandable. Defend your position. It’s the tone , tenor and intent that matters.

          • He has a different position and he defends it.

            Having some variety around here could be worse than our having the world’s most obvious troll.

          • Well, it is personal to the extent that he hates our collective conservative guts.

            He’d like to see you socially ostracized utterly in real life, shouted down on the web via troll tactics, and wouldnt mind a few curtailments via speech laws.

            I don’t think that sentiment represents the majority of libruls, but it is the loudest and most militant segment on the web.

          • There are conservatives and there are conservatives, Cecelia, just as there are libruls and there are libruls. You throw out “emotive” as a barb when you speak of liburls. Being emotive is not always a bad thing. In fact, being emotive is often an excellent motivator that can transport one to a higher analytical and strategic place which is often quite productive.

            I sometimes use “reflexive” to describe conservatives. There is nothing inherently wrong in being reflexive. It can be very comfortable, I am sure. I’m not sure it takes us anywhere, however, except to places we have already languished and from which most of us have moved on. It tends to lead nowhere.

            Now, that may be far too broad a generalization to be valuable. In fact, there are conservatives who are not reflexive, who look back at the Salad Days of the 50’s and 80’s and see them for what they are: wilting and rotting iceberg. Certainly, Buckley. At one time, Will. On the odd occasion Noonan. Brooks.

            And, there are people on the left who are simply superficial and silly. Vanden Heuvel. Marshall. Moulitsas.

            I think you make too much of the divide.

            I also think that you miss a key element that seems so patently obvious to me and gives the libruls a bit of a leg up. If you go to any rightist website, and with all due deference to Johnny, I consider this a rightist website, the theorists and pundits most often cited are the Becks, the Breitbarts (as a collective), the Limbaughs and the like. Not a thinker among them, not a person who impacts our nation as we work through this decade. Whilst, on the left, you find a Shipley, the greatly conflicted (and conflict-inducing) Hiatt, a Leonhardt, a Foer, a Moss. In other words, people already shaping mid-21st Century America. In other words, the disdain you seem to think I have for conservatives has much more to do with a lack of vision and direction for the future than the present. In fact, the presence seems largely laugh-inducing to me.

          • N-N, in all fairness, you don’t know anything about me either.

            I say I’m a wife and a mother, but you take that on trust. I could be a man typing from jail.

          • And I could be a jimp pounding away at a keyboard. At least you don’t annoy me, Cece. That’s all we can really hope for in life, not to be annoyed.

        • It’s amazing just how toxic Iraq remains for Republicans, isn’t it? It may well be the surprise knock-out for Jebbers. Although, I doubt it in the primaries. I think he’s still got a lock on the nomination, and I expected Jebbers to be Hannitized often. And, the fact that so many Democrats, notably Hillary! were supportive of the war, at least nominally, seems to matter not. I suppose a war is always owned by the President who “started” it and his or her party. I have to say if the choice becomes Hillary! and Jebbers in November 2016, I’m likely to cast an unenthusiastic vote for Hillary!, but a Jebbers (or Rubio) win will cause no anguish.

        • rove did a terrible job challenging the lies back then, so of course the today show, would invite him, as Ramadi falls, in part because of the discontinuing of the surge,

  3. The irremovable Facebook trending bar has sandbagged me with the news that some rapper teamed up with Bill Maher on Real Time last night to tear into Bill O’Reilly. Without checking further, I’ll assume it’s about Thursday’s Talking Points Memo and subsequent interviews with Bernie Goldberg and Tavis Smiley.

    I wish there was some way to hide the trending bar, but there isn’t. Facebook will continue to cram stories I don’t care about or don’t want to know about don’t my throat.

    • I maintain the social media sites at the office, and I do some posting on my personal FB page. I’ve never even noticed it.

      • I hadn’t either until Mike (I think) mentioned it here at J$P a while back.

        His observation skills and attention to detail never cease to amaze me.

      • Yes, we believe you.

        There are many senior citizens who manage the social media for their company, while simultaneously traveling around the world in their “position of national importance.”


        • Fun fact, him and the Empress are the same person. And their “world travels” consist of watching the Travel Channel.

          • So improbable it’s impossible to believe, Larry.

            No one can eat just a handful of Cheetos.

        • The Internet is sometimes called the WORLDWIDE web. Hence, www. It can be accessed from virtually everyplace in the world. You did not know that?

          • Including a dark basement, by someone pretending (aka lying) to be elsewhere.

            Yes, I think we all know that. Thanks.

          • You know very little about Texas.

            I’m sure if we tried really, really hard, we could find a house in Texas which has a basement, but there aren’t that I know of personally. I have one of those quirky Western state houses on the edge of a canyon where you enter from the front on the third level, but there are two levels below, sort of a 2 1/2 story as the bottom levels are not as large as the top. The top is the living room, dining room and kitchen, sort of one big room, with a deck and a cabana. The bottom two floors are bedrooms, baths and the media room. No basement.

            Thanks for asking.

      • He at least is not a Muslim apologist. Actually is an agonist. Still… I have HBO and never watch his mostly trash.

        • it is amusing to see dupes at RCP post his clips as if the punk has something to say in language that would cause RCP to ban a poster repeating it. he is not smart, original, or incisive, but he talks dirty so the kiddies wait to cheer bad words. he reminds me of the resident troll, all blow, no go.

      • I think he’s brilliant and far funnier and smarter than Stewart.

        He’s a mixed bag for sure.

  4. Diversity on cable news staffing? Not really. Mostly white-bread looking even if made with black or Latino grain. About the closest you get to ethnic features is Scandinavian. Watch the current HBO Grim Sleeper documentary and tell me if anyone that looks like the bulk of the participants is behind a cable news desk — or even entertainment shows — even as character actors. Bill Cosby and Diane Carrol opened a door, but oh so very narrowly.

