Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Chris Wallace 1-2-3.
  • The ‘long-lost stars’ of television news: where are they now?
  • Greta posts photo, it connects parents of hero cop and victim.
  • MSNBC has lowest day since 2005, while AJAm is even lower!
  • Video: in Stephanopoulos controversy.
  • Rothstein: Flap over juror at Schultz trial; the judge chills out.
  • Q&A: Kirsten Powers.  Today’s conspiracy.  Question of the day.
  • Tonight video: Bill O’Reilly with Jimmy Fallon
  • Factor video: The President, Charles Blow, and

75 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Conspiracy? Hardly. We all understand that Murdoch and Ailes are very much in the Jebbers camp. He is the power-elite/Republican establishment candidate after all. I’d say the conspiratorial nature the author puts forth is misplaced. This is merely the same old same old.

  2. George Stephanopoulos contributing to Clinton foundation under the radar is the scandal of the situation of influence pedaling in miniature:
    1) Did he think it would increase his access to them?
    2) Did he think it might have a long term payback?
    3) Would he have gotten more bang for the buck from United Way or Save the Children?
    4) Having kept it as quiet as possible, would he have refused himself as debate moderator had not the contributions come to light?
    5) Will he buy a ticket to the Mitt Romney Evandar Holifield fight?

    Now amplify this minor media example to foreign country and Secretary of State level and you see the problem that could have been, but was not avoided.

  3. Most interesting discussion of the media and Islam between John Stewart and Reza Aslan, with a pointed reference, seemingly to FOX:

    ““This fear [of Islam] is so manufactured by a news channel that has spun it into ratings gold, politicians who use it to get votes.”

    Money thought:

    Your chances of being injured in your La-Z-Boy are greater than being injured by ISIL.

    Well, on FOX, Islam and libruls are after us, on MSNBC, George Zimmerman and white cops are after us. Whatever sells, I suppose.

        • I thought he was a “comedian” doing what comedians do. Not to be taken seriously. At least that’s what he says. John Stewart, that is.

          • As much as I like the Three Stooges (What guy doesn’t?), comedy doesn’t begin and end with them. Some comedy is more nuanced, some of the drier sort, some self-deprecating, some satirical, some snarky. I personally like the drier sort, but it’s all a matter of taste. But, I do like Stewart’s satirical sort. It’s all just a question of taste.

          • It’s not nuanced to treat foreign threats as though they are on par with home accidents.

            Quite the opposite.

          • I was responding to Marty about Stewart’s comedy. To my knowledge, Aslan is not a comedian.

      • It shouldn’t demoralize you, it should make you laugh.

        The gist of foreign policy is about what current conditions forecast on long term national interests.

        I didn’t see the Stewart piece, but if it is as described, it absurdly scoots around all common sense in a way that appeals to the most unsophisticated low information of voters.

      • No, don’t be demoralized. The point is FOX is wrong. Islam and libruls are not after you. MSNBC is wrong. George Zimmerman and white cops are not after you. If you give into fear, cable news wins.

          • It’s a phonetic spelling of the way the word is pronounced by us Texans. Conservatives often make it a compound word with commanists.

          • It’s a way you suggest nonliberals are jingoistic and Neanderthal.

            Let it go for a second why don’t you…

          • It’s a thin skinned slam at those who don’t appreciate the almighty pseudo-intellectualism delivered for our betterment.

          • Well, this jingoistic Neanderthal is proud to say he played some small role in keeping the Republicans in the Texas Legislature from passing the bill making it illegal for our County Clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in the head-scratching belief this law would keep any Supreme Court decision from being enforced in Texas and signalling to all the world that the legislature and the governor have failed once again. Ah, the power of librulism!

          • I see. Your mission is so big and important that you can’t relate to anyone you disagrees with but on a level of full out marginalization.

            You have to characterize us all, no matter how informal the forum, as speaking with a Texas accent because you are at battle at all times.