    • Watch Nick at Night and the Me Channel.

      Those old 60s and 70s shows were replete with counter culture black character parts on both sides of the law.

      Those depictions were considered racial stereotypes and the industry went to black versions of Pat Boone to protect themselves.

      It’s a very narrow and hazardous line to walk.

  5. For only the second time I know of, in recent years, that Fox Sports programming is temporarily moved to Fox News Channel. The first time I know of was October 26, 2013, when Oklahoma-Texas Tech football was moved to FNC because of the pregame show for Game 3 of the World Series on Fox. That was the game where the winning run was brought home on an interference call.

    This time, Pirates-Cubs is running late on Fox Sports 1, which NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Qualifying is on FNC. Provided the top of the 9th is uneventful, the Fox Report will begin soon and qualifying will jump to FS1.

          • Is that a swipe at NASCAR?

            Fox Report has begun. Rather than wait for a commercial break, it began during an interview with Danica Patrick.

            And as I type, I see for myself that Molly Henneberg is still with FNC.

        • I watched HBO’s “Bessie” last night, the biography of my favorite jazz great, Bessie Smith. A rough sort of the Blues ….. The story has a difficult undertone, not always “nice”, but it is one perseverance, renewal, even redemption. And, there is lots and lots of superb music. You might want to give it a shot.

  6. Johnny…I don’t know what you are aiming for , so my comment might be of no relevance.
    The only difference that hits me straight away…is that the forum layout is ‘Long and Thin’…and not full screen.

      • Johnny…I went away…came back and saw your reply. I have done a screencap of what I see….I will post it to you on twitter….if you are still awake !!

        • I have posted the screencap .
          The discussions are narrower on my computer. It’s ok…it just means a lot more scrolling..thats all .

          • Johnny…I don’t know what you did …But that much better !!
            Now I have ‘full screen’ and not a narrow view…just down the middle of my screen . 🙂
            EDITED ; To say the page has reverted back to the long and thin discussion space . with wide margins.

        • I’m at a loss. I cannot make my display do what you are describing. When the page is narrow what does the header and menu look like? Can you send me a screen grab of that? I don’t know what I’ll do with it, because there’s nothing I know of to adjust, but I’d like to see.

    • On my laptop running Windows 8.1 I am seeing the margins you mentioned when using Firefox — my preferred browser.

      But no ‘wasted’ margins with Internet Explorer 11. Weird, I know.

      Overall I think it’s a very welcomed upgrade. As Cecelia mentioned, it’s easier to read.

      Kudos to Johnny.

      • I can only suggest you go into Firefox prefs->Advanced->Network and ‘clear web caches’. I am viewing this now on Firefox and the widths are fine. Also try widening the browser window a bit. I have noticed that Firefox is a bit over-eager to conform to responsive sites and sometimes starts to narrow columns before it’s necessary.

      • A more satisfying browsing experience awaits you with MOSAIC, Michael. Works great now with my WIN98. Better than PRODIGY.

    • I’m a reluctant tinkerer in all this. Since this site began I have eschewed the usual blogging solutions to go with proprietary website creation tools; I liked the total control I could have over appearance, etc. But as the blog got bigger it became more unwieldily. Making updates or changes took a lot more time and effort than they should, and ultimately I decided that I could accept some compromises in order to take advantage of a widely-used standardized platform (in this case wordpress) that was easier to maintain, update, etc. And that’s where we are now. I will be fiddling with things for a while, fine-tuning, etc.

      • There’s nothing wrong with a prefab product when it’s good.

        Aside for Mika,…I will miss your slideshow, but I do appreciate the orderliness of this. It may look less creative, but it’s friendlier to navigate and the color is easier on the eye and the psyche.

        Cleanliness is next to godliness and order is peace.

      • It was white but with a little tint that changed from time to time. Even now it’s not pure white, which I find too stark. It has a touch of something in it, I think maybe yellow. Years and years ago I read about a study that white wasn’t the ideal background for text as far as eye strain is concerned. Unfortunately I can’t remember what color they said was, but I think it was either a very light green or very light blue.

        • I don’t notice any difference in the background colour here.
          I think lots of people like white…or a very light blue/grey/silver.
          My preference is a dark background,with a blue/lilac font. (I have a site that colour -so its personal to my preference)
          I like “mood” colours. I’m very strange .(I probably didn’t need to say that ..lol)

      • I think mine looked different because it wasn’t downloading completely.

        No problem with that now.

  7. New theme looks good on my Android smartphone. Well, except when there are over 100 comments. Too much scrolling.

  8. In an unposted MediaBuzz segment, Marisa Guthrie cited John McCain backing out of a Late Show appearance in September 2008 as the moment that first exposed David Letterman’s liberal ideology. But I think that actually came with Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on the show in January 2006. A key snipe from Dave in that appearance was “60% of what you say is crap.” When then-civilian Al Franken appeared later in the year, he corrected Dave by saying it’s actually 100%.

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Sunday talkers
    4 totally paranoid
    3 He won
    2 new low
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Greta: Fox News, the Clintons, contributions, and my husband.

  10. I thought for a minute Ed Schultz won on Jeopardy.
    Ed, “I’ll take ‘The Rapists’ for $200.”
    Alex Trebek, “That’s ‘Therapists’, Ed.”

  11. after watching sanders this morning and blue state red state on the chavez news network i was inspired.

    come gather round useless united we are.
    you wishes for OPM are no longer afar.
    just vote for the skill less that lie, cheat, and steal and
    the heft of 40 hour work weeks you ne’r have to feel.

    u need to envision a little c in a circle lower right.

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