          • I think it best we discontinue this discussion and perhaps any further discussions today, Cecelia. Your material is getting painfully thin and redundant. I may make an appearance on Monday, but perhaps not. I have to be in Cardiff on Tuesday, and the following week the Empress will be joining me for some hiking through the Outer Hebrides.

          • I’d suggest you were talking about Amurricuns during foreplay with her too, but we both know the foreplay part would be a stretch.

          • I do hope you are not implying that any of us here are somehow closeted bigots. You seem to think all rightists/cons think the same. As with your comment earlier about racists.

          • He’s telling himself he’s on the side of the angels so it’s okay to be militant at all times.

          • Not at all. In fact, it was pretty clear as the East Texas yokels blabbered on about plural marriage, incest and bestiality that the business-oriented conservatives were much filled with fear about the law’s passage.

          • So freaking what. I don’t live in East Texas. That’s your problem.
            Do your good works at home and forget the slams and implications that come with them.

          • Not my problem, either. I live in the People’s Republic of Texas which is a gem cut out of the middle of the state.

          • Where were you in 1990, 1994, 2008 and 2012 when Pres. Clinton, HRC, and Pres. Obama were against gay marriage?

            Did they pronounce it librul then too?

          • Lying about your positions for political expediency is no vice.

            Championing them regardless of political expediency is no virtue.

            Just ask libruls.

        • Far less than domestic accidents. If you made time on par with distance you could advance the same nonsense about green house gases.

          Which makes me HOPE you are mischaraterizing Stewart’s point.

          • I never heard of a La-Z-Boy decapitating anyone. But what do I know? I’m just a heathen savage.

  4. Is Andy the next to leave Red Eye? Just wondering. I think it’s curious that the announcement of Greg’s new show came when Andy is on vacation. And Joanne is going to be a regular on the new show? What is Greg’s/FOX’s obsession with her?

      • I don’t like Andy on the panel. I think he can be un-likeable. I loved him as ombudsman and that’s where his talent really came through. Lately he’s also more liberal than libertarian and there is no Greg on the panel to challenge him.

        • To follow up on my previous reply, what has he said that’s more liberal than libertarian? I’m not challenging you, I’m just curious. Since I don’t watch Red Eye as much lately, I only saw one liberal point he made on Outnumbered. But I’ve already forgotten what it was.

  5. Johnny, you have a post of mine in moderation where I inadvertently edited in sh_t rather than “shot”. 😀

  6. I should point out is that MSNBC’s falling ratings has nothing to do with librualism but is just the decline of cable news in general. Fox will see a similar decline when the Neanderthals die out. Just be cheered the creme of the crop is still watching MSNBC. I think I’m ready now for Twitter.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 lowest day since 2005
    4 part one
    3 Today’s conspiracy
    2 Flap over juror
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The ‘long-lost stars’ of television news: where are they now?

    • #1 huh? Well, Aaron Brown today as an instructor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Hope he isn’t the guy who hands out the Cronkite Award.

        • I never liked him. A classmate of the Frank Sesno school of CNN pomposity. CNN is better today with their current crew.

          • Ted Koppel has that same sense of portentousness.

            As though every word he utters should be broadcasted from Mt. Sinai.

        • I have nothing but respect for Brown. No one handled or could have handled 9/11 coverage as well. I was in Toulouse for an annual conference. We had just returned from lunch when the news began to break. The organizers had CNN International put on a big screen, and I spent on anxious couple of days with Brown. Getting home was arduous. For reasons I never understood, U.S. Airspace was shut not just long enough to get all the flights down and everyone through security for 5 full days. The monetary loss was staggering for the country. When I finally got a booking, it was still 6 days out, so I ended up taking the train to Madrid, a flight to Juarez in the D.F., a domestic flight to Monterrey, and a bus to Laredo where my wife met me. Everywhere I went, France, Spain, Mexico, the U.S., there was Brown and CNN.

    • Johnny…This is Good !! If this stays as it is now….you have cracked it !!
      Do you want another screencap ?

      • If you say it’s good, it’s good. Don’t need the screen cap. I poked around on Google and found a suggested setting for something that never would have occurred to me in a million years. Let’s see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed.

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